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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
5/13/13 1:01 P

Also try her new DVD Hard Body, super challenging and longer, or extreme shed and shred which is longer as well and more challenging 42 minutes per level or 120 minutes combo.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
5/13/13 9:42 A

I agree with most of the previous posters. 30 DS challenged me, but only because I was so unfit, and I could STILL do some of the moves with heavier weights. I did lose, and gain definition. It was a great workout for me for that.

However, if it is truly that easy for you, you aren't exactly changing things up.

I agree that Banish Fat Boost Metabolism or No More Trouble Zones might be better JM workouts for you. They are 45 - 50 minutes and far more challenging that 30 DS.


MISSRUTH Posts: 4,299
5/13/13 9:32 A

I did the 30 day shred-- but I did it on alternate days. The other days, I did cardio only. Some of the moves, I used heavier weights. Started out more like Anita, and aimed for more like Natalie. (Mostly was somewhere in between the two.) Did not lose any weight (wasn't trying to) and lost a little bit in inches. I DO feel more fit. So overall, I enjoyed it. Mostly because it's short, and I'm pressed for time these days.

If you can work out at Natalie's level, and use some heavier weights... I reckon it's not the workout for you. I wouldn't recommend replacing your other cardio with just doing the 30 day shred. There's not enough cardio in there.

5/12/13 8:49 P

I completed the 30 day shred. I rarely did it twice in one day. It challenged the heck out of me! I modified some moves, took breaks, and died a couple times. If it's a lower burn then you are used to...well congrats! I think some people got dramatic results because of their starting self being unfit. I was unfit, yes, but I'm not overweight, so my results were still not very dramatic. I lost a few lbs and gained definition. Though I feel much more fit than before, it still challenges me. If you aren't very challenged, then maybe you should increase your weight, skip level 1, or do it back to back. Or maybe you should find a longer, harder dvd.

Best of luck!

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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
5/12/13 3:11 P

If it's a lower intensity than you're used to, why are you doing it at all?

You're clearly beyond the target market for this particular workout. You don't benefit yourself in any way at all by working out LESS than you can cope with. You need to challenge yourself to see results.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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Posts: 2,489
5/12/13 8:05 A

How has your body gotten used to your strength training? Are you not increasing weight/resistance? It's impossible to get used to strength training as long as you continue to challenge the muscle with increased weight/resistance/advanced exercises.

In all honesty if you're *that* advanced, you're not going to find the 30 Day Shred very challenging. Ripped in 30 is a bit a harder but even then I'd recommend using heavier weights. I use 8 lbs.

And really, JM videos or any circuit training video is not near as effective as a proper strength training program. I do enjoy JM's videos for fun, a warm up, a challenge in completing levels but it does not replace my regular strength training program.

As far as cardio goes, you're not going to burn as many calories with the 30 day shred (ie: circuit training with weights) as you would another form of cardio. Have you tried HIIT with running/jogging? When you say your body has gotten used to it, what do you mean? If you're going to use a JM video as cardio I would recommend JM's Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism instead. It's a 50 minute video and uses metabolic resistance training. I've used it for eons now and still get results. I jog, do high knees, jump rope etc. during the core circuit which tends to lean more toward strength training and push myself harder than the girls now to keep it challenging. You can find it on youtube so you don't need to purchase the dvd and you'll get a much higher calorie burn than the 30 Day Shred.

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MLAN613 Posts: 19,034
5/12/13 8:01 A

I suppose you could but personally, I'd get bored doing the exact same thing twice a day. Could you maybe add back in some of the other activities yo've done in the past like running and the strength?

BWASHERE SparkPoints: (44)
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5/11/13 5:46 P

I've recently started the 30 day shred because my body got used to my past about 3 months workouts of running (endurance, about 40 mins) and 3-4x a week strength. I love the DVD and have seen people with great results, but I'm wondering since I'm used to working out is it okay to do her workout twice in a row, so it's about 40 minutes of circuit training? It's a lower burn than I'm used to, and I feel like with all the variety my body won't get worn out since I'm fairly fit. Has anyone tried this twice a day? Have you gotten results or is it too much?

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