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QUEST4ME Posts: 1,007
1/6/08 6:42 P

Well, I hate to admit that I've slacked off for a couple days, but I'm back into it today! And I made up for some of the slacking time! I spend 50 minutes working on decluttering...working on all the mail that's piled up over the last couple weeks and helping dh with laundry and other little things to help him with things that he was doing.

1/6/08 5:36 P

Awesome challenge, I have been squeezing in 15 minutes of housework before i leave for work. I either do laundry or dishes.
AWESOME challenge

KAM1226 Posts: 824
1/6/08 9:58 A

This sounds great--just a little each day will keep things organized!!

So far, I have 2 loads of laundry done!
Next, will be the bathroom and the dog's room.

IMRDDY Posts: 47
1/6/08 5:43 A

I will definitely start today. I love this challenge already. I think I will also have my kids and husband do it to get even more accomplished. emoticon

1/6/08 4:25 A

I'm totally in! My mom used to do this when we were little. We couldn't have dessert unless we spent our 15 minutes cleaning up our rooms. I'm going to tackle the bathroom today. 15 minutes should be easy! emoticon

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GEMA1222 Posts: 12
1/6/08 3:27 A

That is an awesome idea! I have begun to organize again and try to keep my home clean. One thing that I have been working on is keeping my bathroom clean. I found that cleaning it while my son is in the bath works out well for me. Good luck and there's nothing like a clean room to keep me motivated!

SPIRALWRITER SparkPoints: (0)
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1/6/08 2:55 A

Hi all,

I'm in, and this is a great idea that fits right in with what we're leaning to do with fitness! After over 9 months of learning how to make big changes with small steps, I decided yesterday that the next big change I need to tackle is de-cluttering. Our house is kind of uneven, the rooms that get used the most are very cluttered, and others not so much. Yesterday I spent a while getting the rooms that weren't so bad taken care of. I feel so great when I walk into one of those that it's helping motivate me to work on the rest.

My big challenge is getting DH involved! He just doesn't think about this stuff, and he can step over something on the floor 5 times and never see it. I'm more the type who will ignore something in frustration, but it's RARELY because I didn't see it! In the past I've tried to keep up with his pile making, then given up, leading directly to the hours of torture cleaning the original poster mentioned, not to mention vigorous discussions. Tonight I asked him to help me get started in the kitchen for 15 minutes, and we got in 45. Not a bad start!

I'm delighted to find a way to commit myself (and him) to that 15 minutes each day. If things go as usual, like they do with working out, that will almost always lead to doing more than 15.


SUNNIE2 Posts: 444
1/6/08 2:37 A

Interesting to find this since it is one of my new year's resolutions. I didn't do my 15 minutes today since I helped a friend move. 30 minutes for me today. I'll report back after I've done something!

KANDZ777 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,002)
Posts: 801
1/5/08 10:26 P

sounds perfect to me...I did 3 loads of laundry...2 are folded...ones put away...and I filled the dishwasher...I brought out the boxes to take down the tree..but got distracted...hopefully tomorrow...

1/5/08 10:15 P

Hey Everyone!

I finally did it. I put away the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree. That poor tree had been standing there with no ornaments or lights for several days because we took those off on Dec. 31 or Jan. 1 and I never got around to finishing the job.

I feel better now that I can find my way through the living room. For the most part.

See you tomorrow. emoticon

ROOM182 Posts: 48
1/5/08 8:41 P

Here is my list for today:
2 loads laundry
kitchen counter and table

Not much, but a start. I am happy with that.

BEANSPROUTBARB SparkPoints: (7,581)
Fitness Minutes: (2,036)
Posts: 320
1/5/08 8:12 P

Boy, some of you girls are really workers! I'm afraid I've only done 15 min. of general tidying and dishes. But even that helps. So that brings my streak to 5 days.

1/5/08 4:34 P

ok, did lots of cleaning/rearranging to the bedroom, and got some of the dishes done and put away....constant work of about 2 hours!

TOPS2KOPSVILLE SparkPoints: (148,410)
Fitness Minutes: (57,681)
Posts: 23,833
1/5/08 2:45 P

just what I need.

ok 2 hrs mopping and sweeping. I usually dont clean but once I start I go .

Jan 1 cleaned fridge 20 minutes

1/5/08 1:17 P

i love this challenge! i have to admit that i don't necessarily HATE to clean, cleaning sometimes calms my nerves. but with my new job i have been so tired and stressed when i get home that i have been neglecting the housework. i'm starting right now! thanks!

ROOM182 Posts: 48
1/5/08 11:10 A

Better late than never! I NEED to join this motivating group! Working full-time, 2 kids to cart around, DH who works 3rd shift - things just not get done around the house! Here's to making an A+ effort each day! I'll post my results later today!

*MADHU* SparkPoints: (202,874)
Fitness Minutes: (80,985)
Posts: 25,054
1/5/08 6:57 A

I've had fever for past 2 days so :

Jan-4 & Jan-5 : No housework - just bare essentials of cooking & serving.

MIAMIBLUE000 Posts: 282
1/5/08 12:25 A

Put away clean laundry and grocery shopped (nice healthy groceries to boot!)

QUEST4ME Posts: 1,007
1/5/08 12:19 A

Today, I spent 15 minutes moving furniture today. I really wanted to more, but that is all I could bring myself to do.

JFORD12 Posts: 134
1/4/08 10:39 P

Yesterday I put away all my clothes from our trip, made my bed, sorted the laundry, and vacuumed my room. It was so nice to have a clean room.

Today, I put away some things in the office. This room has been neglected since we moved in and really needs to be organized.

BEANSPROUTBARB SparkPoints: (7,581)
Fitness Minutes: (2,036)
Posts: 320
1/4/08 7:55 P

Welcome, MrsGurt!!

Today, I spent my 15 min. tidying our bedroom and putting away videos and dvd's. We are all terrible about leaving a trail of stuff everywhere we go! The place looks better. I also folded laundry, but I hate to use my challenge for that because that's something that has to be done every day, and I'll never get ahead if that is all I do!

Hang in there everyone! Think what good exercise housework is!

MRSGURT Posts: 179
1/4/08 1:50 P

I was just looking for this!!! Seriously I'd already decided that if I couldn't find one I'd start one because I'm desperately in need of this kind of challenge. When my house is cluttered, *I* feel cluttered and I can't concentrate on anything or get anything accomplished. I'm a stay at home mom with a 4 year old son and a 2 year old'd think I'd be able to keep the house clean, being home all day but I think it just makes it harder because they kids are at it ALL day. We also have a couple dozen (okay, 27) rescued resident pets and currently one foster dog so everyone contributes to the chaos around here. I'm gonna have to try to give myself a 15 minute morning burst AND a 15 minute evening burst to try to get my chaotic clutter under control...

But yeah, totally in. I'm so behind from the holidays. I'm not entirely sure whether my husband is at work right now or if I accidentally lost him in the giant laundry hamper that used to be our bedroom...


1/4/08 1:29 P

Hey Everyone,

I went out of town for a few days on the spur of the moment and left my house a disaster. It looks like it has been ransacked! So, I just set my timer for 20 minutes and did the dishes (I didn't even finish - that's how many dishes there were!), set the timer again for 20 minutes and tackled the suitcases and clothes from our trip, set the timer again for 20 minutes and put away some more Christmas decorations. So, that's 60 minutes and it's about lunchtime again and we'll be adding to that pile of dishes again. emoticon

After lunch I think I'll keep setting the timer and attack the dishes, Christmas decorations and laundry or my bedroom.

See you tomorrow!

CELSTI Posts: 69
1/3/08 10:18 P

Wow, everyone is doing so well!

Last night got ready to have new carpet put down in our place, so spent about an hour tidying and picking up belongings/portables and moving them into the bathroom. I cleaned under my bed and found a woollen glove!(it's the middle of summer here emoticon )

Very tempted to divide my cleaning session into 4 parts and tell myself I can now have 4 days off... but no there will be more to do tonight!

Have a great weekend everyone, will post again on Monday. Cheers and keep it up!!

BEANSPROUTBARB SparkPoints: (7,581)
Fitness Minutes: (2,036)
Posts: 320
1/3/08 8:36 P

I swept and mopped the kitchen floor, and got my kids to vacuum the living room during the same 15 minutes.

IMO, cooking is not really housework, but sometimes we need a little nudge to get it done. Since I've been dieting, I can rustle up my own vittles easy. I've been noticing my 3 teenagers scrounging around for bologna or something, and my dh lives on oatmeal, so I definitely need to make an effort in the area of cooking for my beloved family, lol!!!! emoticon

JETTANALA SparkPoints: (22,899)
Fitness Minutes: (3,584)
Posts: 7,048
1/3/08 3:31 A

took down the Christmas tree and vacuumed

DIVEGODDESS Posts: 578,968
1/3/08 2:57 A

I did the dishes (I've never had a dishwasher my whole life) and cleaned and organized the top layer of the refrigerator. It'll take me longer to cleans the whole thing!

GOODLIFE57 Posts: 454
1/3/08 2:52 A

today I did laundry and vacuumed! does washing dishes and cooking count too?

JFORD12 Posts: 134
1/3/08 12:51 A

This sounds awesome! I just moved into a house with no dishwaser in August. I was on top of the dishes for a few weeks and then just stopped. I hate having a messy house. I wanted to start cleaning right before I went to bed every night. I'm in. I've been cleaning today already!

*MADHU* SparkPoints: (202,874)
Fitness Minutes: (80,985)
Posts: 25,054
1/3/08 12:05 A

Jan 2 : I put away clothes, made my gym kit and cleared away other stuff in the evening before logging on to SP.

Jan 3 : I completed all my morning chores (breakfast for everyone), utensils, dusting etc.

BEANSPROUTBARB SparkPoints: (7,581)
Fitness Minutes: (2,036)
Posts: 320
1/2/08 10:12 P

I agree that cooking sometimes ought to count! I did my 15 minutes tidying in the kitchen.

Hang in there, everyone! We'll all have lovely clean houses!

1/2/08 8:46 P

Hi, I love this challenge. Having a cleaner environment helps me think and act cleaner! Thanks for starting this one. Today, I woke up and did my 15 minutes first thing in the morning!

CELSTI Posts: 69
1/2/08 8:36 P

Putting clothes in the washer certainly counts. And I am inclined to think that cooking counts if you're tired!

Yesterday - 15 minutes of picking up, making beds and putting dishes away. My room is still a complete tip (I was looking for something to wear and ended up turning out the shelves all over everything) so I think I will have to devote a bit longer on the weekend to cleaning it up.

QUEST4ME Posts: 1,007
1/2/08 7:26 P

Well, I haven't done any housework challenge other than putting clothes in the washer (but haven't taken them out) and making dinner. I don't really plan to do anything else, either. I know this isn't really any excuse, but it was my first day back to school after Christmas break, and I'm pooped. It was a good day at least!

Celsti - I'm super excited that you started this challenge...and no, you're certainly not alone in being a completely hopeless slob! What I wrote above is a perfect example of my slobines!

*MADHU* SparkPoints: (202,874)
Fitness Minutes: (80,985)
Posts: 25,054
1/2/08 12:57 A

Jan 1 : I put away everything before logging on to the internet.

Jan 2 : I completed my morning chores, dusted & cleared away my room before coming to work

1/1/08 9:17 P

So far, so good. Got lots of laundry done and cleaned out some old yuck from the fridge and freezer.

It feels so good to be productive!

Thanks for a great challenge.

Happy New Year emoticon

QUEST4ME Posts: 1,007
1/1/08 8:01 P

I got my cleaning in today! I spent my time taking care of the big pile of clothes that was on my dresser as well as working on laundry. I can actually see in the mirror on my dresser now! lol

CELSTI Posts: 69
1/1/08 7:58 P

1 January - Yes (dishes/tidy up)

It's very exciting that you have all joined my challenge! Good to know that I am not alone in being a completely hopeless slob - no offence :)

WILLOUGH SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 5
1/1/08 7:51 P

I like the sound of this one. Been a bit lazy over the last few months. Noooooow, where should I start...hehehee

BEANSPROUTBARB SparkPoints: (7,581)
Fitness Minutes: (2,036)
Posts: 320
1/1/08 7:32 P

Had a good little laundry folding and put away session with my dh and dd today. emoticon

DIVEGODDESS Posts: 578,968
1/1/08 7:17 A

Count me in too. I have two 6 month old kitties that make a huge mess and I've been working every day since before Christmas and I haven't had the time to clean but I will commit to 15 minutes a day.

*MADHU* SparkPoints: (202,874)
Fitness Minutes: (80,985)
Posts: 25,054
1/1/08 12:48 A

Count me in ! I usually put away my stuff & everything but for the last 2 months I've been spending way too much time on SP & neglecting my room. I am going to adopt this challenge for January to get back into a good routine.

emoticon Jan 1 - I put away everything & dusted today in the morning for 15 mins (9.15 - 9.30 am) even though I was getting late for the office. But I wanted to start off the year on a right note.

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QUEST4ME Posts: 1,007
12/31/07 10:01 P

Well, today is day number one for me, and I did it! I don't know that I got the whole 15 minutes it, but I did work on stuff that I normally wouldn't. I didn't set the timer because I was doing it as I was getting ready to go out, and I would just find stuff to do as I was getting ready. Hope everyone else has done well today!

BEANSPROUTBARB SparkPoints: (7,581)
Fitness Minutes: (2,036)
Posts: 320
12/31/07 9:30 P

I need this challenge, too! Count me in.

12/31/07 9:10 P

I'm in, too. I used to be little Miss Holly Homemaker--but "used to be" is the operative phrase. When I was pregnant, I "nested" the whole 9+ months, and you could eat off my floors. Well, now, almost 1 year after the baby, you could get lost in my floor under the mounds of baby paraphernalia, dog hair, and random junk that couldn't find a better home. I have a bad habit of letting things like mail, receipts, books, live on my counter for weeks, and have many piles of things that just couldn't find their way to their real location.

I had a little mini breakdown just before the holidays, and did manage to get the downstairs presentable, but it already is almost as bad as it was before. The problem is that I work all day, and about the time I get home is when the baby is ready to be put to bed, so that's not a great time to be making noise.

I can commit to 15 minutes a day, however, and really think it will make a difference in the way my house looks, feels, and operates. I need to clean, but also ORGANIZE--for everything a place, and a place for everything.

Good luck!


12/31/07 5:45 P

You could've just named this the CherryCordial Challenge after me emoticon because it's like you're talking right to me. When I read this I got right up, set the kitchen timer, and focused only on one room so I could see some progress. I ran around and the dog thought I was crazy. I picked up as much as I could in the family room and then got out the vacuum and the room looks significantly better. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction. See you tomorrow.

LG_CHI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (588)
Posts: 191
12/31/07 2:49 P

I can do this one because the baby always makes a mess where ever we are in the house. I've started doing quick cleans just to try to keep the house somewhat organizaed. emoticon

HEATHERG84 Posts: 105
12/31/07 2:36 P

This challenge sounds great!! I'm about to start on it now! Hope everyone has a great day!!

QUEST4ME Posts: 1,007
12/31/07 2:35 P

I'm in! My house is a mess because dh went back to school for two years, so he did most of the cleaning since he was home more. He's been working for several months now, but I can't seem to get back into the swing of cleaning. I'm sure if I do a little bit a day, I'll actually get somewhere, but I need to get off my butt! My plan is to spend 15 minutes when I get home cleaning. I'll set a timer and go to it! I'm going to start today! Thanks for starting this challenge!


CELSTI Posts: 69
12/31/07 2:02 A

I admit I have terrible housework habits. I managed to stay on top of the cleaning for a few weeks back in November and it felt great. I also found that having a tidy house and a tidy kitchen helped me to eat better and stay calmer. Something about a kitchen full of dishes always makes me feel like I have to eat something (and it usually gets eaten with my fingers while I'm standing in front of the open fridge)!

Things have gone back downhill with Christmas chaos, having less time to spend on housework and less energy to pick up after myself or direct a well-earned nag in the direction of other people who make mess.

My challenge is to spend 15 minutes every single day doing some form of housework, whether it's picking up the books I left all over the carpet in a reading binge, washing the dishes, vacuuming or doing some washing. I hope to form a habit that will allow my home to run at some sort of semi-clean level from day to day, rather than the current model of rampant deterioration followed by a desperate marathon of what feels like torture.

I chose 15 minutes because it’s enough time to actually make a difference, yet short enough that it doesn’t seem difficult. I would easily spend 15 minutes doing something like watching TV, painting my nails, or reading a magazine and think nothing of it. In fact, if you split it up, it’s 7.5 minutes in the morning and 7.5 at night, about the same amount of time as making a phone call, looking for clean socks, or checking my email.

So who’s with me? Please post at the end of the week how you went, whether you managed to spend 15 minutes for all 7 days, and what you accomplished.

PS This challenge is not for people who are conscientious about housework. This challenge is for the desperate, the slobs and the people who are constantly at risk of disappearing under a layer of dirty clothes and empty coffee cups. If you wouldn’t dream of going a week without vacuuming, and you know where the window cleaner is kept, you probably don’t need to adopt this challenge.

Let me begin!

December 30 – Yes (dishes, kitchen, put clothes away)
December 31 – Yes (folding clean washing and put away)

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