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LOGHOUSE Posts: 1,674
11/5/08 9:12 A

I'd certainly check with the management. I had my treadmill in the loft above my dining room. When I ran on it, the light fixture over the dining room table bounced up and down on it's chain. My treadmill's in my basement now (concrete floor).

And, being a former first floor apartment dweller, I can tell you if I were trying to sleep and someone upstairs were pounding away on a treadmill for 1/2 and hour or more at a time, I'd be highly pi$$ed.

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PHILLYGIRL2012 Posts: 984
11/4/08 10:14 P

I am on a top floor apartment and have treadmill, elliptical and stationary bike. The elliptical is silent as well as the bike. The treadmill motor alone has sound. I think it matters how heavy a walker one is. In general you should walk lightly to reduce impact on the joints in general.

I did not confirm with the tenants below as they make their fair share of noise throughout the day. Because I can hear them below I know they can hear me I know of their waking hours which are similar to mine. I do not walk at odd hours like 2am. I also maintain that my workouts are generally less then an hour.

I think it depends if they've complained before and how strict the rules are of the management.

SWT.HRT Posts: 256
11/4/08 5:00 P

I have both but my elliptical is nearly silent.
I know a lot of that depends on your actual weight and how fast you move as well as the amount of resistance...but I use mine in the morning while my husband is sleeping.

It is in our work-out room next to our bedroom and I never shut either door...he nevers hears it. I can use it and listen to the stereo or tv on a regular level.

The elliptical doesn't shake the floor or anything else either....
I love my treadmill, but it is quite loud and does make things shake...

Try the equipment out at the store and see how loud it sounds to you...I tried several ellipticals and found that the one I purchased was the is the New Balance Elliptical Trainer btw...


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JLAXE3 Posts: 54
11/4/08 4:16 P

As a bottom floor dweller in 3 different apartments, both are going to make a ton of noise. The treadmills at the gym shake the floors when people run, so you would be doing that to your poor downstair's neighbor's CEILING.

Heck, my former upstairs neighbors kept me up at night just stomping around and letting their kids run through the apartment - and I'm talking a thirty pound kid who isn't running on a treadmill.

For your neighbor's sake, why not run outside or use the gym? If you're going to live in an apartment, some things you could do without disturbing others in a house are just not kosher.

GYMBRAT Posts: 988
11/4/08 3:59 P

Also make sure you know how to reset your circuit breaker.

(just in case)

SARAH_NICOLE13 Posts: 215
11/4/08 2:36 P

I had my treadmill in my apartment is well, which the duplex was probably a little over 10 yo. I used it all of the time and my downstairs neighbor didn't even know I had one until he saw it. I agree with the post below - I'd ask the neighbor below you how much they hear you upstairs now. You might be able to get an idea of how insulated the complex is. Also you could let them know when you intend on using it and how late you're going to in case they can hear you.

STACI101 Posts: 1,804
11/4/08 2:18 P

You may want to ask the apartment complex if there are any policies on this topic. I know I've lived at some where you could only have a water bed if you lived on a ground floor & had renter's insurance. Not sure if any would have rules about heavy equipment like a treadmill.

BACK2BOSTON Posts: 172
11/4/08 1:39 P

Maybe you should talk to your downstairs neighbors and ask them how much noise they hear to start with. Next, you could buy some of those garage or gym flooring cushions to insulate the sound more.

I would go for the treadmill. My new Nordic Track isn't loud at all, I can watch tv while walking without having the TV loud-- plus there is an input for an IPOD or tv.

I would think doing floor aerobics would be much louder, as you make contact with the floor, where as on the treamill, it is cushioned and has shock absorbers...

HARTMAMP Posts: 501
11/4/08 1:06 P

My brother's neighbors complained about his elliptical making noise. He gave it to my mom, and you can hear it from downstairs when she's using it.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (200,064)
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Posts: 27,324
11/4/08 12:44 P

Another thing to consider is how strong are the floors?

I live in an old house on the top floor and I can't have a treadmill. part of the problem is that when I used to do jumping jacks, the light fixture on the floor below me used to move. And there was some concern that regular jumping might cause cracks in the ceiling.

So, I can't do any jumping. I also had a Nordic Track. I could use it, but only during approved times. Once again, the problem was noise. Nordic Tracks are notoriously loud.

You should ask your neighbors their thoughts. if you buy a treadmill and want to work out at 6am, make sure you aren't waking them up.

ellipticals can be quieter, but it depends on the model.

GYMBRAT Posts: 988
11/4/08 10:50 A

It depends on your apartment. Mine isn't bad at cushioning the sounds, I found out someone above me has one and I never heard it. Some treadmills are louder than others. If you are walking on it it will be quieter, but they may hear your footsteps land if you are running.

Also if you have different hours from your neighbors then it might not matter. If you are home during the day when most are at work then it won't matter.

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11/4/08 10:43 A

I adore my treadmill. Running is the only exercise I have truly found a love for.

That being said however, I think it may be too loud for your neighbors. The treadmill itself makes noise, and you will hear the pounding of your feet as you go (treadmill cushions it somewhat). A treadmill should not be put on carpet (the motor can suck in the fibers) so there is really no good way to silence it.

In an upper floor apartment you are probably safer with an eliptical and they are a great exercise, so you can't lose

PTOPHAM Posts: 2
11/4/08 10:31 A

I have been saving for a treadmill or an elliptical and am torn between which I should get. I live on a 3rd floor and am worried about my neighbors hating me, but would prefer the treadmill. Any advice from bottom floor dwellers would be fantastic. Thanks! emoticon

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