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4/10/10 1:58 P

Erin, I had never heard of catabolic foods and googled it. Wow thanks for the insite. I think I will be printing out the list of catabolic foods so I can get more of them into my diet.

4/10/10 1:50 P

Well yeah I guess I freaked out for no reason! The next day (today), I lost all the water weight I assumed I gained from the sodium and then some! Yay!

4/9/10 10:55 P

Hi, I weigh myself morning and night to see what's happening with my water intake. If you don't drink enough water, your body will hold what's it got! (Also makes you swell) I don't weigh anymore cause I hit goal and the doc said stay where you are.

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4/9/10 1:08 P

If you eat 100 pounds of celery in one day...and weigh yourself at the end of that'd be 100 pounds heavier... once you digest and excrete the food, you'd have lost weight in the end, because celery is a catabolic food. So my guess is, your bowels arent empty... Dont fret about 2 pounds. My weight fluctuates like 3 pounds from morning until night time...

Make sure you are weighing yourself at the same time everday, wearing the same thing.

BABB2222 Posts: 72
4/9/10 12:55 P

Two Pounds -- seems so little when you lose the weight. However I do a mid week check to see how I am doing (peeking at the scale).. and I just gain two pounds.. ugh!

I really wanted to lose weight this week. So this was a downer for me this morning.

KRIS0417 Posts: 29
4/9/10 12:49 P

Ugh I hate when that happens it is so discouraging!! But like everyone said our bodies fluctuate naturally,

My first thought was the sodium, which I see you already mentioned. There is sodium in the gatorade and massive amounts in soup. Whenever I have soup, I drink even more water than usual to try and flush it out.

I know it is frustrating, but don't let it discourage you! You're doing awesome!

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4/9/10 12:32 P

Our bodies can fluctuate from day to day upwards to 5 pounds. It might be time to put the scale away for good. Weighing daily is rather extreme and no doubt frustrating when we see it going up and not down.

I only weigh 1x a week on my Wii but do not take it personal at all if it goes up. I do trust measuring 100% though. I measure monthly and have lost inches over the last 2 months even though I have only lost about 4 lbs.

4/9/10 12:27 P

Yeah I left off dried apricots. I was looking at the boxes of vegetable broth in the soup and I think I had wayyy too much sodium with the diet coke, sports drink, soup. I bet that did it. :( And yeah I weigh myself every morning at same time

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4/9/10 12:22 P

It may not even be a true weight gain. Did you weigh yourself at that same time of day you normally do and with the same clothing (or lack there of). How about you BM schedule? How about your sodium intake, are you over your RDA?

There is always a reason for something and you need to narrow things down and make adjustments where needed.

Remember you would have needed to eat 7000 cal and be bed ridden to gain two pounds over night. Very unlikely.

4/9/10 12:17 P

Thanks for the replies. I've actually lost nearly 35lbs so far, but jsut got onto the site. I just found the 2lb gain very frustrating. Suprsingly, I havent really had such a gain the whole time i was dieting on days when I was so "good". I also left out dried apricots. I was thinking maybe all the sodium also.

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4/9/10 11:40 A

The nutrition tracker is a great suggestion. Also, your weight can fluctuate as much as 2 lbs throughout the day for natural reasons, and is no reason to become discouraged. Think of how much a glass of water weighs, and of COURSE you should be drinking your water. Just know that you are more than the number on your scale on any given day. I'll bet if you keep up the healthy lifestyle and weigh in a week you'll see progress. Good luck!

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4/9/10 11:22 A

Your menu appears to be lacking in protein and calories. I suggest you use the nutrition tracker to help reach your targets.

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4/9/10 11:18 A


4/9/10 11:16 A

So, iv been dieting for some time and yesteryday I put on 2lbs and I can't imagine why. Maybe some of you have insight to help me understand.
Breakfest: Banana + Apple
Tennis lesson 1 hour
5 Mile Jog around track about a hour
lunch: subway veggie delight, no cheese or mayo (honeymustard and veggies)
Dinner: homemade mushroom barely soup (olive oil, veggies, veggie broth, no cream) + diet coke

So I was super active yesteryday and iv been usually losing a ton of weight but i was shcoked to get on the scale and see the weight gain. I still woke up with the bad weight loss breath if you knwo what i mean.

Thank you for your insight.

Sincerely Yours,

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