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9/26/11 4:11 P

no..I must admit I am scared to even try one on..I fear that I will be upset with how I look until I put a dent in my wt loss...I don't want to ruin the whole I did all my strength training and 10 minute of my cardio....the day one video of 28 day challenge...I am kinda freaking out about what to eat for dinner tonight though...I started tracking my food today...and I had raisin bran with a banana and milk for breakfast, a homemade salad with tuna and raisins and tomatoes and a few other things I threw in there but now I only have like 238-588 calories left in my daily allowance...Food IS the hardest thing for me to figure out!

LOVEFIT30 Posts: 2,975
9/25/11 11:25 P

Oh you bet, it definitely fits! Thats awesome! You must be super excited!! Have you bought your dress yet?

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9/25/11 11:10 P

yeah...I know 8 is a lot....but sort of a package we are inviting 250-300 guests should fit with the rest of the party I for the input

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9/25/11 10:53 P

Whatever you choose I'm sure will be great! My fiance wanted blue and I wanted purple so to compromise I came up with blue-violet as our color, that way we can use shades of blue and shades of purple. So it's blue-violet with a pale pastel yellow as an accent.

8 bridesmaids, thats a huge bridal party hehe I'm sure whichever you choose, again will be beautiful compliamentary colors and they will look gorgeous! Since you have 8, you could always do 4 in one color and then 4 in another color or do a few of them in different shades of one color. That would look great.

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9/25/11 10:47 P

@shiver....what a great idea for a thread. I was thinking a deep purple or fall colors...I have 8 bridesmaids which could be a lot of 1 color if not the right color...I have thought of green, brown,orange,apple red, deep purple...wonder if it should be all different shades of one color????too many choices;-)

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9/25/11 10:36 P

Congrats on setting your date! And for joining sparkpeople!! =D
What colors are you thinking you want for your wedding?

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9/25/11 10:21 P

I just got engaged at end of July and today we set a date for Oct 20 2012. I signed up for sparkspeople today and am hoping to get some real/good advice for wt loss and meal plans. I really don't mind walking, would love to become a jogger. On the wedding side of things....well I simply can't wait to marry my main squeeze! I sure wish I could pick wedding colors....

APRIL_IVY Posts: 9
9/17/11 3:05 P

I have all my planning done, and a plan to pay it off in place that begins next month. I should have everything done 4 months early granted to major issues arise! I am getting married August 25, 2012.

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8/29/11 1:52 P

Hello! I have only been using this site for 2 weeks. I had a hard time with my diet at first, but it has been a little easier now that I brought in healthier foods into the house. I have been engaged since December 2010, and we are getting married in October 2012! I want to lose weight to look nicer, but also for health reasons =)

8/22/11 3:56 A

Been engaged for a while now (Dec 2009) but having a long engagement due to needing to get my family out to New Zealand (where I live) from New York for the wedding. Not easy! But time has flown and the wedding is in 6 months, so I have joined SP to get fit for the big day (18 Feb 2012)! Woohoo!

LOVEFIT30 Posts: 2,975
8/16/11 12:45 P

Sounds like we are alike JOTOLHURST!! I've pretty much planned out everything so far right down to the details, just need to make final decisions and execute the plan and final touches!

Congrats on your wedding next year!

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8/16/11 9:09 A

Hey guys!!

I am another 2012 bride who cant wait for the big day to come around, i'm also an incredibly organised person who has nearly finished all my planning (ooops) and looking forward to my dress arriving next month.

Good luck with all the planning!! emoticon

LOVEFIT30 Posts: 2,975
8/8/11 2:07 P

I bet it has! I think time whizzes by for every engaged couple that are planning their wedding day!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! emoticon

PEPIPOI Posts: 942
8/8/11 6:11 A

3 months till the time that we really start putting the big day together. Hasn't time passed real quick.

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8/6/11 7:54 P

I've started a new team for 2012 Brides! We'd love to have you join our team if your a 2012 Bride to be, revewing your vows in 2012, or included as part of the bridal party for any of your friends and family in 2012.

Click the link to join below!!

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