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I am going to answer this because I feel there are a lot of assumptions in this post:

The 17 day diet is a low glycemic diet which any endrocologist worth their money would recommend if you have insulin resistance or PCOS.

Metformin is very common for the treatment of IR and PCOS.

Yes, you do have to eat the right things, restrict carbs, not NO CARBS, and have them Always with Protein. The 17 day diet is worth exploring, as is The New Glucose Revolution guide to living well with PCOS.

The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS is also a winner, but hard to find.

The Amen solution is a good read as well, though each of these books will tell you about the same thing. As a matter of fact, for all of Weight Watchers they are encouraging low carb (the right carbs) and lean protein as good choices. If you do not believe me pick up the latest WW magazine and read the editor's letter.

These are all books, by the way. I have to tell you I have had PCOS for a long, long time, and just recently had half of my thyroid out as well. People see you gain weight and assume an awful lot. I work out 2 hours a day. I do not work out at athlete level, but I push myself none the less. I also go to Curves, besides all that. I lose nothing, last weigh in .2 lbs. No kidding.

The only time I have ever lost weight with any success I worked out at least 2 hours a day, limited my sugars to anything 3 grams or below, cut out all white stuff and corn, (followed the Sugar busters diet) and with METFORMIN lost 35 lbs in 6 weeks.

I called my doctor today, and begged for a new prescription of it. Since I have stopped taking it, I gained 30 lbs. since Sept.

Metformin + low GI diet, and I have chosen the 17 day diet because it is something new. If it doesn't work in2 months I will switch. Heck, they are all basically the same dang diet anyway, southbeach, the zone, atkins after induction, sugar busters, the GR diet. I will switch them up to fight boredom. :)

WHEN ARE WE GOING TO LISTEN:The wrong carbs, and sugars cause everyone to gain weight.

Lastly: You need to educate yourself. Frankly I know a lot more about my PCOS than my doctor does. Than any of my last 5 doctors. It is not something they deal with a lot, though a lot of women have it. They are better now than when I first started. It was horrible then, I had to explain what PCOS was to my GYNECOLOGIST! ridiculous. Knowledge is power and we get that from books, message boards, and blogs. Read what others are doing. Some of them have found good doctors! also offers a ton of information, believe it or not.

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3/23/11 8:55 P

I take Metformin due to PCOS. It may have helped somewhat with weight loss, but it is no miracle drug and it has still taken alot of work, healthy eating and exercise to get the weight off and keep it off.

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3/23/11 4:06 P

Metformin is commonly seen as a "Diabetic" drug as that was it's original use when it first came on the market. But it is also very widely used to treat PCOS and many doctors are also starting to use it to treat Obesity as many obese people have insulin resistance, which metformin specifically treats.

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2/10/11 11:42 P

If you're on Metformin, you shouldn't be messing around with diets out of a book. You need to be seeing a Registered Dietitian with special training in diabetes education. The doctor should have referred you. Diabetic drug, diabetic lifestyle and diabetic medical supervision.

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2/10/11 9:57 P

Choco, i wish it was only 17 lbs! But it's more like 80-90. The diet is high in lean protein and healthy fats, high in fiber, low carb. I think it will make me choose better food choices (no pop, limited bread, pasta, rice). I have tried pretty much everything to Lise and finally got fed up with working out 4-5 times a week with no results. Have a support system at work, and working on making my family understand how important this is.

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but I went to an endocrinologist.
So he said you are diabetic or prediabetic? 17 lbs seems like a very low amount to risk, to put you on this drug. I'm surprised. Usually people with metabolic issues are in the 50-100 lb overweight range.

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2/10/11 2:13 P

Everyone has to live the life they live - so take this for what it's worth.

diets like this are generally ineffective long term, and sometimes can be dangerous. They are not a way of living, so you'll be right back where you are, in 6 months, 3 months, or evne 1 month. They also help you learn to "yoyo".

You are so much better off taking an approach that teaches you to eat better each day, exercise, and understand how to maintain ah healthy weight.

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2/10/11 1:43 P

I take metformin as part of managing PCOS. It has helped me A LOT. . . Don't know what you're specifically asking about but if you always take it with food and don't eat things that are too fatty - you should be fine! Never heard of the 17 day diet but if you track you can be sure that you are able to get the proper nutrients every day. Good Luck!

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2/9/11 11:41 P

How did they recommend for you to eat?

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2/9/11 11:40 P

Yes, if they feel you have metabolic syndrome. Very difficult to find a dr that doesn't just say " more diet and exercise" but I went to an endocrinologist.

2/9/11 9:32 P

Are doctors prescribing metformin now for dieting?

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2/9/11 8:43 P

Has anyone tried the 17 day diet? If so, what was your experience? Just started this week, and with a couple of wobbles (including the stomach flu), it's going well. Just afraid I may not be eating enough calories.
Also has anyone tried Metformin with their diet and exercise, and what's your experience been with that?

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