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11/1/12 7:26 P

Happy November!

As much as I love warm weather, the next two months are the best time of the year! November and December bring family, friends fun and food all together to celebrate the best things in life!

What are your goals and strategies for this time of year? Please share your thoughts about what you are thankful for and how you will strive to maintain or improve it!

As for me: I am thankful for my health and my family and friends and I plan to maintain my weight and continue my exercise regimen through the holidays as much as possible. I give myself permission to take a few exercise days off during the week if it means spending time with friends to celebrate the season. If I can make up the time, great! Otherwise getting back on schedule the following week will work well.

I also give myself permission to try new foods and eat a bit differently than I would normally choose with the goal being a good balance of nutrition and fun :-)

My overall goal is to maintain my weight though I may alter my fitness schedule and vary my nutrition a bit more than I normally would during other times of the year.

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