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6/19/13 11:55 A

Week one's almost done and I haven't had perfect success- I've had icecream a few times, way more often than I should! Glad to say that I'm resisting the big bags of chips my fiance brought home 'because they were on sale' (forgetting that we can't eat them for another 3+ weeks).

Next week's specific challenge is going to be to cut out the icecream! Fruit or yogurt and a cookie for dessert! I make all my own cookies and sweets, hate to buy them at the store.

6/12/13 6:19 P

I'm joining you! My scale hasn't died yet but every day I eat well but cannot seem to leave the ice cream behind! Let the thirty day challenge begin!

6/12/13 2:54 P

My electronic scale died the other day- I think being in the bathroom steamed it to death. I'll be relying on using a tape measure to track my progress until I can replace it.

To try and see some changes I've decided to cut out junk food for the next 30 days. Treats I've made at home will be fair game in moderation, but no chips/icecream/candy/soda etc.

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