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JAGFANGIRL27 Posts: 134
10/28/10 3:37 P

Thanks for the advice! He is getting a little better as we get the house cleaned up and he can have his toys back, sleep in his own room, etc. He is a smart little boy so I think it is possible he's not able to put into words what's bothering him.

NORDAKOTA Posts: 696
10/28/10 8:42 A

My second child is three and he is going through this phase too. Only he wants ME and not Daddy. It gets a little old. Lately, I've just been saying "no". Daddy can help you with that...

The flood/bedroom situation probably didn't help matters, but he'll get back on track.

_UMAMI_ Posts: 6,864
10/27/10 11:47 P

He's only 3? It's a phase, part of growing up.
My kids (well, youngest especially) tended to have issues during growth phases. My youngest could not STAND being a baby! (yeah, he liked it when he got stuff, but he hated not being able to do everything everyone else did).

There can be a lot of frustration before a jump in development. (Say, in language---may get really frustrated that they can't seem to communicate, and they act out.)

I think it's odd when people act like the child (especially a 3-yr-old) is trying to take advantage of you. YOU ARE THE ADULT. Learn about child development---talk to a teacher or someone who knows, but there is no need to BATTLE your child. You are the parent---nurture them! Listen to them to figure out what's going on.

(BTW, I had a DIFFICULT youngest child, eldest was a blessing (that's why we had another!). Anyway, Youngest, after being the toddler banging his head on the floor or wall in stubbornness, or throwing Daddy's Blackberry away or _______ (insert random difficult thing thru years 1-5 here), started to outgrow is issues. He's actually a really advanced, smart kid, and was frustrated by his limitations. Most of the time he's delightful now (still have those occasional moments. !)

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10/26/10 2:55 P

This is an age where they are trying to find boundaries and will push harder than ever. Dad needs to reinforce that you are the boss too. Although it's a long annoying road it pays off well if you stick to your guns. :)

JAGFANGIRL27 Posts: 134
10/25/10 6:27 P

My son is really acting out the last couple of days. He is normally pretty easygoing. The last few days, he has taken it to such an extreme that he won't listen to a word Mommy says. He always wants Daddy.

I don't know if it's related, but last week part of our house flooded and his room was affected. He hasn't been able to go into his room in almost a week now and he expressed a desire to go back to his old day care, which has been closed for a couple of months.

Any advice?

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