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2/6/13 1:07 P

Yesterday was day one of 30 day shred for me..............I did day 2 today.....I cannot do a modified push up..............yet and this is absolutely kicking my butt. I will probably take off tomorrow and do cardio, but am unsure as I sit and type this. I am so out of shape, because I have been so sedentary, but am hopeful for some positive results. I guess we will see at the end of the 30 days......

I have logged my workouts as circuit training, as others have previously mentioned.

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2/6/13 12:41 P

I'm giving the 30 day shred a good go, as in I am going to attempt to do it for the full 30 days, so I can see if her claims are true. I did day 1 today (had a trial run last week but was too sick to keep it up). It was super hard, and I can already barely walk up and down the stairs, lol, but the girl knows how to appeal to her audience! Every time I wanted to quit, she moved onto something different, allowing me to (for the most part) complete the workout. Just when I was ready to throw my hand weight at the TV, she announced it was all done for the day :)

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2/6/13 12:05 P

I started with Banish Fat boost metabolism and did it every day until I picked up No more trouble zones. Then did each every other day. Then I started adding other DVD's like her ripped in 30 (4 workouts on 1 DVD), Bob Harpers Inside Out methods - 10 times harder than jillian but I love it. Then added in more of his and I just tried to set up a new plan each month with different workouts.


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2/6/13 8:47 A

Definitely go with every other day even if you're not sore or every 2 days if you're still sore. Your muscles do need time to recover. Weight loss is primarily about the food you eat, not the exercise you do, so as long as you're eating healthy and within your ranges provided by SparkPeople, you're likely to see results. And yes, you can track it as circuit training. (Or you could invest in a heart rate monitor and enter your calories burned manually, which I recommend emoticon )

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2/6/13 7:08 A

This might have been asked before, if so I apologize. Do you do it everyday? I am not sure I can because it's so intense. Can you do it every other day or every 2 days? I tried it last summer and liked it, but then stopped. Also, if you don't do it every day, will you still get results? Could you do just some cardio on the days you don't do it? I also have her frontside/backside, can I do that along with the shred or will that be too much? I can't decide which to do...thank you

How do you log it? Circuit training?

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