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6/20/12 7:06 A

Quick recap of the last couple of days. Eating has been good, although I could clean it up a little. Mainly mints but even 3 mints per day could reduce my sugar intake by 12-14g.

So Monday I worked out back along with about 30 minutes of cardio. Yesterday i rocked out a great chest workout, 10 min on both the elliptical and the bike and did a 8k run in the evening.

First day of summer and I am more than 100% committed to tracking it all!!!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
6/17/12 7:20 P

Hi Sandy,
I would love and appreciate the company :)

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
6/16/12 7:55 A

So naturally I am not going to see a whole lot of difference on the scale, maybe less than a lb on a weekly bases so why not take measurements :) I'm not so concerned with my upper body so I figured I will focus on lower body measurements only from the small of my waist to my upper thighs. I have an omron so I'll do body fat, but because that can change with body water content Measurements will be my true gauge.

I have decided that Saturday will be my cheat day, so every Saturday morning I will do measurements and weight in along with omron body fat stats. So here goes :)

June 16th
105.6 lbs 16.8% body fat
Waist 24
Navel 26
Butt/Hips 34
Right and Left thigh 19.25

So goals is to loss maybe a couple of lbs while I shave a few inches from my lower body. I know I need more specific goals so ideally I would like to lose 3/4 inches from my waist and navel, a full inch from my butt/hips and about 1/2 inch from both thighs. Weight i would be happy with 103 lbs or so.

So here goes :) I'll report weekly, every Saturday my stats.

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6/16/12 6:59 A

I'm at goal and need to track and excercise daily. So far so good. This may help me along the way so I'll join you.

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
6/15/12 5:06 P

Today was another great workout at the gym. started off with 15 min on the elliptical at a good intense level really workig on the glutes. 40 minutes of just hurting my hamstrings, glutes and quads followed with 20 minutes of climbing stairs. As a result burned over 450 calories. Stretching felt so great!!!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
6/14/12 1:06 P

So mid-day and I headed straight to the gym after dropping my daughter off at school :)
I did 20 min on the EFX and spent another 25 minutes doing chest and shoulders. Did a hard core strength class and burned another 220 calories. Feeling great and my meals so far have been up to par. Goal is to eat every 3 hours and balance out my fat/protein/carb content. Aim to drink 1 gallon of what -- so far I am up to 10 cups. Getting there :)

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
6/14/12 6:42 A

Back to tracking food, exercise and being accountable. I do really well - but sometimes tracking and seeing y progress makes all the difference. So there is 35 days till my 35th birthday :) Seems fitting to start today. I do well with short term goals as well so I can manage 35 days, right? :) 35 days of tracking....... works for me. Got to start somewhere :)

Feel free to follow along and join me. The more the merrier

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