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LYNSEY723 Posts: 3,114
5/3/12 12:55 P

Thanks for all of the responses! I think to start I will do strength for 15 minutes/day 3 days a week, followed up with 15 minutes of cardio. On the other 2 days I will only do cardio. I want to try to find time on Saturdays to make it to the gym too and I'd like to do more strength then.

Does anybody know of a website that has weight machine workouts already set up? I perfer to use the machines when I am there, and do the body weight exercises at home.

Thanks again for your help everyone!!

AJAMARIE Posts: 92
5/3/12 12:05 P

Circuit training definitely......YOu get great strength training moves all while gettting a kick but cardio workout.

KACIE209 Posts: 163
5/3/12 11:33 A

I used to only go 30 minutes each time I wa at the gym because of the time I went and the time I actually had.

I used to alternate days of being on the elliptical and then treadmill. One the treadmill, I'd do a interval 5 min walk/5 min run workout. It usually burned a little over 200 calories. One the elliptical, you can easily shed 300 for those 30 minutes.

My gym has started offering CX WORX, which is a 30-minute class that focuses on your core (crunches, planks, resistance bands, small weights, etc). It's great and quick. Sometimes I do cardio after, or none at all because you get a great workout in that short amount of time and work your whole body!

TORIAMAE Posts: 1,080
5/3/12 11:08 A

3 days of circuit training, 2 days of cardio, at least one of which is intervals.

Setting up your own circuit can be a bit tricky, but I had a trainer help me and it made a big difference.

You definitely don't need machines to do a circuit. If you can get with a trainer for just 1 session to set it up, that would help!

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
5/3/12 5:31 A

I would do 3 sessions of weights on alternate days and 2 cardio days where I would do something like intervals on the treadmill or bike.

PLEASE don't feel intimidated in the weights area. Weights are fun, and they help you lose weight and look better. Most days I am the only woman in the free weights area, and it is great. The guys are really nice, and they respect that I am just there to do my workout, same as them. I have never had any rude comments, or any feeling like I don't belong there. Remember that you are there for the right reasons. then just go do it!

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5/2/12 8:46 P

130NOW Posts: 68
5/2/12 8:36 P

I actually haven't used it myself. I do my own strength at home with dumb bells and a ball using mostly SP moves. I try to stay out of the gym as much as possible and prefer to be outside but I do still end up there about 2-3 times a week, sometimes more- for cardio. The machines are set up in an order but you can start where you want. There are step-up platforms in between each machine that you use in between exercises. Maybe your trainer can set up a circuit for you that is quick, or maybe 3 circuits (do each circuit one time per week) that are different but work the same muscle groups so you don't get bored on the same machines. You could jump rope or hop on the treadmill in between for the added cardio element.

I belong to Planet Fitness- it's really cheap ($9 a month) and has the basics... it's a national gym so I'm including the link to their page that discusses the 30 Minute Circuit.

Hope this helps!

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
5/2/12 7:51 P

I run to maximize my time. That said though, what do you like to do?? If you don't do a workout you enjoy, you're less likely to stick with it.

LYNSEY723 Posts: 3,114
5/2/12 6:40 P

I sure wish my gym had that set-up! I have a hard time doing weights alone, I just feel out of place. I need to get over this, but that is how I feel! I know how to use most of the machines, as I had a personal trainer for a while. I'm just intimidated by that area. How is the circuit training set up? Is there a routine that most people follow, or do people just hop around as they please?

130NOW Posts: 68
5/2/12 6:20 P

My gym has an area for a 30 minute circuit of strength training where you do bursts of cardio in between each exercise. I would do this 3 days a week and a Heart Rate Interval Training on a cardio machine the other days with short bursts of high HR, and never going below 65% of your max. However, this does depend on your fitness level - go at an intensity that is easier to maintain but not easy to intensity that is either moderately difficult or difficult for short bursts.

Really though, it depends on your own personal fitness level. No matter what you should push yourself (at times) during cardio and incorporate strength training with the proper weight and reps for your fitness level- to up the calorie burn during strength - add the short bursts of cardio and rest as little as possible. I believe SP has articles on this.

Hope this helps!

LYNSEY723 Posts: 3,114
5/2/12 6:01 P

If you only get 30 minutes at the gym, 5 days a week, what would your workout routine be? I'm trying to figure out how to divide my time to make these 30 minutes a day super effective!

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