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1/2/14 6:26 P

3-4 oz lean meat, 2 servings non starchy vegetables, and a raw salad drizzled with 1t evoo.

110cal + 60cal + 50cal. That leaves 30 calories left over for condiments such as salsa on your chicken.

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JUSTME9898 Posts: 2,920
1/2/14 6:09 P

soup - canned low sodium soup -

SONICB Posts: 4,381
1/2/14 6:02 P

How about breakfast for dinner? :) My go to breakfast is peanut butter banana oatmeal.

In a bowl...
+ 1/3 cup dry oats (100 calories)
+ 1/3 c skim milk (30 cal)
+ 1/3 c water (+more depending on your prefs)
Microwave for 2-3 minutes, depending on the wattage of your microwave.
Stir in 1/2 Tbsp peanut butter (50 cal).
Add a sliced banana (small is around 90 cal)

That's around 270 calories... You could replace the milk with water to get it down to around 240.

1/2/14 5:45 P

for lunch today I had 3.5 ounces tuna (what you get from a 5 ounce can after you drain it), mixed with 2 tablespoons of Hellman's low fat mayo and a tiny bit of chopped onion, and I made a sandwich with 2 slices of light bread. Just over 200 calories.

One of my favorite breakfasts is 1 egg, scrambled with 1 slice of 2% american cheese, and either a tablespoon of bacon bits or 1 slice of bacon, with a sandwich thin or low-carb tortilla. Right around 250 calories.

Canned soup is always good and filling, too. Chicken noodle or beef and vegetable varieties are usually around 250 for the can (check the label). You can get "light" varieties that have even fewer, but to me they never taste as good - I think they just take the same soup and add more water or broth (which means you could do the same).

3 ounces of roasted chicken breast is about 105 calories. You can combine that with all kinds of things to get a great meal around 250 calories: a ton of vegetables, a large salad with light dressing, a little low fat mayo and light bread for a chicken salad sandwich, and so on.

You can actually do a fair bit with 250 calories, but I wouldn't freak out if you go over by a few calories either :)

1/2/14 5:33 P

Lean fish is probably going to be your best option, 3-4 ounces cooked.
Then fill the plate with non-starchy veggies, salad, and fruit.
You probably will have calories for no more than 1 very small serving of a starchy item.

This could still be very filling and delicious.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

TADNAMA82 Posts: 3
1/2/14 5:32 P

I don't really advocate for a 250 calorie meal, but I know that on days where I overdo it throughout the day or maybe I'm just not that hungry - cereal. Cereal, oatmeal, yogurt. "Breakfast" type foods seem to fit the bill. I wouldn't suggest it all the time, but, in a pinch, it'll do!

TILLY601 Posts: 24
1/2/14 5:26 P

Thanks Kris. You are right. Sometimes I end up eating a bigger lunch than I intended because I go out at lunch like I did today. I was wondering about some dinner ideas that would help me stay within my calorie range and I have about 250 left. I could eat some roast beef and veggies which I already have prepared, but it just didn't seem very appetizing on a cold, wet day and so was looking for some different ideas.

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1/2/14 5:14 P

Why do you need the calories to be so low for a meal? What calories you do consume in a day?

Is it possible that you just reduce the size of a normal meal, ensuring that you meet your nutritional requirements?


TILLY601 Posts: 24
1/2/14 5:05 P

I need some ideas for a 250 calorie or less meal. Any ideas?

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