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11/9/14 10:46 P

Today my breakfast was a little over 600, was my weigh in day so it's the day I allow myself a little treat for breakfast especially if I've had a lost.

Had 2 Nature Path gluten free pumpkin spiced waffles (didn't realize they were gluten free when I got them, just saw the pumpkin!);
2 slices of bacon- I cut these in half and lay on the cooling pan in the little pan that come with toaster ovens and cooked at 425 for 15-20mins so a good portion of the grease drips off the bacon and it's not cooking in it
2 scrambled eggs, no oil just made with a non stick pan
a small pat of butter and drizzle of grade B maple syrup, about 1-2 tablespoons

BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,212
9/4/14 5:17 P

those are good ideas beans are calorie dense as is fruit so try adding those

MARMAERT Posts: 1,147
9/2/14 2:04 P

I eat that all the time. 2 egg omelet with lots of veggies or peppers and onions sauteed with a poached egg on top and maybe some veggie sausage cooked in, 2 slices wheat toast with a schmear of homemade jam, a bowl of berries and tea. this is at 10AM, post-workout and keeps me going through until dinner at 3PM. sometimes I eat that breakfast when I get home from work at 10PM. so far 52 pounds lost!

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
12/10/13 2:36 P

Well....I`m still wondering why someone ask this question and then just left it....
600 calories for breakfast sounds like a lot, but really...600 calories per meal @ 3 meals per day is only 1800 calories a day....
Like I said whats the point of asking and never returning for help, comments etc.....

LDHAWKE SparkPoints: (19,069)
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7/30/13 8:12 A

I envy anyone that can eat that type of breakfast.

7/26/13 11:30 P

Actually breakfast should be highest caloric meal of the day. I usually have 2 to 3 eggs fried in butter, 2 to 4 ounces of sausage/5 slices of bacon, and top it off with Kraft Deluxe American or 1 ounce of your favorite cheese. Perfect breakfast that will keep you going until late in the afternoon.

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7/21/13 7:33 P

Not everyone is on Sparkpeople to lose weight.

It isn't 600, but I sometimes enjoy a 1.5 serving of old fashioned oatmeal (prepared with 1% milk) with a banana and some peanut butter. If you do it like me, it turns out to be around 550 calories and is delicious. For someone like me trying to lose weight, it is my "treat" for a special breakfast, but still "healthy".

good luck!

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,320
7/21/13 11:23 A

Why on earth do you want a 600 calorie breakfast...sounds like you want to sabotage any weight loss? Please tell us why you are thinking this way?

SELENITYLUNARE SparkPoints: (16,509)
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7/21/13 2:15 A


Try eating 4 egg whites, a cup of veggies, 3 ounces of chicken, and a slice of low-fat cheese for an omelet with a piece of whole wheat toast with 1-2 tbsp of natural peanut butter. You can also add on either a navel orange or an apple to help you along.

The omelet would be ~300 calories, the bread 50-100 calories, 1-2 tbsp of peanut butter would be 100-200 calories, and the fruit 100-150 calories.

That is a rather large breakfast but will give you a lot of protein to help you stay full (especially if you are eating over 1/3 of your calories for that first meal of the day jump).

Typically, eating 4-5 smaller meals a day is the best way to keep your blood sugar stable and manage hunger. But whichever way works for you. :)

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
7/20/13 10:08 A

that is a HUGE Breakfast...why so many calories ??

NIKKILOULOU22 SparkPoints: (7,942)
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7/18/13 10:18 P

I want to try to get a 600 calorie breakfast and need help

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