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9/3/12 10:57 A

My 8 yo is pretty picky. BUt there have been days when he shocks me and acutally ASKS to try it!!!! so Just keep making good foods, and make sure he sees that you are eating different foods that maybe sometime he will ask to try it!

my 6 year old found he loves granny smith apples if he can dip in peanut butter. ONe time we were doing flour tortillas spread a little peanut butter on it, and sprinkle raisins on it and roll it up. sometimes you just have to maybe cook it in a differnt way, or add a different dip for veggies. or even fruits.

I also end up adding canned pumpkin to their pancakes, or for school lunches I make blueberry muffins, pumpkin muffins, zucchini bread.... just to get a fruit or veggie into him. I also have found to use a white wheat flour in place of all purpose flour.

I have taken my kids off of 100% juices and switched to a flavored water.

My 8 yo is 4' 8" and 88 lbs
my 6 yo is 4' and 57 lbs.


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9/2/12 2:26 P

Those ages are very difficult to tell the weight of children. My son has always had dense muscles and so his weight was higher than what his height said he should be. It would amaze folks how heavy the little skinny guy was. As far as how to get them to eat different foods, just get creative in putting veggies into dishes. Make them taste good so they don't dislike them NOT because they are healthy for them, but because they taste nasty of bland. Also just give them small portions and don't make them force it down if they are truly full or repulsed by the food.

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9/1/12 11:25 A

The dr said its okay since hes Tall and its muscle nad Not fat. he is as tall as an 8 year old. Im not worried about his weight, i just want him to try diff foods.

advice please. No judgement

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