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8/18/13 9:11 A

Any copays will be listed on your insurance card. And there are so many insurance plans and companies out there. Your best bet will be to call your insurance company. Their number will also be on your card. It should be listed as member or customer service. They can also discuss if this rug is formulary or non formulary, which would possibly affect your out of pocket cost.

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8/17/13 2:26 P

Ok so I chose that topic because wait first of all Im knew this website and have never actually joined any web like this or like any for that matter but some of the comments on here were very helpful so I said why not give it a try. Ive been on Qysmia for 3 weeks have notices some inches gone but im not certain how many exactly and frankly Im terrified to check because I dont want to be disappointed. So going back to the topic someone, it was either on this website or another that I came across while doing some research on the med, mentioned that they had only paid $35 for it and I was wondering why?? Well then while reading all the small print on the product website it states that if the patient has insurance and the co pay is more than $75 they will not may more than $35 but it never mentioned anything about needing to be approved by the insurance. Just wondering so we have insurance do we automatically pay $35? Ok another ? if this medicine is made up of two medications for which there are generics cant the drs just prescribe us the generics or are there no extended release versions of these meds yet? Pretty long questions I know but if anyone can help me Id be grateful

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