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9/12/13 3:42 P

...don't forget, there are a lot of other muscle groups to work on a regular basis!

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9/12/13 11:32 A

Deanna - I agree - if the challenges motivate you to do something, that's a positive thing. :)

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9/12/13 7:41 A

I know someone who did the ab challenge and she did the days requirement in one sitting because she thought that breaking it up was cheating. She didn't finish the 30 days because she got busy with her twins, but after 20 days she said she didn't notice much difference other then she was able to go longer without having to take a breather. I think the 30 day challenges are just a way to get people moving and maybe even more motivated to continue exercising which I think is great!

FITWITHIN Posts: 26,005
9/11/13 9:24 A

I have the Hip Hop Abs dvd and it has a 30 Day Challenge Abs calendar. I'm going to restart it again. The first time I started it I didn't finished, because of too, many distractions.

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9/11/13 5:35 A

LAURA7051: Supposedly one roll-up "counts" as 6 sit-ups/crunches, so maybe you could divide the number of sit-ups by 6 (or, because the numbers in the challenge are multiples of 5, by 5) to get a starting point, then you can tweak that number so you're challenging yourself. That would still have you doing 25 roll-ups by the end of the month, which is quite a lot. Unless you're competing against other people, I don't think it really matters how many you do as long as you're challenging yourself.

LAURA7051 SparkPoints: (9,688)
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9/10/13 5:48 P

I finished the 30-day squat challenge a few weeks ago. Once the reps got "up there", I did split up the number into multiple sets. For the most part, I ended up doing all my sets in the evening with only a short rest period in between. When it got to the bitter end though, I did try to do sets throughout the day. My goal when I went into it wasn't to be able to do 250 squats all in one go. I was happy to have successfully finished the challenge the way I did it, and my quads and glutes were firmer and better having done it. I'm trying to do a set or two of squats every day.

Last week I started the 30-day abs challenge. Again, not going into it with the intent to do all the reps at one time once the number gets high. Exception - the plank - I will definitely try to be working up my time as per the challenge without doing separate planks with rest in between - only as absolutely needed. Sitting here on Day 6, I find it hard to believe that I'll eventually work up to being able to do a 2 minute plank, but we'll see.

I do see myself modifying other parts of the challenge though. I don't get why sit-ups are included - I thought they'd fallen by the wayside as far as being an effective way to work the abs. In my Pilates classes, we do roll-ups - very slow full situps is how I'd describe them. But honestly, I don't care to spend all that time doing very slow situps. I might just do the situps until I've had enough of them and then replace the situps with the same quantity of either crunches or some other ab exercise. Leg raises are alright, but I might alternate the straight leg version with a bent leg version sometimes.

I heard about the squat challenge from another blogger, and saw stuff all over the internet
for both the squat and ab challenge, but I got my ab challenge chart from the site "30dayfitnesschallenges" dot com.

6/10/13 1:45 P

I finished Squat Challenge a couple days ago, and restarted it. I felt like I wasn't doing them in proper form. I wasn't going down all the way and I was leaning forward too much. So I am doing them again with proper form. I did it all in one go. Of course taking a breather when needed. Towards the middle of last month I was able to do 50-70 squats at one go, take a breathier and go for 40-50 more, until I hit the number of the day. When I started I was doing 20 before I needed to catch my breath. Now with proper form I am able to do 30, but that is pushing it.

I only lost 1/2 inch on my stomach, and 1/2 inch on my hips this past month. My thighs, calves and arms are the same size. But I am sure I have way more muscle in my thighs and calves than I did before I started the challenge.

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6/10/13 11:04 A

I've seen the squat challenge going around, and I'm pretty positive that the point of that one is to be able to do x-number of squats all at one time. Splitting those up into 2 chunks isn't what the point of that challenge is, so I'm assuming it's probably the same way for abs?

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6/10/13 11:03 A

What's the 30 Day Ab Challenge? I couldn't find the details.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,474
6/10/13 10:51 A

I think it really depends on the point of the challenge. I know there are numerous challenges out there and for some, it may not make a difference if it is split up - just doing it is the challenge. While others may be put together to have them all done at once to help you reach fatigue faster. So it comes down to the point of the challenge and what you are actually doing if it is more effective one way or the other. If it is a challenge to just do a certain number of exercises, then it will still be just as effective doing it all at once compared to breaking it up. If it is a challenge to fatigue your muscles more, then it would be more effective to do it all at once, but that can also depend on the fitness level of the person doing them as well.

Coach Denise

6/9/13 9:16 P

I have a friend that is trying one of these 30 day ab challenges. Now I don't like joining in publicly about something like this incase I fail so I declined to try it but am doing it alone. I am not worried about if it will or won't work for me. I understand abs only show if you don't have fat covering them up. My question I have is I've been doing said workout each day required all at once. My friend told me they are doing half the workout before work then half after. To me this is a cop out just to be able to say you did it. Does it have the same effect if you break it up with an 8 hour break as long as you do required workout in required day?

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