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65EAGLES Posts: 4
8/23/09 9:57 A

I'm in.
I start today at 183.6.
I weigh in on Sundays.

TOPS2KOPSVILLE SparkPoints: (148,807)
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Posts: 23,835
8/23/09 9:40 A

I started this 2 times and forget about it. This time I will finish it and with a loss.

thursdays are my weigh in day.
Starting Weight: 232.8 lbs.
New Starting Weight: 228.4 August 20
Starting Date August 27

Week 1:
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 5:
Week 6:
Week 7:
Week 8:
Week 9:
Week 10:
Week 11:
Week 12:
Total for 12 weeks

1 week goal
Watch portions
No after dinner snacking.

GETTNFIT39 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 229
8/21/09 8:53 A

I'm in!!! I'll begin on 08/23/2009. I'm going to need all the support I can get.

MSDEE01 Posts: 5
8/20/09 9:52 P

I would like to join this challenge. I have been exercising for a month and cut back calories and have not lost a pound!! Please HELP!

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TINALEX61 SparkPoints: (634)
Fitness Minutes: (3,051)
Posts: 743
8/20/09 4:43 P

I'd like to join, I lost 2 lbs. this week. I weigh in on Monday's

KASSIE1820 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 65
8/20/09 3:23 P

I'm in!

8/20/09 3:08 P

I would like to join this challenge.

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GETTNFIT39 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,656)
Posts: 229
8/20/09 2:47 P

I'd like to join. Can we start at the beginning of September?

KISHA723 Posts: 868
8/20/09 1:51 P

I'd like to join. 2lbs a week is my goal. I loss 2lbs this week (I weigh in on Thursdays), and it felt great!

8/20/09 11:08 A

Come on....join in!!! It's all about..."work at your own pace"!! I just joined last week. The 12 weeks is on-going...yours just starts NOW!!! Keep up the good work!

CWYNN01 Posts: 8,795
8/20/09 7:59 A

Happy Thursday GORGEOUS DIVA’S!

Well Diva’s the week is almost over & with every day we try to make it better! Sometimes what we are hoping for doesn’t happen because we get distracted with life & things get in our way. However, with Failure it gives you an Opportunity to Begin AGAIN and allows you to see where you went wrong & what you can do to make it right to Succeed.

This weight loss battle is like being in the Bering Rough Seas & the Clashing Turbulent Waves are just Pounding against our ships & sometimes our ship sinks but there is always a life raft on that Ship waiting to rescue us but WE have to reach out & GET ON. The raft is there to make sure we don’t sink!! So I guess what I am saying to you Diva’s is that sometimes you have to HOLD ON & DIG DEEP even when the Waves of RELATIONSHIPS, the Waves of WORK & the Waves of LIFE are pounding against you-HOLD ON!


“If you feel you are at the Boat is about to sink, then You hang onto to that Life Raft with all of your Might & Don’t you Give up & Don’t Let Go, I REFUSE to LET ANY OF YOU SINK!!”


MOMALI679 Posts: 45
8/19/09 11:44 A

Is it too late to join this challenge? I'd love a little support and 2lbs a week was actually my goal :)

CWYNN01 Posts: 8,795
8/19/09 7:45 A

Happy Hump-Day Vibrant, Sexy Diva's!!!

Well it's Wednesday & we are mid-way thru another week on our journey!!! I have to admit this week has been a little rough for me b/c it's been that TOM & want to just lay down & do nothing! However, I told myself that there are NO excuses allowed today. So I set my alarm clock for 5:30 a.m. to get in my abs & weights workout! I feel so Exhilarated right now & proud that I did not make excuses for just laying in the bed! I know that if I want to see that scale drop or see the inches to continue to go down that I have to KEEP THIS DIVA BODY MOVING!!!! So I say to all you Beautiful Diva's- Get Moving & Keep eating Healthy, no Room for Excuses here!


*Large Meat lover’s Pizza: Price $12.99

*Medium Fries from McDonald’s: Price $1.89

*Fitting into that HOT SEXY GOAL DRESS or getting into those New Jeans WITHOUT having to hold your breath: NOW THAT’S PRICELESS!!!!



CWYNN01 Posts: 8,795
8/18/09 8:15 A

Good Morning SMOKING HOT DIVA’S!!!!

You know yesterday as I was working out & I was thinking as I was looking at everyone in the gym. I was like you know what I have 2 OPTIONS! OPTION 1- is I can stay overweight & continue to gain weight and do nothing. Because that’s what most studies show, those who don’t make health their priority will be more likely to gain 7-10 pounds per year! The way I see it in 5 years if I gained 7 pounds a year then I would weigh 230 pounds & that is pretty scary to me b/c I don’t ever want to be there. So that brings me to OPTION 2 which is to lose this weight & continue to lead a healthy life after I lose weight.

In 5 years I don’t want to be in the same place, still saying “I am going to lose this weight” and thinking about the extra weight I put on & how I wish I would’ve lost the weight in 2009.


“Which OPTION are you going to take in YOUR LIFE? Will you sit around and do nothing & just keep gaining or will you decide to Make a Change & Lose that Weight? “

Diva’s Have a Sexy, Healthy Day!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

8/17/09 2:55 P

Wow, 4#'s in a week, good for you. I am jealous. ha ha just kidding. But I do know why I don't do the same, it is because I don't always follow the plan. If I did maybe then I could lose more than I do. I did lose 4#'s last month. And now I have maintained that, so I am happy.
I weighed this morning and stayed the same as last week. (151) I will take it, and try harder this week. Maybe it will be the charm for me.
You are an inspiration to us all, keep up the good work.

8/17/09 11:42 A

Off to a rough start!

Wow! Tough first weekend! Weekends are my downfall! I will "ramp up" my exercise and really watch my calories....."Two pounds by Friday!" :)

CWYNN01 Posts: 8,795
8/17/09 8:15 A


Well the weekend is over & I hope each of you BEAUTIFUL Diva’s had an amazing healthy weekend!! We only have 2 weeks left in August & if you haven’t seen the results you want, than it’s time to STEP up YOUR GAME!!!! You got to really take a look at that food journal & that exercise you have been putting in & figure out how we are going to make THIS WEEK better than last week! We can’t change the PAST but we can Change the FUTURE!

Embrace EVERY PART OF YOU, even Your Diva Rolls (my new word for~ fat rolls) emoticon


So if you have been seeing results on the scale or from your clothes, then I say KUDOS to you DIVA!!! Keep up the great work & NEVER doubt the Potential YOU HAVE!!!


“You don’t need NO Pills, NO Special Diet to lose that weight or Surgery; you just need PORTION CONTROL & Consistent Hard Cardio & Strength Training!!! Get that body in MOTION TODAY DIVA’S!!!”

Have a Healthy, Sexy Productive Monday Diva's!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

GLORYLIGHT57 Posts: 10,828
8/15/09 12:16 P

Hi Linda...thanks for the comment...I appreciate it. Please review my nutrition and fitness tracker; I have it posted for all to see.

Two pounds a week is a healthy weight loss; I lost more this week because I fasted two days this week. There were weeks when I didn't lose any weight; but I kept to my plan and pushed on.

You are doing a remarkable job with your exercise; I am sure you are seeing and feeling some of the benefits. Weight loss is a small part of living healthy. The weight will come off; it does not always happen when we want it to. Keep doing the right things and you will succeed.

RAINBOW123 Posts: 772
8/15/09 11:29 A

GLORYLIGHT57 that is an awsome weight loss. I can only hope that I can also lose 2 pounds a week. I do not know how you do it but you are an insperation to me. I really would love to be able to lose 2 pounds a week because then I can get to my goal alittle sooner. I know that there are some weeks that I am not going to have the 2 pounds off like I really want to but I am going to work really hard so atleast I do not have to go up the scale ever again it would be great to have consistance weight loss like I did the last time with sparkpeople. What kind of exercise do you do everyday? I get on the elliptical and workout atleast an hour everyday but it dose not seem to burn enough in a week to get 2 pounds off escpecially with the calories I have to eat.

L.E.KLOHE Posts: 27
8/15/09 10:36 A

I am going to start this challenge today! I will be weighing in every Saturday morning.
8/14-0 lbs lost
total loss:
Goal loss: 20 lbs!

GLORYLIGHT57 Posts: 10,828
8/15/09 10:04 A

emoticon I am happy to report that I lost 4 pounds this week. I believe August is my month to shine. emoticon

GLORYLIGHT57 Posts: 10,828
8/15/09 10:03 A

Moved emoticon

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8/14/09 11:02 A

I am joining...YES!~!! Starting today! I have been needing something to motivate me!! This is SO perfect...exactly 12 weeks til Hawaii!!

8/14 193.5 emoticon
8/21 -2.5
8/28 +/- 0
9/4 -1
9/11 +/- 0
9/18 + .5
10/5 -1.5
10/9 -1
Goal =
11/7 Leave for Hawaii!! emoticon

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RAINBOW123 Posts: 772
8/14/09 9:49 A

I know that I am alittle of from all of your times that you weigh in but I would also like to join in on this challange I could stand to lose 2 pounds a week and that will get me alot closer to my goal. Atleast the first one anyway.
I weigh in every Friday.

total loss:
Goal loss:187.6

GLORYLIGHT57 Posts: 10,828
8/14/09 9:32 A

I totally disagree with Shannon; two pounds a week is by no way a classified as rapid weight loss.

The purpose of this thread is to post your weight loss goals for the 12-Week Challenge. If you aren't doing that; please stop posting as you are breaking up the flow.

SHANNONSTILLS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (114,314)
Posts: 3,407
8/14/09 9:03 A

2 pounds/week is a little rapid.

Please ensure you are healthy first.

CWYNN01 Posts: 8,795
8/14/09 8:00 A


This week seem to accelerate very rapidly for me for some reason!!! Overall, this has been a great week for me with my eating & I am extremely proud of myself!!

Okay, so Diva’s if you have been struggling this week then I say it’s the weekend now & you need to really focus on what plan you need to come up with for next week & stick with it! It is NOW or NEVER, or you will be here in this same place next August 2010. Do you really want to be at the same place next August still talking about “I need to lose this weight once & for all?” How about we go ahead & get this weight off now that way next year we are focusing on maintaining our weight loss & leading a healthy life!! So I know you have it in you Diva’s, no more excuses on why the scale isn’t moving b/c I know why the scale stopped moving for me. Mine was due to evening excessive snacking on different things that added up extra calories.

I would find myself looking for something to snack on before & after dinner ~ chips, cookies, and cereal, etc.!! I thought it was okay to eat 3 cookies, then 20 chips & 2 bowls of cereal b/c I had just worked out for 45 minutes but I pretty much just countered my workout with eating unhealthy every night!! So I had to pin point what I was doing to sabotage my own success & had to decide was I going to stop sabotaging myself? Is there something you are doing to sabotage yourself?


“So decide to UPLIFT your Body with CONSISTENT Healthy Eating & Exercise!!!! ~ SABOTING SELF+ NO CONSISTENCY= NO RESULTS!!!”

Have a Healthy, Sexy Weekend Diva's!!!

CWYNN01 Posts: 8,795
8/13/09 9:59 A

Good Morning GORGEOUS DIVA’S!!!!

Okay so how many of us say, I just can’t find the motivation or I need someone to give me some motivation!! I just wish I could do what they were doing; I wish I could lose weight like them. Or I am sick & tired of being sick & tired!! So I ask you ~ Are you sick & tired of wearing girdles, Spanx or body shapers? Are sick & tired of shopping in the plus size section or woman’s world section? Are you sick & tired of staying in the house- not going out with friend’s b/c you are ashamed or can’t find any cute clothes in your size to party in? Are you sick & tired of not being able to play with your kids without being out of breath? Are you sick & tired of saying “My New Year’s Resolution is to Lose Weight- 10 lbs or 100 lbs” or “I am going to start on tomorrow” or “I am going to do this next year?”

Well if you answered yes to any of those, then you have YOUR own Motivation!!! You have all that you need to get going!! Because the truth is that my friends can’t put me on the elliptical & make my legs move ONLY I CAN DO IT!! My friends can’t EAT those cookies for me or that cake for me ONLY I CAN, so ONLY I CAN DECIDE WHEN ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! So Diva’s look within & find your motivation & keep on GOING!!!


“Are you TRULY Sick & Tired, Then More Sick & Tired, Sick & Tired Again and if Yes, then when are you going to make a TRUE CHANGE???”

emoticon emoticon emoticon

GLORYLIGHT57 Posts: 10,828
8/12/09 2:25 P

We look forward to sharing your progress and cheering you on to success. Welcome to SparkPeople.
emoticon emoticon

8/12/09 2:18 P

I would love to join your challenge, you all seem so inspiring... :) I just started and guessed at my inital weight to fill in the initial stats for the website. Monday will be my official weigh in day and I will make any adjustments then. 12 weeks at 2x week should get me to my goal and does seem attainable. I love that you log in all the activity and stuff. It should be fun and I hope I can inspire some people too.

CWYNN01 Posts: 8,795
8/12/09 7:29 A

Happy Hump-Day VIVACIOUS Diva's!!


I mean I could accept being 197 lbs or I could accept being in a size 14. I could accept the fact that my thighs rub together when I walk, I could accept that I am winded when I got up a flight up steps, or I could accept that I am addicted to sweets! I could accept that I am overweight and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! I say this because WE all have things in our lives that we could accept but I WON’T ACCEPT being a size 14 anymore, I won’t accept my thighs rubbing together and I WILL make the changes Necessary to change these thing in my life and make a way for a Healthy me.

I REFUSE to accept living the rest of my life being unhealthy & overweight! Now I still LOVE THE BEAUTIFUL Diva I am, even with my thighs rubbing or being 197 lbs but TODAY I will focus on changing myself 1 step at a time! I ACCEPT being a Healthier Mother, Friend and Woman!! No more putting it off for TOMORROW but how about TODAY???

So I ask you “COULD YOU ACCEPT IT….?”


“There is NO TOMORROW but ONLY TODAY because once YOU pile up enough TOMORROWS you will see that you’ve collected A LOT of EMPTY YESTERDAYS!! So Diva’s Make the Most of YOUR TODAY and worry about TOMORROW ON TOMORROW!!!”

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

8/11/09 9:34 A

Yes! I will be doing 30 days Shred along with Slim in 6 for the first 6 weeks, then I will be doing P 90X after six week! I hope to kick 2 lbs a week

CWYNN01 Posts: 8,795
8/11/09 8:00 A

Happy Tuesday Beautiful Diva’s!!! emoticon

So it’s a New day & today was not promised to any of us but here we are alive & on Spark! So I ask you to be thankful for this day b/c someone who thought they were going to have plans for today, did not have the blessing of being here with us. So I ask you “HOW WILL YOU MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR DAY?” Think Positive today because after all we BECOME WHAT WE THINK WE ARE!!!

So I know that I am a Sexy, Hot & Fierce Diva & EACH OF YOU are also!!! So unlock your Sexiness & all of your Beautifulness today!!!


“CHERISH everyday as if it was your LAST DAY! How can YOU help to YOUR self today- Mentally, Emotionally & Physically?”

Have a Wonderful, Healthy & Sexy Day Diva’s!!!!


GLORYLIGHT57 Posts: 10,828
8/10/09 9:09 P

Annie emoticon on your weight loss!

GLORYLIGHT57 Posts: 10,828
8/10/09 9:09 P

Hello my friend...this is another self-paced challenge. It's ongoing this is my third 12 week challenge. Jump right in...we are glad to have you.

CHUBER1 Posts: 2
8/10/09 6:28 P

I am new to SparkPeople. Is it to late to join this challenge, how do I join?

8/10/09 5:01 P

I weighed in this morning and lost 1#. I did not think I had had a very good week. Guess it wasn't as bad as I thought. Hopefully I will continue to stay on the plan.

SW = 153 for Aug.
CW = 151
WL = 2#'s

CWYNN01 Posts: 8,795
8/9/09 12:11 P

Thanks!! I will join in!

GLORYLIGHT57 Posts: 10,828
8/9/09 12:04 P

Hello my friend...this is another self-paced challenge. It's ongoing this is my third 12 week challenge. Jump right in...we are glad to have you.

CWYNN01 Posts: 8,795
8/9/09 11:42 A

When does the 12 week challenge end? I wanted to join this group but don't know if it's too late. Please let me know if I can still join.


GLORYLIGHT57 Posts: 10,828
8/9/09 10:03 A

I believe we all have our moments when we just aren't motivated to do what we have been doing to get healthy. I think that's when the POWER of SparkPeople really comes into play. I know I would never had lost 45 pounds on my own...I don't always follow my plan; I have had a few setbacks doing my nine months on SparkPeople. The difference is that I have support and motivation and encouragement and I have the opportunity to give the same to someone everyday and for that I am blessed.
I say feel the funk; but do what you gotta do to reach your goals. We can do this.

8/8/09 11:38 P

I am so glad to see that you are doing so good. For some reason, I don't have the motivation I once had. And can't seem to get back to really working at this weight loss plan. I know I just have to make up my mind to get busy again and get with the plan. I need to do better as I sure don't want to gain any of those #'s back again.

GLORYLIGHT57 Posts: 10,828
8/8/09 11:13 A

Today is a good day for me...I dropped two more pounds for a total of 45 pounds lost on SparkPeople. emoticon

GLORYLIGHT57 Posts: 10,828
8/8/09 11:11 A


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GLORYLIGHT57 Posts: 10,828
8/3/09 11:39 P

Oh...the mighty, dreary scale... I am only going to weight myself once a week; my day is Saturday. I am focusing on the things I have control over. I know I will get there; but I don't want the scale to be a daily part of my life. Too much stress for me.

That's great that you are getting near to a weight that is close to your wedding day weight.

8/3/09 9:30 P

I weighed in this morning. (Mon 8-3) and I am 1# up from last week. Can't have that happen to often. I will try to do better this week.

8/1/09 10:18 P

Good for you on being so close to your goal.
I also am close, but struggling to lose those last two #'s. Then I will be down to 150. Haven't been that no. for a long time. If I remember right that is what I weighed when I was married, many years ago.

GLORYLIGHT57 Posts: 10,828
8/1/09 6:32 P

I hard the hardest time with weight loss during the month of July; I have got to step things up in August.
Only four more weeks until this challenge ends. I would love to lose ten pounds this month. Looks like I am going to have a few more 12 week challenges before I reach my goal weight. Oh well; so is life.

Seven pounds away from losing 50 pounds. WOW!!! I really have come a long way.

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GLORYLIGHT57 Posts: 10,828
8/1/09 6:28 P

Moved emoticon

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7/31/09 3:06 P

I am still at 152, the same as last week. But I am happy with the 4#'s I did lose this month. Hopefully you WILL get to see less of me next month. :-)
Those last two pounds are not coming off very easy. In fact, this whole weight loss has been a real struggle. You would think, for all the big changes I have made since the start, the pounds would come off quickly. But not so.
Each day is a new beginning for me. And I will keep trying.

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