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9/14/12 3:17 P

Great job! I also love ice cream. I enjoyed reading about your success. I'm not sure I could leave the ice cream alone. Again good for you! Thank you for sharing your success!

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9/14/12 11:22 A

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and suggestions!

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9/14/12 11:05 A

I can't bring anything into my home at all that has sugar in it and over the last year I was able to admit that I am a sugar junkie/addict. That realization and admission took years in coming but once I said it I felt better.

Hopefully next time if someone needs a fridge you can either not offer to store sugar for them or say that you can't because you are afraid you'll eat it. You'd be surprised how empowering that truth can be.


In time, you'll be ok with having a wee bit here and there and it sounds like you did just that, kudos to you!!!! And when you felt worried you'd have more, you reached out. I'd say pat yourself on the back. Job well done!

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9/14/12 12:09 A

Good job walking away and posting to distract you. Might I suggest having some sweet herbal tea in the future? I usually have some peppermint before I go to bed and its lovely.

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9/13/12 10:39 P

It is 10:30 at night and I really want to make myself an ice cream cone. The only reason why I have ice cream in the fridge is because I offered to help out my small group in bringing ice cream. The host of the group couldn't keep the ice cream because their fridge was broken so I ended up taking it home. I have already had two small spoonfuls but have made myself put the 2L bucket back into the fridge!

I hope by writing this post that I can distract myself long enough so that the craving passes...I am not hungry. That chocolate ice cream is really good. Okay I feel better already. Thanks for reading!

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