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You get the afterburn effect from working out at any time of day. Working out in the morning doesn't burn any more than any other time of day.


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6/12/14 1:34 P

Here's something to consider also. Doing your exercise early in the day continues to burn calories more also. It wakes up the metabolism which in turn burns the calories.

9/8/13 7:49 P

Since the elliptical is a cardio only machine I doubt that time spent on it will increase either your flexibility or your strength.

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9/8/13 7:19 P

Most people burn between 6 and 10 calories per minute. 6 at the lower end with less intense exercise, 10 would be a more vigorous workout. This holds true pretty much regardless of the form of exercise. It sounds like you are definitely working out at the moderate end (which is smart when starting out), so I'd go with a figure of 6-7 per minute, or 90-105 for a 15 minute workout.

While it is true that higher levels of activity do need an appropriate intake to support them, automatically 'eating back' exercise calories can potentially undo your hard work. 100 calories 3 times per week is unlikely to trigger a need for a higher intake.

Just enter your exercise into your Spark Exercise Goals, and Spark will calculate a recommended intake based on your needs and sound nutritional principles. You may need to redo this over the coming weeks as you gradually increase your workouts.


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"Should Istill eat "exercise calories " those days?" - completely up to you, it will slow down weight loss, however. If you go to your "reports" and 'daily calorie deferential' you can see your daily calorie deficit and based on your goal for weekly weight loss, make the decision on how many calories you should be averaging. -3500 cals/week for a 1 lb/week loss or -500 cals/day and -7000/week for a 2 lb/week loss or -1000 cals per day.

"How much calories do you burn if youre going on the elliptical slowly for 15 minutes?" - that completely depends on your age, gender, weight and average heart rate. If you put it into your fitness tracker, Spark will calculate a rough estimate on how many calories you burn.

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9/8/13 6:30 P

I'm experiencing some pain so I want to do a 15 minute elliptical workout 3 times this week, and 3 times next and slowly build up to 30 for 2 weeks and etc. It's more to gain flexibility and strenghten body than losing weight- although I do want to do that too!
Should Istill eat "exercise calories " those days? How much calories do you burn if youre going on the elliptical slowly for 15 minutes?

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