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2/14/06 4:42 P

I will have to try that!

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2/14/06 4:30 P

I am usually sore for a couple of hours at the most when I get done but after that i am completly fine. I have lost alot more weight since I started working out everyday.

2/14/06 11:56 A

angelrenee~ thanks for that info. I don't have any weights, yet, so I guess I will try working out some today and see how I feel.

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2/14/06 9:10 A

There's nothing wrong with doing exercise every day but if you are doing a lot of work with weights then it's generally better to leave a day in between working on a particular set of muscles to let them rest and repair. So you could work with your upper body one day and your lower body the next without any problems.

As far as I know, cardio stuff you can do daily if you aren't overdoing it and the DDR stuff is cardio.

2/13/06 9:57 P

Brandi~ Have you found that your muscles ache when you work out every day? I have thought, well toyed with the idea of working out every day, but when I put in the fitness section that I am planning on working out it tells me not to because my muscles with ache.

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2/13/06 1:05 P

It is great I planned on doing cardio 3X a week. Now I have found myself looking forward to it. I have worked out every day this week. And I have lost 2.6 pounds and WED. will be a week

2/10/06 11:56 P

Brandi~ I think we might have to look into that!

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2/10/06 3:03 P

if you have a playstation or xbox, DDR (dance dance revolutions) is wonderful. I bought it the other day for around 60 bucks and I have a ball. I put my 6 month old in her exersauces and she bounces and plays with me. People buy this game for enteriment, but it also has a workout section that tracks your calories

2/10/06 2:26 P

My two year old tries to do what I'm doing while my four year old curls up his lip and disdain and starts running around the room saying "running is my exercise!" finally the 15 month old is usually attached to one of my legs.

I've used my kids as weights too. It gets a little heavy after a certain point. LOL!

2/9/06 9:33 P

I was doing my exercise one day, and both boys were awake. Logan started laughing and Brandon was doing them with me. (I think I was doing some squats)

2/9/06 7:21 P

I workout at night after my boys are asleep.

2/9/06 6:51 P

I thought that was the other site. yup, it is nice to similair face.

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2/9/06 6:47 P

Brides Babies and Beyond actually. Honey got me on there a while back to look at her house journal. I don't post much but I read sometimes.

2/9/06 6:42 P

Angel Renee~ We have the same goal weight. Actually, we have about the same weight loss track! (what is the other place besides here and HT?)

I will have to try those suggestions. We have lots of snow right now, so the walking with them will have to wait until it melts and we get a double stroller. After dinner, I usually get on the floor and play with Brandon. That way it tires him out for bed, and it gives me some exercise. I will have to try to use them as weights while I exercise. Honestly, I never thought of it until now.

The dancing we do....the tv will have to wait until after Friday morning (our tv gets hooked up to cable), and I can't wait! (there are so many times you can watch the same four dvd's over and over again).

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2/9/06 4:49 P

Hey Mindee! Nice to see a familiar "face"! :) I think this is three places we're both at?

I usually do my working out after the boys have gone to bed. Either that or I go walking with them or let the older boy wrestle with me (like he's doing now as I type).

Something else you can do is actually use your babies as weights. I do chest presses and if they aren't being too wiggly I can do a form of bicep curl. You can also do things like squats - my older one thinks that's hilarious - or this thing called a bridge (not sure what they call it here). With the bridge, you lie on the ground on your back with your knees bent and you lift your hips and toosh up. I have the babies sit on my stomach while I do this exercise - adds nearly 40 pounds when I use them both!

And of course someone already mentioned dancing and playing with the TV shows that you watch.

2/9/06 3:35 A

my two boys are 18 months and 5 days apart.

I try to get the exercise thing done after they have gone to bed for the night. Or if we are heading down state on Friday, then I try to squeeze it in while they are napping. If that is not an option, then I go on doing my exercises and get an added bonus of extra weight to have to deal with. (try exercising with an almost 30 pound weight on your back.)

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2/8/06 11:51 A

My kids are 18 months apart. My oldest will be three soon. We both love the WIGGLES. I'm telling you if you dance along with them you will break a sweat. My son loves dancing around with them too. It cracks him up to see me trying to do the dances. It's free entertainment for him.

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2/8/06 9:49 A

I have 4 kids, all 15-21 months apart.
It really is tough to find time to work out, but now that they are getting older, it's getting easier.

My advice is to just do what you can, when you can. Perhaps you could get them to nap at the same time and steal 30 minutes to work out then?

Also, try to remember to get enough rest. I know that's easier said than done. emoticon

2/7/06 11:22 P

I have three children spaced 19 months apart. My oldest is 4.5, my middle is nearly 3 and the youngest is 15 months so I well remember having two under two and three three and under!

One good way to workout with little ones is to get up and dance to some of their musical shows like the Wiggles. You can really break a sweat keeping up with some of the dance steps on the show and the kids just love it.

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2/6/06 2:03 P

I have a 14 month old. I like to dance,and I just bought my pilates DVD.

TRINAH Posts: 59
2/5/06 12:19 P

Count me in to the two under two club for another month!! Kira is 23 months and Joshua is almost 4 months.

I try and do my workout while Joshua is napping and we do Tae Bo and Kira thinks its dancing ... so she TRIES to do it with me. When she gets bored...she goes and plays with toys while I finish

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2/4/06 3:07 P


PINKMONKEYS24 Posts: 228
2/4/06 3:06 P

my olddest loves the wiggles

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2/3/06 11:05 P

Do your two watch the Wiggles? I used to watch them so much that I used to dance the dances with them. Ever see how much they sweat? I used to too! Yummy Yummy was one of the better ones. Plus my girls would dance too. Another way to have fun!

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2/3/06 10:28 P

How about getting a few toys that are new to them and bringing them out only during exercise time that way they are entertained with something new and you cna get a quick workout in.

2/3/06 3:27 P

I have two under two also, so I know how you feel. I can never get them to nap at the same time, so if the 22 month old is up I work out with her, usually dancing. If the 6 month old is up I give her some toys to entertain herself with and pray she is happy for a few minutes. Sometimes I have to break my half hour of exercise into 10 minute chunks. If all else fails I throw them in the double stroller and go for a walk or wait for them to go to sleep at night.

I don't know how you do it. I am wiped out a lot and I have a very helpful husband. You are a very strong woman.

PINKMONKEYS24 Posts: 228
2/3/06 1:20 P

thanks 2 both ideas.......very helpful. thanks again......i'll be sure to try them all out. Dancing sounds like fun!

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2/3/06 12:24 P

I can relate to two under girls are 18 months apart. Granted, they are older now as the youngest will be two on Valentine's Day. My advice is to work out while they are sleeping. On the weekends...possibly work out while they are napping during the day. In the week, if it's too hard to get up before they do to get your fitness in, try making time for your workouts once they are put to bed for the evening.
Being a single parent is hard and trying to balance everything can seem overwhelming. As a parent, I use a daily planner to help me stay organized and on track. I make sure to write down in my planner when I plan to work out. This way, I am more likely to keep the workout on my agenda.
When it gets warmer outside, it will be easier to take them on walks in a stroller. Which is a win-win for all of you. Pushing a double stroller around is no easy task and the kids will enjoy getting out as well.
Hang in there. You will be so amazed at the energy you will get from sticking to your workouts. Instead of coming home from work and crashing when the girls go down, I find that the energy I get from working out at night, keeps me motivated to clean the house a little before the next day gets here and catch up on some laundry.

Be well,

JESDENM Posts: 18
2/3/06 11:52 A

If you put in a very upbeat workout video, you could probably get the 17mth old into it. I don't have any under two, but my son just realized he likes doing Denise Austin's walk away the pounds. And we also get to bond through it.

Or very upbeat uplifting music. Gwen Stefani has some really good dance to beats. Hold one child on each side and dance like a fool in your own home. You can keep track of time based on how long the songs are. When you get through one song, switch sides with the kids.

PINKMONKEYS24 Posts: 228
2/3/06 10:42 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon i have a 17month old and a 4month old.....its very hard to find the time to workout.....any ideas.(i am a single parent)

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