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9/17/12 7:33 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

9/17/12 7:10 A

emoticon for sharing your words of wisdom and an ACTION PLAN for me to follow!!

I hold this advise dearly and will strive to follow these 2 golden rules!

I hope soon to be at my goal weight however long it takes and it would be with your advise booming through me!

Thank you, Thank You, Thank YOU!

Have a a blessed day!


And for all you GREAT FANTASTIC Sparkies that have taken time to stop by and congratulate me, I wish to emoticon . You have all made this little acomplishment into a GREAT thing! And have given me well-needed motivation to continue working towards my goal!

You guys are all emoticon

Wishing you all lots of courage, strength and SUCCESS achieving your goals! emoticon

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WDWCHICK Posts: 907
9/15/12 11:22 P

Good for you!

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9/15/12 11:38 A

Another thought for you:

Kecia, the Nutrition Tracker helps you lose the weight. The bootcamps sculpt your body. So, as you lose the weight, your new body is gradually revealed. It's a truly amazing process. When you reach your goal, an entire new you will reveal itself. I am not kidding when I say heads will turn. You are beautiful to begin with, so with discipline and a positive attitude, oh, my goodness, you will not believe the successful results you will achieve.

Remember: Nutrition Tracker = weight loss, moderate exercise = sculpted body.

Oh, and by the way, Coach Nicole has a butt blasting 6 minute free video on Sparkpeople that I do everyday. You will have the butt you are looking for if you make this a part of your routine.

All of the above has worked wonders in my life.

Spark On!

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9/15/12 11:29 A

Kecia, this is your moment! Grab hold and don't let go! You will achieve head-turning, jaw-dropping success if you follow this prescription:

1. Track ALL food on the Nutrition Tracker, and consistently stay within the ranges for daily calories, carbs, fat, and protein (that's the key.)

2. Do 30 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of strength exercises 5 days a week. (I did this by doing month long official Sparkpeople bootcamp challenges with Coach Nicole. I recommend the Official 28-Day Bootcamp Challenge if you are a first timer at bootcamps.)

I kid you not, you will achieve unbelievable results by doing #1 and #2. Please believe me, it will happen slowly and steadily and, in the process, your life will completely change. Guaranteed. I speak with authority because I speak from direct experience. Doing #1 and #2 completely has made all the difference in my life.

Spark On!

9/15/12 11:10 A

Good for you. You're an inspiration! Whatever you're doing is working.

9/15/12 9:22 A

Dang girl... Your doing great! Seeing people like you having such great success is so inspiring.... You are so emoticon

9/15/12 9:18 A

Way to go!! Keep up the great work!!!! emoticon

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9/15/12 8:44 A


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9/15/12 6:08 A

I am so glad for you. Just keep on keeping on!

9/14/12 10:54 P

That is so wonderful keep up the great work.

9/14/12 10:13 P

Congrats!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

SCGAALMOM Posts: 232
9/14/12 8:43 P

13 pounds is freaking awesome!! emoticon

9/14/12 2:18 P

I have lost 13 pounds!! Whoop Whoop!!!

Finally finding the rhythm and learning how to pace myself when coming to eating! STill have to beat the weekend splurging that tends to put me 2 steps back and hoping that this weekend will be the START of ending the wkend overeating!

But let's hear a WOO HOO for all of our accomplishments sparkies!!

Blessed weekend to you all!!

Woooooooo Hoooooooooo!!

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