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12/3/13 5:00 P

I try coming to the message boards and helping someone else who's struggling, when I get a craving...thats what im here for now, im having cravings for trying to not eat any empty sugary calories, such as sodas, ice cream and candy...I've already significantly cut out sodas, almost down to like 1 or 2 a ok with things like juices and protein bars, because they're high in nutrients....but its taking a lot of strength not to go to the candy counter at work right im here writing to gonna go for a walk after i finsih writing this...and then when i get back, im going to work on a blog to post on here, as soon as i figure out how to do that :)


I try to also stay in the moment. Try not to focus too much time on the slip ups, but focus on what you can do healthy for yourself right now in this moment. I sometimes dwell on my slipups, but at the end of it, I try to come up with a solution by doing something that makes me feel good. Thanksgiving is over now, but try not to focus on the future either. Just love yourself and do what u can right now. You're a busy woman too, try not to change too much at once, just one thing at a time.

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NURSE_DAN Posts: 76
11/26/13 11:42 P

I'm tempted to say "Don't give up!" But maybe you COULD stand to give up...on some things.
Give up
1) Thinking this is going to go quickly
2) Trying to undo years of poor choices in a month or two.
3) Thinking this is all or nothing
4) Thinking of your new life as a "diet" or a "program"

Go slow. Be gentle on yourself. Spend your time celebrating the small victories, no matter how small they seem.

As a healthcare pro, I can tell you this: the small changes we make that stick with us are the ones that turn us around. That one soda you skip, the lunch you pack, the stairs you take, parking way out in the parking lot, the water you remember to drink, the walk down to the corner and back---these are the beads you're stringing, and THEY ADD UP.

You're making a lifestyle change, and that takes time. I'm chugging along after 8 months, and while I have many slips and tumbles, I'm so much healthier than when I began, and all I've really done are these little steps.

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11/26/13 3:12 P

Don't fret...they say that muscle weighs more than fat...keep going!! Don't get discouraged! Motivation is the key!!!

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11/26/13 12:57 P

Whenever I get depressed, I do some exercise--from walking to a full wor out. It boosts your brain chemistry and gets you out of a funk. Just give it a try.

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11/24/13 8:28 P

first stop beating yourself up for your mistakes they are how we learn.
get your mom on board tell her and your family and friends how much this means to you that you have decided to make your health a priority. let them help you.
make changes a little at a time. and celebrate(non food) the changes you make. this is a journey not a sprint it is for a lifetime.
best of luck to you.
one person wrote not to give up on you. why would we quit ourselves?

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11/23/13 4:08 P

Hello, Cheyenne !

I give all new members one piece of advice and it's this,"Don't look at good health or weight loss with an all or nothing mentality". If the only healthy thing you did for yourself today was drink 8 glasses of water, that's still a step in the right direction.

Remember, you're trying to change habits learned over a life time. That's not going to happen overnight, a week, a month or even a year ! Change takes time. Thus the need to be patient with yourself and your body. NO ONE ever became a healthy eater overnight or in two weeks.

Spark People encourages its members to start with some simple changes first. Don't try to do everything at once or you will end up frustrated. If you've never worked out for six days a week, don't start with six days. Start with 1-3 days. Give your body time to adapt to the new changes. This isn't a diet. it really has to be a lifestyle change if you want to take the weight off and keep it off. A diet implies that you're going to give up at some point. Don't let that happen.

Thus the need to cut yourself some slack as you learn healthier behaviors. Take baby steps literally and figuratively because one small change CAN change your life. You have to have some faith that you're doing the right thing even if the scale doesn't respond the way you want. You didn't gain the weight overnight. It's not coming off overnight.

Slow and easy really does win this race. Be kind to yourself as you would to others and really, give yourself time to change.

Everything really does have a way of working out.

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11/23/13 3:56 P

It sounds to me like you are treating this as a 'diet' and that you have changed things all of a sudden. This will set you up to fall off the wagon good and proper!

I would go back to the beginning and make only one or two changes, and allow your mind/body to get used to them before adding something else to the mix. It might be something as simple as reducing soda and increasing water, AND walking a bit further in your day. The next step might be adding some extra fruit/veges to your day and going for a 15 minute walk.

I will comment on your 'cheat day'. I have practiced this right from the start, altho' I refuse to call it a 'cheat day'! I just gave myself permission to eat whatever I want - in weight-loss mode it was one day in 2 weeks. To accommodate this I generally ate a bit under my upper calorie range. I think that at this stage, your plan for your 'Friday cheat meal' might be too frequent. In time I found, as many of us do, that the 2 weeks could come and go and we weren't bothered with our 'special' day. Occasionally it would be a day or two sooner. Since I have been maintaining, (just on 3 years) I still practice this, but now give myself permission to eat whatever I want 1 day a week. Sometimes I go 2-3 weeks ..... sometimes 3-4 days. I still eat the rest of the time as I did in weight-loss mode.

Finally with your Thanksgiving and Xmas etc. coming upon you, don't worry too much but just try to make wise choices - portion control, small serves of the less-wise foods and bulk up on the more healthy, lower calorie foods.


COO_KIE SparkPoints: (64,337)
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11/23/13 9:57 A

First, assume you can be and are successful. It is hard, especially when you are visualizing the negatives instead of the positives.
So, just for today, do some exercise now. Walk 10 minutes if you can. If that is too much time, march in place as you read this.
Deal with your very next meal, not the entire week. Make a healthy choice now. Then do it again. If you have a setback, it is just that...a setback, not a failure.

I understand the Thanksgiving at home dilemma. No one can weaken my resolve as much as my mother...without her even saying a word. She has a long history of feeding me, knowing my favorites, and I kick into auto pilot when I am there. Does she support your goal? If so, enlist her help. Does she even know you are trying to lose? Maybe prior to dinner, you can praise some of the lower calorie items she has served in the past..."I just loved those steamed fresh beans, They taste so fresh, and if you want to serve with a cheese sauce on the side, Mom, everyone can put on as much as they like." Or, "My favorite part of your pumpkin pie has always been the custard. Instead of making 2 pies, can we make one pie, and have the filling for the other in little custard cups?"

Turkey is OK diet wise. Potatoes without gravy track well. You can do this! (Filling up on water helps.)

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11/23/13 9:26 A

Hi all,

So, I started my fitness and weight loss journey 2 weeks ago. My first week was great: I worked out 6 days a week, only ate out one time (my Friday cheat meal), and cooked healthy, filling foods. I lost 2 pounds by the end of this first week. Now, the past week was a MUCH different story. I was extremely busy (2 jobs and full-time student) so I only had time to exercise one day. Also, takeout started creeping back in and I had a few sodas. I didn't gain any weight from it, but I'm feeling really depressed, and I'm worried that I'm just going to end up bigger than ever. This isn't helped by the fact that I'm going home for Thanksgiving break today AND I'm getting sick (chest cold and sore throat). I just don't know what to do to stay motivated and keep losing.

Thanks for listening,

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