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4/1/13 5:19 A

Thank you Becky. That is good advice because he told me yesterday that he does not eat what the Menu shows anyways. He writes in what he eats.

We don't have the means to go to a nutional specialist, so I'll try to google something up.

Have a great day!

3/31/13 5:41 P

You will need to turn off your SP meal plans and plan your own meals.
If you meet with a Registered Dietitian, he/she can set up an eating plan so you will know exactly what to "select" at each meal to be within your calorie need. For example 4 ounce lean meat, 1 starchy, 1 fruit, 1 veggies, etc, etc.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Becky

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3/31/13 3:45 P

The meal plans are not customisable. You might want to simply turn them off and manually enter what he eats.

I have heard they tend to be a little below range. You may find that using the meal plans for 3 meals, and including the 4th manually as 'snack', works for the right values.

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3/31/13 12:21 P

My husband needs to eat 4 small meals all the same calories, except less for dinner. How can we change his meal plans to reflect this?

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