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3/22/13 11:16 A

quick update.

6 kg of my set target for 9 days time

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3/14/13 7:15 P

It is brave to realize that we can do better than we ever thought we could. Your new self-confidence from your successes have allowed you to realize that you can do more than your dreamed when you first started.


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3/14/13 5:18 P

thank you for all your kind words

3/14/13 8:14 A

Great post! Congrats !! That is great!

3/13/13 11:10 P

I am proud for you. What a long way you have come!

3/13/13 11:53 A


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3/13/13 9:40 A


3/12/13 3:05 P

That is just awesome.

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3/12/13 12:40 P

Excellent work!

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3/12/13 12:07 P

Thank you all for your comments

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3/12/13 10:18 A


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3/12/13 9:55 A

I have a question, I was reading your nutrition, are you putting everything down that you eat? Looks like you eat under 800 calories every day and you exercise your booty off. Is that correct? I have been told that going under 1200 wasn't good. I was falling below, but ppl told me to pick it up. Just curious.

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3/12/13 9:51 A

Congrats! That is a great accomplishment :) Keep up the good work!

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3/12/13 9:47 A


my WOOHOO moment or another one was having the courage and desire to change my overall weight loss goal to be less which increases my lbs to go to 45.

THis will be a total of 154lbs or 11 stone.. which i will have earned each and everyone of through hours and hours of exercise and hundreds of right choices made when it comes to food (A few bad ones aswell but we all lapse)

Once lost this last 45lbs that will take me to just over 13stone. or 186 lbs.. which will be ligtest i have been since i was about 14 and started weight lifting and playing football/soccer.

I will now not be posting until i reach my next mini target which has been set for the end of the month and that is to be 94kgs which is 11kgs total. This is allot in 21days but i am carrying a few kg's of excess food and liquid after my weekend blow out.. So i believe its reachable..

I hope everyone is continuing to stay focused and make the right choices for yourself..

If i can do it anyone can, 24.4 stone is extremely obese and i refused the option of Gastric Band as i wanted to earn my weight loss as i hope the journey is the reason i will keep the weight off.

Good luck each and everyone of you on your journey.

Sorry if anything is incorrectly spelt or not making complete sense.
I am at work but thought i should throw a quick post that ended up a little longer.

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