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1/29/13 11:11 A

Just found this page. figured I'd share!

1/23/13 10:09 A

I'm on day 3 of Ripped in 30...I'm a bit sore!

- Jenny

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1/23/13 8:41 A

I'm on day 4 of Ripped in 30. She uses the same 3 2 1 program. Week 1 is kicking my butt. Scared of week 2.

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1/23/13 8:32 A

I'm already at the end of level 2 (finished day 10) but I think I can still gain some benefits from level 2 so I might stick with it for a little longer before moving onto level 3. I started using 5 lbs weights for level 1 but now I use 8 lbs for the first two circuits of level 2 and my 5 lbs for the last circuit. It's a killer with V-Squats and miltary presses with leg extentions. I'm still trying to perfect that last circuit even with just 5 lbs weights!

Just thought I'd recommend, if you find any of the circuits too easy with a lighter weight (you don't have to take any breaks where your muscles reach exhaustation) try a heavier weight. I think it's more important for your muscles to reach exhaustation than just making it through the set without breaking. Just a little advice if you want a really effective workout. ;)

Best of luck!

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1/22/13 10:41 P

I've done this through a few times along with doing a 15 day mini shred in december. I am currently on day 22 of a 90 day exercise challenge and i want to commit to one at a time

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1/22/13 10:36 P

Hey there! I am a nursing student as well who just graduated in Dec :) And, I just got the 30 day shred in the mail this morning... but I have to wait until at least friday to start, because I am getting over bronchitis... if my cough subsides, I am all in as of friday, and would love a buddy to be accountable to :)

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1/22/13 8:35 P

I'm about to start the "30 day shred!" I'm going to also try eating Paleo for the whole 30 days. I'm a nursing student, so I don't have too much spare time, but this seems like something even I can fit into my schedule. Anyone else want to start?

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