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5/30/13 11:37 A

Not at all! That sounds great. I agree with Kelly_R that you should also add some strength training in, maybe on the off days because that is a very important part of exercise. But that sounds like a great plan - walking is so good for exercise and I love how relaxing it is, especially with beautiful scenery around. 4 miles sounds perfect.

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5/30/13 11:37 A

Walking is a low-impact, low-intensity exercise that almost everyone can do daily. As long as you're getting adequate rest, there's no reason not to! Listen to your body, though, and make sure you don't overdo it!

5/30/13 10:57 A

I walk 5.5 miles 4 times a week. It's been great so far. You do have to be sure to get some days in their to rest and repair, or your feet/shins/knees/hips will start giving you troubles.

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
5/30/13 10:35 A

That's wonderful exercise. An "averaged-sized" person burns about 100 calories per mile while walking. So since you and I are both above average, we burn well over 400 calories during a 4 mile walk!

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5/29/13 11:35 P

I think it would be a wonderful idea!!

KURS10B Posts: 5,106
5/29/13 10:18 P

Walking was how I first lost weight. If I remember correctly, when I started out I wasn't watching what I ate, I just stated walking 5 miles 4-5 days a week. I lost 20 pounds doing that.

KELLY_R Posts: 3,077
5/29/13 7:08 P

Absolutely not. :) Walk your heart out if you love it. It's great aerobic exercise if you keep a brisk pace, and good for your legs, butt and core, too.

I would eventually want to start adding other forms of exercise for variety, though - but walking's a great start.

Eventually look into adding strength training to your routine, too... actually, you should add that on as quickly as possible if you haven't already. Make sure you stretch good after your walks, too.


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5/29/13 6:31 P

Would it be ridiculous to walk 4 miles every day except for maybe 1-2 days? I did it around a lake and it was great.

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