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8/30/12 7:57 P

It is important to check the servings size, but this is with all food comparisons.

Regarding the fiber amount; yes this is probably an added fiber like inulin or chicory root. Research is currently investigating if this "added fiber" is as beneficial as natural fiber in foods. I imagine that there is also some sort of protein powder added to boost protein (whey or soy protein in the ingredient list??)

Neither of these products is dangerous.
Since the original poster was most concerned about calorie and carb intake (not trying to boost fiber or protein), I suggest to him that he go with the lower calorie version.

Dietitian Becky

8/30/12 6:27 P

Personally, I choose to avoid highly processed/supplemental foods. What is the serving size difference (in grams)? The low carb/high fiber ones I have seen are usually very thin. Also, a lot of high fiber products are supplemented with fiber that isn't even healthy and can't even be digested the same way that natural fiber does.

I guess it comes down to whether you want to focus on the nutritional numbers, or on how processed the food is.

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8/30/12 6:07 P

Have you tasted the low carb ones yet? Before you decide, you should do that. They're.... different. For me, they worked out OK for enchiladas because they were cooked and had sauce etc, but eating them by themselves or as part of a quesadilla, they didn't work for me. I guess that's another way to eat less of them though, if they're weird you'll eat less LOL

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8/30/12 5:44 P

@becky thanks. That's what I was thinking as well. I was just wondering if there were any red flags about the perhaps non-natural fiber they add or whatever they do to it. If you don't think so, that's good enough for me.

8/30/12 4:55 P

You can make either one "fit" your calorie and nutrition needs; but from your description it sounds like the one that would fit your needs the best and easiest would be the lower calorie, lower carb, higher fiber/protein variety.
Hope they are tasty.

SP Dietitian Becky

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8/30/12 4:51 P

I have found that in my struggle to reduce carb cravings, it is better to ditch wheat altogether. I still eat corn tortillas from time to time, and they work better for me. When I enjoy Mexican food, I eat fajitas with real avocado and tomatoes, and some really great home-made hot sauce, and maybe only one corn tortilla. I found the low carb tortillas to be just as addictive as regular ww tortillas.

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8/30/12 4:25 P

I love tortillas, but which one is better for me? I really struggle keeping my carbs down each day and the fact that the low carb one also frees up calories for other stuff is nice.

The low carb one has 70 calories, 2g fat, 17g carbs, 12g fiber and 8g protein which sounds awesome. It even has whole wheat flour as the #1 ingredient, but enriched flour is also on there.

100% whole wheat tortilla has 130 cals, 3g fat, 22g carbs, 3g fiber, and 4g protein.

Nutritional info wise, the low carb one looks better, mainly off the fact that it has more protein and therefore for eating a bread like object, it doesn't throw off my ratios as much, but I'm wondering if its made with crappier stuff so that I would be better going whole wheat with more carbs and less protein. I just love eating carbs, (oatmeal, cereal, rice, pasta, bread, crackers you name it. Main reason I got fat in the first place) So if I can have this "low carb, high fiber version" and leave more room in my day for other carbs, especailly fruit, the better

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