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7/1/13 2:31 P

Obviously dietician Becky is correct. That being said, if you are mentioning your flexibility, I highly recommend you adding yoga or pilates to your routines, because you should gain flexibility with your muscle.

6/30/13 7:23 P

Gaining weight can be even more difficult than losing weight.
I would first suggest that you work with a good personal trainer. I would suggest you ask about their degree and certification.

Set your program up at Sparkpeople and indicate zero weight loss. Set your fitness program up as well as directed by your trainer. Then look at your calorie range. This is the calorie range to maintain your current weight. Add about 250 calories to this daily range, to gain about 1/2 pound a week. Stay within your ranges for fat, protein and carbs. Also look at your Sparkpeople meal plans---this will give you good ideas of food selections.

How tall are you and what is your age? Do you know your percentage body fat?

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6/30/13 7:11 P

Hi I'd like to gain lean muscle mass and be super ripped, right now I'm skinny no real belly I'd say just super skinny.

Basically I want bigger arms for the most part and chest, not so sure about the legs. My body is a bit tight so squats and deadlifts well I don't think I can be that flexible at least for the squats. I don't want to risk injury.

What diet should I go for to gain this weight?
Are burgers okay(pre-made or if I make them out of those ground beef you buy then make them myself?)
What other options oatmeal any good?
How many calories should be getting

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