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9/30/13 1:33 P

The child has Prader-Willi syndrome. It's a rare genetic disorder that, among many other unfortunate things, is frequently associated with a very extreme appetite. People with this order are often described as insatiable. So, I think that this surgery was, perhaps, an attempt to make the child feel satisfied with less food.

So, there's more to this than was first apparent, which is the case with many things.

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9/30/13 1:15 P


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9/30/13 9:12 A

Addressing this comment: "Maybe he has some unknown metabolic process affecting his weight gain."

If this was the case then I don't think surgery would help at all since the surgery restricts food and calories that would otherwise be absorbed into the body. So by the same theory if the parents restricted his food intake, he would have lost weight.

I think that parents who cannot find it in themselves to restrict the eating of a two year old a bit more than they were doing, are just not fit to be parents. They probably love their child but that is a form of abuse and I think a child would be better off in foster care, or somewhere else where those in charge would not leave free access to food to a two year old, and/or give in to every demand the child made for food. Even with the surgery, this child's future seems bleak to me. Will these same parents stop him from running into the street because he says that is "what he wants to do" and he has a tantrum if they say no? Or is food the only thing they find themselves unable to say no to? Who knows? Children need some guidance and restrictions, ESPECIALLY at age 2!

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9/29/13 11:30 P

It just seems so unbelievable an so drastic!!!

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
9/29/13 11:22 P

To me, it seems like child abuse or worse. I think it is horrible.

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9/29/13 10:57 P

Sorry but that is way too young for surgery. Definitely should have kept searching until they found a nutritionalist that specialized in childhood obesity.

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9/29/13 10:20 P

I would think that because of this procedure that child is going to need constant medical monitoring. They probably would have been better off putting him into a hospital program until he reached a safe weight.

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9/29/13 8:04 P

According to the story, the child had "failed at 2 diets" and had severe sleep apnea, bone problems and was developing cardiac problems so this was done to "save his life". This kid weighed 80#s at age 2!

If one takes the story at face value and believes that the parents really followed the diets and did everything they could to keep this child from gaining weight then I'm not sure they had any other choice than surgery. Maybe he has some unknown metabolic process affecting his weight gain.

Now, if you are as skeptical as I am, you would assume that the parents are overweight and don't eat a healthy diet and therefore did not follow the diet for their child. nd that metabolically the child is normal.

So what other choices were there?

Educate the parents on nutrition, food preparation, shopping and exercise as a family lifestyle. We have had some successes in our community with a hospital based health and nutrition program that includes sessions with a dietician, a nurse practitioner, physical therapist and psychologist. But it takes parents who are willing to participate and change.

Put the child in the hospital on a strictly monitored diet and exercise program. If he loses weight, then we know the cause is nutrition and that the parents didn't follow the prescribed diet.
We have put kids in the hospital for diet monitoring, but it's usually in failure to thrive cases where the kid is severely underweight and there is a concern about abuse. It could be done for this kid but what do you do if you determine it's the parents?

Put the child in foster care where he has someone other then his parents feeding him and see if he loses weight. Again if he loses, mom and dad are the problem. This has been done here in the US with a great deal of publicity running the gamut from how could we remove the kid to why wasn't it done sooner. Do you charge the parents with abuse?

CPAP, medications and monitoring until the kid dies likely before his 21st birthday.

I hope that all options were exhausted before this child had surgery. And that education of the parents and monitoring are ongoing!

JBALDWIN29 Posts: 5,136
9/29/13 7:31 P

I find that horrible, really that has got to be unhealthy for a child that small.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,221
9/29/13 7:00 P

sounds like this happened several years ago?

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9/29/13 6:16 P

Gastric bypass for weight loss. Not in this country but it happened. You can google the story. Curious what you think about this. I think it could set him up for other medical problems during his life. Drastic surgery for such a young child. If this was your son what would you have done?

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