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11/3/12 5:31 P

Thanks for the info, you both have clarified my question......


11/3/12 5:31 P

If you want a little interactive video that reviews the food label, calories and % daily values; check out "Label Man":

Dietitian Becky

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
11/3/12 5:20 P

No no, when they say "based on a 2000 calorie diet" they are referring to the recommended daily value percentages of macros. The fat, carbs, protein, vitamins, etc.

So when it says Carbohydrates- 43g .... ___% of DV, they are saying that the recommended daily value is based off of someone who eats a 2000 calorie diet. So whether you require more or less than 2000 calories, that's what will change the daily value. Because someone who eats 1400 calories vs 2400 calories won't require the same amount of macros.

The calories in the serving are the same for everyone. :)

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11/3/12 5:14 P

??? I have have never seen that on nutritional info. The only way that would make sense is if they were giving percentages of daily intake. Like if something had 200 calories, they might say it had 10% of your recommended calories for the day based on a 2000 calorie daily intake.

Otherwise it wouldn't make any difference what your calorie range was. 200 calories consumed is 200 calories consumed.

Unless I am missing something here - which certainly has been known to happen.....

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BARBANAL Posts: 4,557
11/3/12 4:44 P

Reading the amount of calories on the foods,it always says based on a 2000 calorie intake. So if yogurt says it has 100 calories in it based on a 2000 diet and I eat 1400 calories does that make the 100 calories stated on the label more or less for my 1400 calories ?

Am I making sense or what ? Thanks for your help.


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