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1/2/13 6:59 P

Well well well...what a deep subject eh?

Work was as usual aggravating and I wanted to go home before I clocked in. Kids are on Christmas break until the 7th so that's most of our morning business adults and kids who drive. My back is killing me. I had to work on grill today. Now there's even more paperwork shift
managers have to do (that's me) and if we forget it one time we get suspended. I'm really a good worker, and the other managers there are too. So I don't knowif it's just a new policy but I'd think you could get a warning or write up rather than suspended for 3 days just for not filling out a piece of paper when you run shift...anyway, I don't always run shift so I think it'll be harder for me to remember.

If I ever get suspened for forgetting a piece of paper then I'm searching for antoher job. It just seems a bit ridiculous now. They don't want you to get overtime, but yet u have all this paperwork to fill out before you leave and sometimes you can't start on it until your shift is technically over. (In case you didn't know yet, I am a shift manager at McDonalds).

Most days I love my job. It has it's challenges and drama. I know any job has this. If I didn't make 9.00 an hour I'd find something else. It wouldn't be as bad if It was was closer to work. However, if I found another job, it'd be minimum wage (and I really wouldn't want to just transfer to one closer - you can only transfer within the same owners' Mcdonalds). The one I work at is the one closest to me, 25 minutes away. If I ever get transfered to one of his other McDonalds, which is possible being a manager, they'd have to offer me more money to make it worth the extra gas to get there.

So I breathed in and out today, focusing on other things like tomorrow being payday...which made me think of all the bills lol. ...

In another couple months a couple credit cards will be paid off though, so looking forward to that.

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1/1/13 4:15 P

I've been blogging and blogging. I don't have any friends to call up and chat with or to text really. (I have a flip phone and I'd get aggravated by the end). I've wrote in my journal on the desktop about goals and the debt, etc.

In a month I'll know how much I can pay on the credit cards. I'm going to keep a graph (can't remember putting is on here yet but may have) and watch the line go down this year. Last year we used the credit card probably at least once a week for gas or groceries, and it adds up.

I'm going to focus more on not using any of them at all this year for anything! My only downfall that I can already foresee is when I go on maternity leave. If I can't save up enough before then it'll be hard to pay the bills, etc. My hubby will begin racing about that time, so we'll make it one way or another, if he races well enough he will win some money every week. Not as much as one of my paychecks are , but I think my dad would help us if need be. We're using our gas t oheat the house, instead of electric like we had to last year, so that'll save us a lot of electric. It's hard to tell if we'll be alright when I'm off work or not. I will take my time to heal (I know it's going to be a c-section) but will go back to work soon as the doctor check up appointment happens.

I've felt like a bottomless pit today. I've had 3 bowls of corn beef and cabbage today and there's plenty left. I didn't think one cabbage head would be enough so I had 2 and 4 cans of corned beef. YUMMY! I only eat it once a year but last year we didn't eat it and had all kinds of money trouble.

I hate using tax return to pay off debt of things we've arleady ate, drove, or whatever. But I know better now. i have 3 months to save up money for maternity leave. I think I'll be able to do it, I just don't know how much to save. It's hard to tell when bills aren't always the same, but I will figure it up and save an extra 200-300 if possible. I thought I might keep half of what I need to save from my tax return, and we might have a little left on one of the two cards I plan to pay off.

emoticon today has been a sleepy day. I didn't sleep well last night. I was up with Angie until almost midnight. I made it to midnight, but put her to bed about 1130. Hubby went out with some of his friends and came home about 3. That may be why, I just wondered about him. His cell phone was dead so that worried me more. At the time i didn't know it was dead but we live where there's hardly any service too.

I fell asleep this morning on the couch after Angie got up. I must have been tired because when I woke up, she hada been in my purse and wroet on my arm with ink pen. I never woke up. After hubby got out of bed around 1030, I went and took a nap. My hormones have even been driving me crazy too, so I know I've been on his nerves.

I look at 2013 as a productive and financially stable year. Getting back to a safe debt level anyway, and another addition to the family. Darin will be a male in a house full of 3 females :) Good or more bad ? lol. I guess it's not bad until they hit puberty but that will all be fun. The two girls will be about 3 years apart.

Enough for now, may eat some more cabbage and corned beef.

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12/31/12 2:51 P

Happy new Year's Eve to everyone! Enjoying my day off, cleaning the house up. It's a disaster. I guess it's always that way when you have a toddler, but can't say it's always her fault. Mostly, yes lol.

So she helps me clean when I pick up her toys and stuff. I'm taking it easy because it's getting harder for me to bend over (almost 6 months pregnant) and ready for the next one to get here. I'm starting to gain weight all in my belly this time, not all over like I did with Angie. Thank goodness. Just the lack of sleep is starting to set in and work is making me more aggravated.

A customer complained last night that he was flipped off by the car in front of him (he was honking his horn at themto move). His complaint was that the cashier was talking . She told me they were adding onto the order at the window. I told him I was sorry that the other cusomter flipped him off. He said he was coming back to talk to another manager. It's word against word but I left a note explaining what happened from my perspective, what the crew person said, and what the cusotmer said.

He said he was waiting patiently for his turn, yet he honked at them 3-4 times. Not very patient to me. We have lots of people who live near our McDonalds that will make general conversation when they drive through, nothing like 10 minutes or anything. My drive thru times were good, so the woman who flipped him the bird wasn't just chatting. The cashier said she didn't know who the cusomters were either. I couldn't explain to a rude customer that normal people make conversation, but I left a note anyway. It was aggravating but nothing I can do about it. Rude person in my opinion. I as the manager didn't take sides of course. If I get wrote up over soemthing like this though, I'm finding another job during maternity leave. Sometimes that job is overwhelming, most of the time, ti's just fast paced and busy, but these few rude duds make you mad and they blame you even if it's not your fault.

In other news, waiting on my kid to take a nap, she's been up since 7 and it was about 4 when I got home from work and fell asleep. So i'm aggravated from yesterday, and the house was a wreck today, living room back to somewhat normal now..only every other room still to go. but it's ok. I'm going to look at tomorrow as a new start. The pregnancy hormones are my excuse.

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12/29/12 8:45 A

Wish me luck on my way to work today. I don't have to be there until 5 p.m. but it snowed all night and it's still falling steady. I hope they scrape my raod. We live in the country and they hardly do anything but hills and twists don't help my crappy Equinox. The AWD is good up and down hills but any small turn of the wheel and it wants to slide.

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12/28/12 12:46 P

I had a strange dream. I think it could have been since I'm pregnant, I know it's more likely. My sleep was split up. I went to bed and fell asleep about 4 a.m. and my daughter woke up at 6 a.m. I tried waking hubby but he waited on me to get home before he fell asleep so he was out cold snoring. I couldn't wake him. So I was in and out for a couple hours. Once she started doing things she's not supposed to, my "no's" kept getting louder. He got up and I layed back down immediately. I slept for 4 hours more. I dreamed I had to join the army and was being trained by Channing Tatum...weird. Anyway, I can't even do 10 situps right now so even if I did ever join the army which I know I won't, I wouldn't survive a day.

I'm on evening shift. I closed last night, the other closing manager left early and she said she'd send me early tonight so we both don't hit over time. We are open later tonight and she left last night so I owuldn't have to stay until 4 tonight..4 am. It was 2 am when I left last night only because there was a issue with the computer program showing the cashout drawers. So calling your boss at 1 30 in the morning is not my favorite thing to do but I didn't have any other choice. It has all worked out, but I'm tired now and just got up from my nap.

Next year my additional goal I didn't set was writing. I like to write stories. It seems lately that when I sit down to write a short story, my mind goes awal and I don't have a clue how to start one. Most of them end up about teenagers and their type of trials.

One is about a girl who gets sent to a correctional camp but once she arrives, there's no adults and there are some teens who are werewolves and some are vampires (not viisbly but she finds this out) so she has to save herself from being killed. It's kinda interesting but I can't help but think of Hunger Games, but it's not the same, just blood and killing between teenagers.

Might be a good one.

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12/26/12 6:33 P

Please follow my posts and comment. I like feedback.

I never even started with my weight loss goals...obviously not too much next year since I'll be pregnant until mid-April. :) Please add me as a friend too! I'll return the favor!

Well I hope to 1 keep up with a public journal for next year, 2013. I may not do it daily, but hopefully weekly. I need friends to help me stay on a positive path and lose weight in 2013. I am about 25 weeks pregnant, with my 2nd daughter. My 1st is 2 1/2 years old now, so I know it will be fun, exhausting, and daunting when the 2nd one arrives 2 months before she turns 3.

There have been many ups and downs this year. The realization that debt is overwhelming for us and we have to really focus on it next year.

Beginning in January, I am going to keep track of all bills, credit card payments, etc. in an excel sheet. I don't know about you, but Excel gets me excited. I love to make graphs and things on the computer, but this is real data. By the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015, I hope for the graph to be on 0. As in, no credit card debt. Not sure how I want to keep track of it all...keep all the credit card info seperate from the bills, or put them all together on a graph??? Hmm..

Well, we have 6 credit cards. 1 doesn't have much, 300 some, but the others are about 2,000 some, 1 a little over 3. Long story on how we got this far in debt. It wasn't purposely from eating out and shopping at the malls. I will explain if you want an explanation but over al, it's about 12,000 some in credit card debt.

So unfortunately, we have to depend on our tax return to pay these down every year, and right now is the worst it's been. We rarely use the 1 credit card we carry on us for emergencies. I receive food stamps, but not nearly enough to support 3 people (4 in April).

I am a shift manager at McDonalds. Not the greatest job, but I try to keep pride in it no matter how unfair I feel treated sometimes. It's fast food. Fast on your feet and fast thinking...sometimes you want to run fast out the door and never look back. My husband isn't working right now, but if he did, he'd only be able to find soemthing minimum wage, and it wouldn't be worth it. We only have 1 working vehicle. He could drive his truck to somewhere close to work, but it gets about 12 miles per gallon, and needs worked on. We can't afford to have it fixed to get it safe to drive. Also, between the gas and the babysitting/day care. It would take all he'd make in a min. wage job to pay for day care and gas. So there's no point in him getting a job right now.

I love that he can stay home and watch Angela while I work, I know she's safe, at home, and with family.

Let's see..what's next to discuss? You're proably thinking , she's in debt and they're having a 2nd baby? WTH? Babies aren't expensive. If you've had kids, then hopefully you understand that they dont require much at first. My 2 1/2 year old has a lot of my old toys and she enjoys them. I don't see spending tons of money on name brand clothes, or toys that are "popular". She doesn't care. Long as they're entertaining. We have a cat that keeps her having fun sometimes too. i'm sure the house cat hates her, but she deals with the toddler. LOL.

With this coming tax return for 2012, I plan to pay off 2 credit cards. That will save us 150-200 a month where I can save some money, and pay extra on the other cards I can't pay off with the return. The small one that doesn't have much to pay off, I'm paying double the amount right now (focusing on paying it off right now) so about the time we get tax return back, we'll have 3 paid off, not just 2 with the return money. That's 3 down, 3 to go! I think that's a good goal. I know it all depends on how much we get back, but I know Ican't pay off more than 2 big ones.

We tried for a home equity loan, because the good thing is that we do have our home and land paid for in full. The only debt we have besides the cards is my Equinox, which payments are reasonable, but I hate that my husband deosn't have a reliable car to drive while I'm at work. I just think of the worst possible scenarios...having to take Angie to the doctor if she's sick or hurt, hospital, or something emergency. I request my days off work to be when her appointments are scheduled, that way we can take her together, or I can take her if he doesn't want to.

I also don't want you to think my husband is lazy or useless. he's pretty much a 24/7 mom while I work. When I'm home, we're both parenting Angie and the soon to be 2nd daughter.

When I"m on my days off, or home, he is working on house repairs, car repairs, things that some would hire professionals to do, but we can't afford that. He's very smart and handy, and that helps alot ! From repairing leaks in the house, to taking half the car apart just to put a headlight in...which I hate!

Do they make vehicles where you don't have to take it apart to replace the headlight? He has toremove the front bumper and protective pieces to get to the light but the fact that he can do it is nice it saves us from paying soemone 100.00 in labor for a light bulb, u know what I mean?

Well I think 2013 will be a good year (I have my cornbeef ready to cook and just have to get some cabbage ;) ) haha. I'm not that suprersticious but every little bit helps.

I should be due for a raise soon. I can feel it. Usually about the time I'm ready to find another job, I get a raise. :) So here's hoping for one in the next couple of months. Like I said before, I am a shift manager, and although I'm not minimum wage, 9.00 an hour is still not much for the things I'm responsible for, and the duties I have to do besides managing crew and the store, etc. But it's hard to find a job starting out at 9.00 an hour...that's hwere fast food can get you stuck! Especially if you depend on every cent for debt...right now.later on, I guess it depends on how Ifeel once my kids are a little older and we're finally saving money..I might find something I like better that pays less, but eventually, get raises to be worth the switch.

My degree is in office Admin technology, but around here, it's all businesses and unfortunately, everyone works those type jobs so it's hard to get soemthing other than fast food. I do use tactics (when dealing with rude customers, sick employees, etc) in my work place and sometimes I think that helps me be stronger in my job. (Answering the phone nicely and not in a rude manner).

Please follow my posts and comment. I like feedback.

I never even started with my weight loss goals...obviously not too much next year since I'll be pregnant until mid-April. :) Please add me as a friend too! I'll return the favor!

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