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10/16/12 6:19 A

hey just an update.

still keeping up the hard work, thanks to all the support and emails :-)

49lbs now in 6 weeks

CRAZYB79 Posts: 100
10/1/12 8:47 P

That is GREAT! Keep it up! emoticon

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9/26/12 8:08 A

thanks it is kinda awesome..

But the awesome bit is to continue my healthy lifestyle for life.


MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,460
9/26/12 7:57 A

That's awesome!

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9/26/12 5:06 A

Thank you Kristin.

Hoping for at least 4lbs this week as will make it 40lbs in 4 weeks then :-)

KRISTIN9924 Posts: 952
9/25/12 7:45 P

emoticon emoticon That is fantastic!!!! Congrats!

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9/25/12 12:09 P

thanks maggievan..

hope you are well.

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9/25/12 6:07 A

Amazing weight loss. Congrats.

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9/25/12 4:04 A

thanks orange81.

i think you are correct as its like a mothers meeting in there sometimes with people walking for 10 mintues and talking for 30..

ORANGE81 Posts: 251
9/24/12 6:16 P

Totally amazing. Keep up the good work. Good you are focused at the gym. I wonder if others want to just socialize and not put effort into their own workout.

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9/24/12 4:06 P


i am pretty focused in the gym and wear a hoody so can focus on working hard and spend more time working out that chatting..

heard few people say im ignorant for not talking loads but im there to lose weight and staying focus helps that..

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9/24/12 1:12 P

Holy Mackerel! That's insane!
Good for you for keeping at it. You'll get to where you want to be...just keep at it and you will be even more amazed! I bet everyone at the gym is asking you what you're doing when they see how much weight you are losing.

Great job, PHIPPSI !
emoticon emoticon

LALA_1012 Posts: 1,364
9/24/12 11:58 A

Wow! Congratulations!

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9/24/12 11:10 A


Just thought id share my success.

I have been a member of spark for 3 full week thus far and have managed to shed a surprising 36lbs..

I am eating more than evie in volume but all in a much healthier choice of food (Including Lots of veg and fruit)

I started the gym on the day i joined and go on average 5-6 times a week for 60 -75 minutes a time..

I drink 10-12 glasses of water to ensure im keeping fully hydrated and feeling full of life and energy..

I wish to share my success as its all the motivation and comments i have recieved from the day i joined from fellow spark people that keeps me pushing so hard and getting up and to the gym before work..

It amazing how much just the thought of posting a poor loss due to not working hard enough or making a poor un-healthy choice makes me stay on calorie track and increase intensity in the gym..

Thank you all for continued support and i hope you are all progressing well.. Roll on 10 week weight loss..

Thanks again :-)

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