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1/14/13 1:44 P

I work in a school setting too (I'm a counselor) and I totally get you with being less intense about weight loss during the school year- there's just so much to be done! Good luck with your efforts!

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1/14/13 9:18 A

Sounds great! Looking forward to having someone with the same goal!!

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1/13/13 9:00 P

Good luck with your goal! I am in the exact same boat (looking to lose around 30 pounds in the next six or so months before my wedding) and I was glad to see that the other responders replied with a "yes." I'm going to friend your Sparkpage and hopefully we can cheer each other on!

NINA9884 Posts: 276
1/11/13 9:08 A

Thanks ladies!

I already do work out when I'm stressed but I also eat more when I'm stressed so the two generally balance each other out BUT at this point I'm really not losing much weight. I haven't had much time to really get a work out system going so I've been focusing on eating more fruits and veggies and upping my water intake.

I'm a high school teacher so trying to do anything more than what I'm already doing at this point isn't really feasible, I'm hoping I can lose about 10 lbs before the end of the school year in May and then lose the other 20 this summer when I have more time to focus on the weight loss and planning meals.

Ideally I'd love to lose more than 30 total but I don't know how much that will require in alterations since I've already ordered the dress and we didn't really order down much. Since they order to fit your largest measurement I'm already going to have to have the waist taken in quite a bit I think.

Thanks for the input!

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1/11/13 8:45 A

30 pounds is totally doable... When I did my yo yo dieting last year, I found once I got over the initial shock of working out, I wanted to do it more when I was stressed. Use the stress to motivate you to go to the gym or work out at home!! I felt like I was stressed out when I didnt get to do some kind of workout. Dont look at wedding stress as a bad thing, use it as a good thing. I love to think when I am on the tredmill... If you run into an issue and your fiance doesnt know what to do, go work out and think about it and see if you can come up with the solution. I love the stess work outs... You want to do more!!

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1/9/13 4:33 P

I think 30 pounds in 6 months is totally doable. That's about 1-2 pounds per week. And 30 pounds will take you down about a size, if not 2. If your diligent about exercising (which should help with the stress, anyway) and eating right, you should be golden!! Good luck!!

NINA9884 Posts: 276
1/9/13 4:11 P

I already purchased my dress but I want to lose weight before the wedding. I know a dress can be altered to a smaller size but I don't want to spend a fortune in alterations.

I'm going to try to lose 30 pounds in the 10 months I have left before the wedding. Is 30 pounds doable with all the stress I'll be dealing with in that time?

And is 30 pounds going to change my measurements a significant amount? I'm already going to have to get the dress altered, I just want to know how much more I'm going to change in that time.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

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