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NHELENE Posts: 1,505
7/17/13 11:09 A

There are a couple of features on Sparkpeople that I think could be really helpful for you.

Someone already suggested using the Sparkpeople meal plans - which are great if you don't have any idea where to start, and can be customised for dietary restrictions, etc.

Use the Nutrition Tracker and make it public - then other users (including the licensed Sparkpeople dieticians) can take a look and give you suggestions if you're not meeting your guidelines, or going way over in certain areas. I personally find that tracking my meals helps me avoid eating junk food.

You mentioned not being able to exercise due to health problems - head over to the Fitness Forum and ask for help. There are some users who have lost a lot of weight using hand bikes and doing other low impact exercises.

In general, try to think about "improving your lifestyle" over losing weight. If you're eating within your range of calories, and eating healthy foods, the weight loss will follow.

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7/17/13 10:39 A

Thanks Kris. That was a lot of help. Looks like I have my day planned looking around on here more and making a few phone calls.. My diabetes is under control. Somehow, I managed to get my A1C down from an 8 to to 6. It still goes up and down when I test, but trying to manage that too.. My head is spinning. ha ha...

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7/17/13 10:35 A

Thanks. I will look them up and the skewers sound like an excellent idea...

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7/17/13 10:34 A

Oh, thanks. I will do that

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7/17/13 10:33 A

Thanks for the advice. Appreciate it.

BEULAHSMOM SparkPoints: (153)
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7/17/13 10:32 A

Thank you. I will be checking it out.

BEULAHSMOM SparkPoints: (153)
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7/17/13 10:31 A

Thank you for the encouragement. I did cancel the appointment but have called and made another one for next week. Thank you.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (253,924)
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7/17/13 12:54 A

It sounds like 1200 calories is a VERY low diet to put someone with 100lb to lose. Are you able to phone a hospital and ask to talk with a Dietitian and tell them your requirements? I have done this a couple times and was given the information I needed. Does a local hospital or Community group have access to a free Dietitian? Also, your comment that you don't want to go back to him if you can't lose weight, is kinda around the wrong way. That indicates that you need even MORE help. Has your Doctor got a nurse with Dietetic qualifications who can help you. I note that you are on a Diabetes team, so really, you SHOULD be getting more help than just ' lose weight and eat 1200 calories'

My Dietitian put me on a 1400 calorie diet - no range. The weight came off slowly, but it did come off. I have been maintaining for nearly 3 years now. My exercise is limited because of Arthritis of the Spine and Scoliosis - and I have a fair bit of Sciatica problems, too :-( The bulk of my exercise is walking - IN my own home. I put all of my groceries and laundry away one at a time ..... every little helps :-) I have it folded one end of the house, and most of it goes the other end. You may find you are able to do some chair exercises - talk to your Dr about what he would suggest you do, and what would be best steered away from. If you can afford it, ask for a referral to a Physiotherapist to help you learn how to do appropriate exercises safely.

It sounds like you will need to bulk your meals/snacks up with low-calorie fruits/veges to help you feel full, but don't neglect the healthy fats or lean protein. Make sure that you weigh all of your food for increased accuracy and make very good use of the Nutrition Tracker, to enable you to hit the various ranges. You might also find it helpful to drop the calories in smaller increments - I had to drop mine by a mere 50 cal's and allow my body to get used to the change because when I tried dropping suddenly (and only about 400 calories daily) I suffered with extreme nausea, light-headedness, and hunger pain - even being woken in the middle of the night with it.

Good luck,

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7/17/13 12:46 A

Greek yogurt, Daisy Light cottage cheese, egg whites, things that incorporate veggies like chicken kabob skewers with mushrooms, onions, peppers, etc. Add some turkey for breakfast omelets. Tea promotes a feeling of fullness. I have a much fruit as I want and have started blending spinach with almond milk and strawberries/bananas/misc.

These are my go to foods, hopefully something helps. SP does have meal planning out the wazoo. :)

NSMANN Posts: 981
7/16/13 11:57 P

Look at the Spark People nutrition tracker. It has meal ideas filled in for you already for each day, include recipes to try for dinner.

HARVESTER54 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/16/13 10:52 P

I'm keeping my cal at 1200-1500 and am satisfied most days. Here are some sugestions, they will take some time to get used to but well worth it.
1)Pre plan meals and snacks
2)make as many home made meals as possible.
3) learn how to cut the fat and sugars. Spark People recipes are very helpful Even with them, there are ways to cut fat
4) LOVE your vegies!! Farmers mkt has wonderful vegies. There are also some great cooking challenges on this site.
5) KEEP the stuff that you binge on OUT OF THE HOUSE!
6)Think whole grains, fresh fruit rather than juice,brown rice ect
7)eat a large salad before your meals, or as a meal, but watch that dressing very closely

Best wishes.

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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
7/16/13 10:50 P

you can also using the spark meal plans for ideas

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
7/16/13 9:59 P

"if I don't lose weight I don't want to go back."

Please do go back, no matter what happens. I know there's a shame and humiliation factor involved when we "fail" but you are too important to let this keep you from accessing proper medical care. If you don't lose, or lose less than you had hoped, use the return visit as an opportunity to ask for a referral to a registered dietitian or nutritionist, someone you can work one-on-one with to develop healthful, sustaining and satisfying meals. And/or to a counselor, someone you could talk to and work with to get to the root of your overeating. Now - if your doctor is one of those low-bedside-manner judgemental eye-rolling types, then use this time as your opportunity to shop around for a different doctor who you have a better comfort level with.

But don't not-go because you are embarassed with your weight loss results! It's HARD and it takes people awhile, and multiple false-starts and re-starts sometimes, to really get into the swing of it. Any decent doctor out there will understand and empathize with the fact that there's a LOT more to it than "just don't eat so much."

Now that said - 1200, is pretty low. I realize you are trying to lose 100-ish pounds - so am I! And I realize you would prefer to do it as quickly as possible - me too! And you're faced with doing it without exercising - well, I never exercised in the beginning either, it helps but really is not REQUIRED. You don't have to go down to 1200 to achieve weight loss. I have lost 50# since January 5th eating within the 1200-1550 range.... and I'll tell you something, that extra 300 calories some days? Makes all the difference between agonizing denial and comfortable sacrifice some days! Other people worked their way slowly down towards the 1200-1550 range... moving from 3000+ calories/day down to 2000, then down to 1800, then down to 1500..... that might be more tolerable for you than a cold-turkey approach.

As far as "how" to cut calories? Best advice is to ditch the packaged snacks (chips, cookies, candy, cake, donuts, pop). Beyond that, the Spark nutrition tracker can be very helpful as you learn to build a healthful menu. Most of us when we first start tracking notice quickly that we consume WAY too many carbs, particularly starchy/refined carbs (bread, french fries, chips, donuts). This often comes at the expense of nutritious foods like complex carbs (veggies, whole grains, beans and legumes) and protein. You might find it helpful to look at your "diet" in a "what CAN/SHOULD i have?" sort of way... do you need protein? What CAN you eat that will help fulfil this requirement? Calcium? What's good for that? Focus on GIVING yourself what your body needs. This is quite different thinking than the typical diet mentality which is all focused on what we CAN'T have. Meet your body's nutritional needs first... and you may find that you are satisfied enough that you don't get the insatiable cravings for the "junk."

Habit and boredom and stress are big contributing factors to junk-food-consumption. You may find it easier to adapt to a new food regime if you add some new activities in to your life as well. They don't have to be physical - it can be something as easy and accessible as "spending time on Sparkpeople" reading articles, forums, recipes.....

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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7/16/13 9:57 P

This blog has some great ideas. She is currently doing a series about putting her mom on a weight loss plan, and is showing what those meal plans are. She also did this where she showed what a day's worth of 1200 calories looks like... she also did them for other calorie amounts like 1500, 1800, etc.

BEULAHSMOM SparkPoints: (153)
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7/16/13 9:48 P

Thank you. My insurance won't cover it so I am on my own...

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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7/16/13 9:41 P

If your Doctor is the one recommending this for you, please ask him/her for a referral to a Registered Dietitian.

An RD will be able to help you establish a well balanced meal plan.

With that being said, I would first start by increasing your intake of veggies.

BEULAHSMOM SparkPoints: (153)
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7/16/13 9:34 P

When I went to the doctors he wants me on a 1200 calorie diet. I am well aware of portion sizes (just can't control them) and I need menu ideas to keep within this please. I have to go back to him and if I don't lose weight I don't want to go back.

I can't exercise due to back and sciatica problems. I need to lose over 100 pounds and have just turned 60. I am a widow and so you would think just being me it would be easier, but I find it harder. It's easier to turn to a bag of chips for the day. I am trying and wanting to change. Any help would be SO appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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