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3/19/12 7:23 P

I have lost 165 pounds, and I have experienced long long long plateaus along the way. I understand how frustrating it is. There are times I wanted to scream and scream. But just trust the process and keep on moving forward. It WILL happen.

I track everyday. I go to gym five days a week. And still I get stuck.

But I always come unstuck. Eventually.

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3/19/12 3:09 P

Hi, Angela !

Let's turn your negative talk into something positive. You have NOT regained any weight in the last five months !! That's really important ! Losing weight is one thing. Keeping it off is another. I know it's really frustrating to be so near goal, but the fact is... the closer a person is to a healthy weight for their height, the harder it is to take off any excess.

What is your current height and weight ? Depending on what your weight and height are, you may be at a very healthy weight already. And that would explain why your loss has slowed down. So, don't assume something must be wrong because the weight isn't coming off as fast as when you were heavier. Because you have less to lose now, it will take longer.

Ask any of the SP members down to their last 5-10 pounds and they'll tell you it has been slow going.

Also, if you increased the amount of exercise you do, I hope you increased the amount you eat. Eating too little and exercising too much will not speed up your loss. In fact, it could slow it down. Don't deprive your body of the calories it needs to be healthy. I know this is going to sound strange, but a person has to eat in order to lose weight.

Here's the thing, you're going to have to consider going into maintenance soon any way. Why not start now ? Give your body time to adapt to that 90 pound loss. A person shouldn't be on a permanent "diet". Consider keeping the weight off for a year and then consider taking those last few off.

Congratulations on losing 90 pounds !

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3/19/12 2:07 P

How frustrating! You've come so far and have so much less to go and yet can't get that last bit to take a hike.

Mix it up. Have you been doing the same exercise routines for a while? Making the same recipes for a while? Try something new. Take up a new sport, find a vegetable in the market you've never tasted and learn how to cook it, take up meditation. . . anything to give your body a fresh taste of health.

If you've been staying within your calorie range and continuing to exercise, you're going to lose the weight eventually. Congratulations on the AMAZING progress you've made so far.


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3/19/12 1:36 P

Hey everyone!

I am really struggling with a very long and exhausting plateau...I've lost about 90lbs and really want to lose the rest of the weight (about another 10-20)

I ran a half marathon in October and was about at my lowest...169
Since then I have gone back and forth from 173-180 back and forth back and forth...

I started crossfit 3 months ago and am training for my second half...i'm kicking butt....but my weight is not budging...

I dont know what to do i'm realy struggling and it's getting extreamly frusterating...

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