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VKKESU Posts: 1,010
8/26/13 7:56 P

Be very happy ! We lose it as our body sees fit not where we want to ! Keep taking those measurements but measure several areas.

I first lose it in my neck (didn't know it was fat ?) then my rib area starts to show, then my waist and hips. My body becomes pretty flat except for my tummy. A couple of years back when I was in doing the strength training religiously w/ cardio I got to my goal and realized that I still had to lose in my tummy. My tummy is the absolute last place to lose weight. I end up having my hips not much wider than my waist. I am the farthest thing from hour glass shape unfortunately. It was a fact I had to accept. My neighbor told me I looked like a 12 yr. old boy from the back when I got into great shape. LOL Yea. Thanks.

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 2,352
8/26/13 7:10 P

I think that's a great job - 5 cm is no mean achievement.

8/26/13 11:52 A

That is great!

8/23/13 8:43 A

It sucks that the places you want to see the progress the most seem to be the last spaces it comes off! If you're see size differences, you're making progress and that's great!

8/23/13 1:08 A

I'd say that's good! Way to go!

WANNATHIN Posts: 1,013
8/19/13 2:19 A

Hi Coach Jen

I do a super circuit with challenging weights 2 x per week, cardio 3 x per week and then either an upper or lower body specific workout 1 x per week, alternating weeks.

I carry a lot of weight around my tummy and thighs and it's always been my problem. I wish there was a magic exercise / pill, but I know there isn't. I notice that I'm getting smaller everywhere, which is great! I'm very motivated to keep going.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,993
8/16/13 10:40 A

Everyone is different, so we all lose weight and inches at different rates and from different places. As long as you continue to make progress, you're on the right track. A flatter tummy is going to come from fat loss, which you can't target to a specific area of the body. As you lose weight, eventually it will come from the areas where you carry excess. I would suggest adding a full-body strength training workout to your routine twice a week. Maybe you could try doing those on different days than you do your cardio so that you've got enough energy for both.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

WANNATHIN Posts: 1,013
8/16/13 10:15 A

Hey All

I just wanted to get an idea of whether the cm loss around my waist is reasonable for the length of time I've been at this. Starting weight was 105.8kg and it's 93.2kg now, so lost 12.6kg.

I really want a flatter tummy, but I can't seem to commit to doing the core strengthening workouts I keep intending to do. I'm usually so exhausted by the end of my cardio workout that I can't imagine still doing a plank. I'd probably hurl!!

I just want some feedback about whether 5cm is a reasonable loss or whether I should be pushing harder? Is this a stupid question? It sounds to me like a stupid question.....

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