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10/25/11 12:40 A

"They like hearing about what the food we are eating is doing to their body positively. Like how it helps your brain, hair, heart,or teeth. I love it!!!"
That's so cute!

I love this idea. You're doing awesome! emoticon

10/9/11 10:28 P

That's more economical anyhow in the long run and also more healthier.

DEB2799 Posts: 2
10/9/11 4:39 P

That is awesome! I also just cut out fast food! it is hard, so good for you!

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10/8/11 2:08 A

How did week 3 go?

You can also use your crockpot: prep your ingredients the night before, assemble and start cooking in the morning, done when you get home at night. emoticon

SJSNYDER99 Posts: 120
9/27/11 2:47 P

emoticon That is a great idea and my goal is to be able to do that. Thank you so much for sharing. emoticon

HEALTHY14REAL Posts: 2,549
9/22/11 8:51 P

emoticon That is awesome. I don't do nearly enough cooking from scratch. We don't eat out a tremendous amount but I do a lot of "convenience". I work what is considered full time although I'm home by 3 p.m. unless I have errands to run. No excuses!

Something that might be fun for the kids (I don't remember if you shared ages) would be for them to pick out their favorite recipe and do the shopping for those ingredients then help you cook the meal. That would be a sort of "start to finish" project you could share with them. I also liked the idea of having them pick out something new to try.

My girls are older and can both cook some. They are also more varied eaters than my husband or me. emoticon

RASSTASS Posts: 2,781
9/22/11 6:22 A

Good for you! More people should take the initiative and do the same!
We almost never eat out, in fact my kids won't eat Mcdonalds and they don't like Burger King - Hungry Jacks over here. When we do on the odd occasion eat out, it is usually to a restaurant where the kid love grilled fish with chips and salad. Both my little boys - aged 4 and 6 - eat almost all varieties of veges and fruits and I cook dinner every night. I pack their lunch for school and kindy and they prefer to drink water, with the exception of fresh fruit juice, which I make every morning. They have several favorites. Apple, strawberry and honey dew or carrot, apple, celery and pineapple, as well as simply orange or apple.
My kids rarely suffer from colds or any other bug that goes around the school yard. They are fit and healthy with loads of energy.
Full marks to you! Well done!

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,826
9/21/11 3:14 P

Way to go!!!!!! That is awesome!!!!!

RED20091 Posts: 31
9/21/11 2:05 P


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9/17/11 11:23 A


LUV_BEIN_MOM2 Posts: 612
9/7/11 10:25 P

Good for you!!! That is amazing! Glad to hear your kids are enjoying it too!!!! Having them grocery shop with you could be great for them too. Have them pick out things in fresh produce they'd like to try and then search some recipes for ways to cook it at dinner time together maybe. Grilling veggies or my favorite with the cooler weather approaching is roasted veggies!! They may really enjoy that too!!! Keep it up! :)

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9/7/11 3:41 P

Way to go! I'm inspired!

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9/7/11 2:58 P


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9/7/11 9:41 A

Wonderful job! I am on day 6 of not eating out and am going for the whole month! For us, it is not only what we are eating out but the money that we spend.

Good luck on keeping this out! What an accomplishment for you!

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8/31/11 8:48 P

That is FANTASTIC! Great job, mama!

8/31/11 4:22 P

It has been 2 whole weeks of no eating out!! This is huge for me. I am a single mom with a full time job and 3 kids!! Normally I hit up the dollar menu at McDonalds about 4 times a week and the rest of the time dinner was like bean burritos or something fast... It wasn't even hard. I thought my kids would give me a hard time for making all the clean eating choices, but instead they want to eat healthy too. They like hearing about what the food we are eating is doing to their body positively. Like how it helps your brain, hair, heart,or teeth. I love it!!! Taking the time on the weekend to plan meals has made my life all together less chaotic and I always have one of the kids help me cook, which they love to cook. At first they treated it like a chore, but after a couple times it was like they were creating something special. It is amazing how planning meals has done all this. Oh and did I mention my house is cleaner!! I think next I am gonna have them help me do the grocery shopping. Any body have any more ideas? I'd like to hear from you!!!

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