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MCOGIRL Posts: 102
12/27/13 8:29 A

I also think 1500 is probably fine. How do you measure your calorie burn? Don't trust the readings on the actual treadmill. You may not be burning as much as you think. but even so - even if you only burn 300 - you are still at a net of 1200 calories. I would also look at WHAT you are eating. Make sure you concentrate on quality also. For me personally too - my body hates carbs. So I do MUCH better if I eat the same amount of calories but try to stick to only healthy carbs (brown rice, sweet potatoes, beans, whole grain bread) and not the junky carbs of processed foods. And even then I need to be careful of how much of that I eat. Try to bump up the lean protein and veggies and decrease how much of even healthy carbs you eat. For me that makes a world of difference. Which stinks cause I LOVE carbs of all kinds!!

JENNA-LEEXOX SparkPoints: (385)
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12/26/13 6:41 P

1500 is fine, i find it weird you haven't lost anything, the 1st two weeks are usually when you lose the biggest numbers because the fluid is being released out of your body. i would not suggest uppin your cals, its all about cals in vs out, the less you eat the more you loos, the whole starvation thing is bull (coming form a girl who used to eat 300-500 cals a day) still eat at least 1200 a day, thats the minimum your body needs to function without exercise. Maybe right down what you are eating, maybe you are not eating clean enough. good luck and dont give up, also remember that even if you dont lose weight you are still beautiful just the way you are, weight does not define you,

SAMMI-SAM SparkPoints: (26,311)
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12/22/13 6:11 A

It really depends how tall u are & what your current weight is.

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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12/21/13 10:10 A

(Oh, and finally -- when I was similarly active early on last year, I was actually eating slightly more than you are, probably around 1700 daily. This is not to say there's anything wrong with 1500. Just if you find yourself super hungry at a given time of the day, adding a small snack may not actually be a bad thing. There's no way to know right now, it's something you'll have to learn over time once enough time has passed you can actually be sure of what's going on. But keep it in the back of your mind.)

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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12/21/13 10:04 A

Most active women are going to lose weight just fine on 1500 calories a day, and there's no reason to worry or suspect that you might be one of the exceptions. Never trust the scale over a time-frame of less than a month or so. Your body can and will fluctuate in weight up to 2-3 pounds in either direction on any given day due simply to the amount of water you have in your body at the time -- nothing to do with fat. You can limit this a little bit by always weighing yourself first thing in the morning before eating, but it's still going to happen. As well, most women of reproductive age will experience an entire week or more per month when their weight suddenly increases by a pound or three and stays there -- that's also water, just due to hormones. (This often happens around a woman's period, but sometimes at a different time of the month.) And then there's the muscle water retention that Jennilacey mentioned. You yourself are probably losing around a pound of fat each week -- you're doing a great job! -- but that doesn't mean the scale will show it.

Bottom line -- if you watch the scale over short time scales without knowing what to expect by it, it's very easy to drive yourself crazy and maybe even give up thinking there's no point, when you're actually doing great.

I always offer people in your situation two options to choose from when weekly weighings are too stressful. The first option is to ditch the scale entirely for at least a full month. Just concentrate on doing what you need to do, enjoy the growing strength in your body, and focus on enjoying your new lifestyle. It's almost certain when you come back after that month you'll have lost 4 pounds or more.

The second option, if you feel you really do need validation from the scale sooner than that, is to do what I did and weigh yourself every single day. But you must keep all that stuff about water weight firmly in mind and never take any single day's weight (or even a week's worth) all that seriously. What you're looking for (and should see) are trends -- new low numbers every few days (even if the scale subsequently goes up again for no good reason); or an average on week 4 that's distinctly lower than was the average on week 2. That sort of thing.

Personally it sounds like you're doing great for right now, and I wouldn't change a thing. Strength training is wonderful, but establishing the habit of exercise that will stick over time is more important, so do what you're comfortable with. Same with any dietary tips you might get. By all means look back in a month or two and tweak or modify things, but at the outset I think it's important to keep things simple.

You'll be fine. Just focus on the good things you're doing for yourself and let the scale do what it will do.

SONOFCZAR SparkPoints: (7,360)
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12/21/13 9:48 A

in 2 weeks you should have lost a significant amount of weight if you are following a plan properly suited for you (most of it will be water weight though). If you are really small, 1500 could be too much, but that is unlikely. If you are eating too many carbs/sodium you will retain water which will inhibit weight loss. I think if you want some real advice though, you would need to post your weight and height so everyone knows where you are starting at.

Don't give up after only two weeks though, keep exercising, and with some slight tweaks to your diet you could see weight loss very soon!

210014631 SparkPoints: (35,652)
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12/21/13 8:57 A

I think it depends on what you eat in the 1500.

I know when I stick to the correct % of carbs / proteins / fat - I do better than when I just watch the calorie count.

MAMA2FOURKIDDOS SparkPoints: (15,575)
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12/21/13 8:42 A

My guess is that 1500 calories might not be enough for you. The best way to figure out how much to eat is to figure your TDEE and subtract 500 calories from that. There are many good calculators out there but Health-calc is good because you can figure your NEAT activity as well
Your best bet is to avoid the cookie cutter answers of "eat clean" or "eat less" it is so individualized. Figure your TDEE and go from there. It will differ depending on your day. If you don't exercise, you will eat less, if you're super busy and exercise you'll eat more. Just make sure you're eating enough to fuel your body properly and set yourself up for a sustainable weight loss. 1200 calorie diets and others of the like is setting yourself up for failure. You need to provide your body with a sustainable way to lose weight that will equate to weight loss that stays off. Going on very low calorie diets (anything below your BMR) is simply setting yoursself up for failure you will eventually gain the weight back. No one can survive on a diet that low in calories.

Another question I would have is how honestly are you tracking? I mean really? A lot of weight gain that people experience is by overestimating the amount of exercise you do (calories burned) and underestimating how much you eat (calories consumed). It is a basic formula of calories in versus calories out. Anytime anyone makes a claim otherwise, it is wrong. Eating clean and whole foods is ideal, but it is a simplistic calorie in/calories out formula.

Sometimes it takes a lot of tweaking to figure the numbers. Start with a baseline and go from there. Also evaluate your hunger levels -- are you completely starving while eating only 1500 calories? Chances are it isn't enough. Are you getting enough sleep? sleep is a component that is often times overlooked as well. The body needs sleep to be able to help with the recovery process as well.

Good luck figuring it out!

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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12/21/13 7:55 A

2 weeks is not always enough time to see results especially if you've just started an exercise program. When you exercise, your body retains fluid in the muscles (glycogen stores) this fluid gain can mask fat loss for the first couple weeks. You're going to have to give it more time.

I don't know your age, weight or activity level but the average women burns 2000 cals/day and more, the more you weigh. If you are eating 500 cals less than that then it should equal out to at least 1 lb/week. I would suspect the reason you haven't seen your progress translated to the scale is because of the fluid gain I mentioned.

If you work on eating "clean", cutting back on processed foods, added sugar and sodium. You will most certainly see a decrease in fluid retention. Make sure you are eating well, plenty of fresh veg/fruit, whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats and try to avoid anything with a laundry list of ingredients or high sugar/high sodium content.

1200 cals is the bare minimum a woman should eat to lose weight. IMO, very few woman who aim for this amount are successful in weight loss. It is too difficult to maintain such a low calorie intake long term and over restriction of calories often leads to binge eating. I think 1500 cals is a much more sustainable and healthy intake. You can still have some days where you eat less or some where you eat more. Your calorie intake can be an average as opposed to a linear intake.

I agree that calorie burn for walking on the treadmill sounds incredibly inflated. I'm lucky to burn 400 cals for an hour of what is essentially, running. Side note; don't neglect strength training. If you are not strength training, up to 25-30% of your weight loss can come from lean muscle/tissue.

And honestly, if you are going to give up on being healthy just because one insignificant measurement of your progress (the fickle scale) isn't translating your efforts, then you'd better find more reasons for why you are making these changes to your lifestyle. The scale is *not* always going to say or do what you want it to.

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,274
12/21/13 7:52 A

1500 cals too much?? well, that depends on you. are you male or female? age? height? weight? any medical issues that might be a factor? all of those things are going to factor in and without knowing any of them it's really hard to say if 1500 is too much, too little or just right.
also, is that 500 cals number from the treadmill or sparkpeople? most treadmills tend to assume that people are large, fit men, which means that if you aren't a large, fit man the numbers are actually higher than what you are burning. if you actually enter in your height/weight/age on the treadmill that's likely not the case. but if you don't, the manufacturers set a default that tends to show the maximum burn, whether or not that is what you're actually burning.

SELENITYLUNARE SparkPoints: (16,509)
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12/21/13 4:59 A

I would try eating MORE. If you are burning 500 calories on those days and only eating 1500 then that means that you are really only gaining 1000 calories a day. Try taking the calories on the days you walk up to 1700 and see what happens. My mother broke out of her plateau by increasing her calories, not decreasing.

NKBMOM20 SparkPoints: (4)
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12/21/13 4:39 A

I eat 1500 calories each day and 5 days a week I fast pace walk on the treadmill for an hour so I burn a little over 500 calories when I do that. The trainer at the gym said 1500 was fine but I feel like it's still to much cuz I'm not losing anything! It's very discouraging! I'm thinking about doing 1200 for a week and see if that makes a difference....I'm afraid if I don't start seeing progress I'll give up! I've been dieting and exercising for 2 weeks now and nothing! :(

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