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1/21/13 1:29 P

Hi Patricia!

I'm a fellow "emotional eater" who has been obsessed with food for as long as I can recall. Officially I went on my first diet at age 13, so I truly understand how you feel. Originally, I pledged to lose 100 lbs. Now I'm just working day by day.

I am SURE that if I focus on my feelings and what's important (the stresses in my life) AND watch my food intake -- while exercising enough(!), the weight will take care of itself. I know that losing weight at "our" age -- my id here on Spark says I'm 39 (but I am FOREVER!!) -- but I'm really about to turn 53 MAY take more time.

I don't care anymore. My weight is not who I am (at least TODAY I can say that). My weight and my body is NOT my identity. I'm focusing on loving myself AS I AM today. The results will take care of themselves.

I'll let you know how THAT strategy goes!!

I support your efforts! Use everything you can on Spark -- it is an AWESOME site!! I've used their exercise videos AND recipes AND positive energy that just seems to come out of this place. I hope it goes will for you.

I hope we can "talk" again. All the best!
"Ten mucho cuidado" means "take good care"
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1/21/13 11:30 A

emoticon Hi my name is Patricia I am trying starting today to lose 100 pounds currently I weigh as of this morning 1/21/2012, 224 pounds, I am 5'5" and my Doctors has told me I am pre-hypertensive and risk getting heart disease and diabetes. I just turned 53, and I am ready to finally make the committment. Long story short I have gained and lost 5/10/15 pounds or more over the last 18 years, since I had my daughter. Before that I was steady at 140 which is still to high for my frame. I gained almost 100 pounds while pregnant with her and ended up on bedrest the last 2 months with High Blood Pressure. I eat emotionally (working with a therapist on this its getting better). Tired of my energy level being low, tired of hating the way I look. My 20th wedding anniversary is in April hope to lose 20lbs by than its doable i think but i need support. Might say I really hate to exercise so thinking or starting a walking program. So afraid if i dont get this weight off that i will die. Anyway sure could use some support.

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