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2/16/13 8:47 P

This is what happened to me I started turbo jam then switched up to turbo fire and even though it was different but kind of same pace it really made it hard for me to do any other form of exercises because I felt like I wasn't getting any where with any other routine cause it wasn't fast enough paced or didn't feel like I was getting any exercise at all but I also work 7 hours a day in a deli 5 days a week running all but an hour and 1 /2 because of lunches and breaks so I don't know I'm fixing to restart a fitness program since its been a year since I exercised steadily I want to try something this time not as high paced cause I don't want to get board to soon or over exerted to fast any ideas

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2/16/13 8:27 P

good idea, i will include 1 min cardio after every 5 minutes weights

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2/16/13 8:29 A

I think by adding those changes, you will begin to see some differences. :) I agree with the other poster who told you that variety is key, however. After you do something for a while, your muscles begin to plateau because they aren't beingchallenged. Make sure to increase the weight as it becomes easier, and look into some other classes just to change up your routine and keep your muscles confused. To add on to previous posters: I really like doing interval training that incorporates cardio INTO my weight training routine, particularly when I have to make my workout succinct. Normally, I'll grab a jump rope to use between sets or use my own body weights and perform mountain climbers or burpees.

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2/15/13 11:53 P

okay, i got the idea
yes i use only 2lb weight on each side for upper body weights while peddaling the stationary bike
i thought i am doing circuit training, but it was wrong assumption

i will change routine to Upper body Barbell Workout with 5 lb weight on each side
and add some latpull down and other upper body equipments kept in gym

Same RPM Cycling Class,
but will add some legs workout either on staircase at office or some youtube butt workout at home

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2/15/13 11:19 P

Good form while doing strength training is important for both safety, and effectiveness. And I would think that it is pretty hard to concentrate on good form while pedalling away on the exercise bike at the same time.

Also, if you are doing cardio at the same time, you may not be using weights that are heavy enough - you should be using a weight that completely fatigues your muscles in 12 reps or less. And it's pretty hard to manage weights this heavy while pedalling away. If you are doing it, I suspect it is because you are using weights that are waay too light.

When you do it properly, strenght training is actually pretty quick - leaving you sweaty and breathless are NOT the measures of a good workout. Pushups and lat pull-downs will work most of the upper body muscles in just those two moves. Strength training is all about quality, not quantity. Just make sure that you are lifting HEAVY.


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2/15/13 10:55 P

Legs is 2 times a week
1st on wednesday with stability ball, i do lunges and squat, leg raise
2nd on Friday evening (Body Pump Class)
now i am planning 3rd day after reading your post, i might add legs workout on sunday for 20 minutes, will follow a youtube video for Legs toning exercise or Butt workout

so far its working out, i do 20 min upper body on bike
Biceps, triceps, shoulder
and then 10 minutes i do lat pull down and other equipment based exercise, ussually cover all machines kept togther
stretch for 2 minutes the max i can and run to shower
you think its a bad idea? may be i should skip stationary bike and cover only upper body? i feel its not enough :(

thanks for motivation

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2/15/13 10:21 P

No lower body strength training? I assume the spark stability ball video is core training, and you have an attempt at upper in there, what about lower?

Like Eric, I think trying to do upper body weights while stationary cycling is a bad idea, and possibly dangerous. Do one thing and do it right, rather than trying to put two things together.

How about a full body ST routine Monday and Wednesday, to complement body pump on Friday nights, and then cardio Tue/Thu/Sat (plus yoga)?

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2/15/13 10:15 P

I would personally incorporate a bit more core work into your training, ALWAYS take time to stretch before any routine, and look into some exercises working your large muscle groups like quads/butt/hamstrings, etc. Your upper body may not be completely hit by doing something while on the stationary bike, so I'd try to do a true upper body workout at least once a week (pecs are one thing I CANNOT imagine you somehow working during this routine, but are important muscles that should be worked). For the upper body routine, focus on biceps, yes, but also triceps, your shoulders, your delts, your traps, and your pecs. I'd also advise you to look into some exercises for your lats. :) I know this is a lot of information, but if you're seeking to hit your upper body, that's a LOT of ground to cover. :)

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2/15/13 9:45 P

It's a good idea to change up your routine once in a while so that your muscles don't get used to what you're doing. Change the workouts you're doing, even changing order or speed helps. Your muscles will get used to doing the same thing repeatedly. emoticon

Looks like you're doing a great job!

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2/15/13 9:27 P

I get 30 minutes in morning everyday for exercise except friday, please advice me if i should change my routine
i also plan to climb office stairs during lunchtime for 20 minutes, climb up and down

Monday(Circuit Training): Stationary Bike + Upper Body weights while sitting on bike

Tuesday(Cardio): RPM Cycling (only 30 minutes and leave before class finish)

Wednesday(Strength): Sparkpeople StabilityBall videos

Thursday(Cardio): 30 minutes Treadmill walk/run

Friday(Strength): 1 hour Body pump Class in evening

Saturday(Flexibility):Yoga at home

Sunday: Rest

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