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1/3/11 4:31 A

This was a hilarious read through...a lot sounded familiar to what I've observed.

Here's a couple to add to the mix:

1 - When watching TV w/ headphones, hollering loudly & moaning & carrying on --like I care a snap what "your" team is doing!

2 - While working out on the treadmill right next to me, having an extended conversation loudly on your bluetooth.

3 - Just happened...while working out on the treadmill next to me, your friend or acquaintance comes up, leans on your treadmill & mine & loudly shares everything that happened over Christmas holiday. (give me a break! total strangers!)

4 - Having a woman working out on weights w/ a g-string showing 2 inches above her work-out pants. YUCK!!!

5 - I won't even get into what one sees in the dressing room..........

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1/3/11 2:43 A

I don't mind other women walking out efter a shower or sauna with nothing on. A changing room right- just don't start up a conversation in front of me without a tread on.. emoticon

Or bowl me over with your ass with panties on that are so obsene they A rated even at home, squeezing in to that 25 millimeter spot between me and the next lady whom needs space to turn around.. Your bum nearly flattened me down to the floor..

Why are you using 3 bras? The sport bra is invented, don't hide in the corner look around you may see a product you think fits you and purchase a easy way to protect the sisters from bounce..

I have had 100dd's I know the value of the correct bra sister!

I went out did my workout you had a shower, on return your still painting your face with all that gear- Ashame the body doesn't look at great as your face.. Perhaps 30 minutes cardio and less talking to your mates?

I just want a flipping 3lb dumbbell to do my rotator warm up- quite standing up against the weight rack to look in the mirror and avoid trying to bash my teeth out grabbing the gear..

Hey mom, great to see you and the 5 kids at the gym, why does he have to use a clip on a smith machine- return it or other people avoid having to search like a demon to get their workout in! I love your daughter and her teddy bear, now I ain't nasty but thats the third time it has passed my ears.. I don't know if I will hit her- please retrieve her before another gym banned kids..

So you your flexing your muscles, yours are bigger then mine, should be I am a women your a man lol..

So your 100lbs fitness competitor- I lift people for living- two different lifting programs- I ain't trying to show you up.. My work day is possible just more tough than yours, so I need to do more..

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1/2/11 8:29 P

emoticon KillerJoe
One thing that should make the list.
Don't walk around the locker room in the nude emoticon

1/2/11 8:09 P

@Rena: #14. Great upper V what about those sorry chicken legs and non existant butt? I think some women are going to get a laugh if you go strud around that stuff!

OMG! Too FUNNY!!!!! It's for that VERY reason I do my legs hard these past 2 years. No more Chicken Legs for me and I now have a nice arse,....round!

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1/2/11 5:09 P

Waiting on a machine or bench but you got some idiot on the cell phone

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1/2/11 2:46 P

I can understand your frustrations I changed gyms this week also why don't people shower before entering pool,etc.

MBUNDY3 Posts: 164
1/2/11 1:44 P

dont hog the treadmill :)

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
1/2/11 12:58 P

Part 3 of my hates

1. Please guys purchase the right size workout pants
I am going to accidently laugh if you split them and show me your sponge bob under roos or g-string.. When you do that pull up-please tighten the draw string- I don't really want to see your.. Your not in prison- pull those pants up- we have not stolen your belt..
2. Please don't take that rubber square and forget to return it- people with brittle bones use it on the peck deck.. See that old lady there she is searching because of you- those trainers are also pissed at you!
3. If you don't fit a machine ask a trainer to find a exercise instead of cramping your dirty long legs into a machine not designed for 2 meter plus legs..
4. If your group trainer cancels- don't get all bitchy and walk out the door- explore the rest of the gym or try the other class the receptionist kindly suggested- never know it might be fun..

AND I have watched 10 women do this trick walk out the door in protest on more than one occasion- when they can't find a reserve trainer! People do get sick, do you want them cough and sneezing over you? Get way to infect everyone with swine influenza!

5.Don't like to program that trainer sewed together- please don't stand there making a scene.. Go look at the staff board and ask to try another trainer perhaps the chemicals are not right- I am going to feel strange with a 25 or less age male telling me to pull finger out.. I look for someone my age and old school!

6. So I took your favourite elliptical- Jesus I look around the rest of the room is empty why this one?
If you can't set it, go get someone to help you instead of abusing the electronics or disturbing me..
I have tried this one day 3 different people- I want my workout too!

7. Remember to remove your empty shampoo container- don't look at me like a alien- your mother doesn't work here and that sign says clean up efter you?

8. What you didn't see the sign no newspapers in the sauna or no razor in the showers.. Need glasses your welcome to borrow mine..

9. I don't care if your on call- discuss this ½ hour situation or problem in the lounge area out of the weight rooms.. I am not ease dropping your breaking the rules- am I crazy or is there a no phone zone sign hanging there?

10. Super you sweaty from your bike ride- what about a shower and change of gear before pouring your bodily fluids over the machines.. That small towel won't take it all please!

11. Don't have a towel-try going out to the computer log in at reception and read the huge print- please use or purchase a towel on the way in!

12. Boy I say boy are you trying to fly doing bendover rows with extreme large weights? You could injure yourself doing that please slow down! Hey you your experienced- help your buddy, don't stand like dick and laugh at him!

13. Work in pairs not in flocks, please leave several work benches in the dumbbell area.. Why do men have to work in 4 or 6's???
Chances of using the pull up bar today are nearly zero if I have to wait on all 6 of you! How many reps do you have 4 sets and you? Let me see now thats about 1½ hours cross I better find something else the list of back exercises.. What come at another time point- cross in the house another flock of idiots there to.. Jog on brother, suggest box another pull up bar device- sorry sweety we don't have money for that. What that's the flipping 3 time the gym has changed wall paint colours this year!

14. Great upper V what about those sorry chicken legs and non existant butt? I think some women are going to get a laugh if you go strud around that stuff!

15. Tattoo- I love a tattoo, but make sure it ain't something brainless done in a drunk moment.. Those people over there think your a born losser- perhaps thats why they are giggling bud?

16. If your the only person with vibram 5 fingers, sorry honey your going to turn heads.. I understand you feel like geek- we are giggling and point at your feet..

17. So many layers? Sweating like crazy- we dig your overweight- but please don't pass out on us from dehydration! It's embarassing having being collected by ambulance from the gym this way.. Oh sweetie please remember your astma spray- you gave 9 other women quite a shock in that class- the instructor is still shocked..

18. Please join the round tour of the gym- if you know the rules people may avoid a grine at your expense..

I won't dare say these things but I could bet money other people at gyms are thinking them and like me getting a good giggle.. I did say to the guy laughing at his friend to take care of him- he should know better and a instructor agreed.. These to didn't see the instructor enter the area they jump when he bombed his two cents listen to her. I almost dropped my dump bells too..

I use the smith machine because I have to put a workout bench with 1-2 set angle up to reach the bars of the gym pull up bar on a captions chair.
I am terrified of falling also off this if my grip slips and rocketing down on my ass from the high drop for my "short ass".. I may actually get lucky and break my back on this device falling back down on the said tilted bench and tipping it up- if the gym doesn't get equipment for really short people.. I can barely reach the handles to use grip straps without struggling with them and now with my new fear of heights..

I am looking for another gym, this will be my third change in for 7 years..

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1/2/11 12:14 P

I feel like most of those are common sense, or at least, I kind of hope they are. What I strongly dislike is people who come into the gym ALREADY SMELLING BAD. Some people are just stankalicious, and I could really do without that. Other than that, though, I'm fine with pretty much everything. The people at my gym are extremely polite. At one point, a fellow wanted to alternate a weight LAT pulldown machine with me between reps, and when he was done, he even put the little tab back at the amount of weight I'd been pulling. Such a nice little gym.

1/2/11 6:50 A

Isn't "Curves" a place specifically tailored for women? A co-worker said she likes it because there AREN'T any mirrors or creepy men.

JASI27 Posts: 855
1/2/11 12:38 A

This was really good for a giggle!!

VALDEOS Posts: 18
1/1/11 8:24 P

Rena, I don't think you are unreasonable at all. I hate the wall to wall mirrors in the gym. I don't want to look at other people while exercising nor do i want to look at them or myself. It takes alot of courage for out of shape folk like myself to go to a gym, let alone deal with feeling self-conscious when there are all these buff men and women flitting around and talking. If gyms were smart, they would cater to the folks who need encouragement and help the most. I work out at home for some of the very reasons you mentioned.

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1/1/11 2:59 P

Just got back from the gym and noticed two things that were either mentioned on this thread or were mentioned in the article.

1. 2 creepy guys just walking around sitting at the machines and STAAARRRING at the women.

2. Said one of the two men walked in and drank his Starbucks mocha-whatever and continued to stare.

oooh. wait...and 3. some dude used a machine and left without wiping it down after like 10 minutes on it. Gross!

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1/1/11 8:41 A

When doing aquatics don't carryon a conversation when I'm trying to hear the instructor

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
1/1/11 3:53 A

1. I hated having that 10kg weight plate drop on my running shoe.. I hate to think what it would to dipsticks whom run around in socks.
2. I hate having to left a foot off the ground doing pull downs because the tipstick doesn't know what a butterfly claps is to keep plates on the ez bar..
3. People whom leave 100kgs up mid air on the smith machine and expect me to remove them without needing a step to reach them..
4. Men with beer bellies wearing tight t-shirt thinking they look omg sexy and wink at me ewww!
5. Trainers interupting me doing high reps- excuse there are many ways to train at a gym and I don't do run of the mile boring..
6. Women spreading their wardrobe out over the whole changing bench, giving me dagger looks for wanting under a laptop pc amount space to avoid hurting my back bending down to my sport bag sitting on the floor..
7. Shy women using the main changing rooms blocking the 1 and only toilet ½ hour getting changed when the womens section has a 40 and up changing room, 50 and 60 up changing room for body shy women.. They don't understand why there is a que ½ way to china of pissed off gym users waiting their turn before the class starts.. And there is never a gym employee to be found to avoid sour grapes..
8. Women whom are still the same size one year later muttering in the corner gossiping about my training teachiques- I have my mp3 on but I am great at body language I can see you pointing at my bat wings and making gestures my upper body is build like a gorrilla.. It is beyond some peoples imagination I have a job like ambulance drivers, I pick people off the floor and try avoid being hit when that dement drunk is off his rocker again.. I don't look necessary pretty but people whom tease me out of gyms for my appearance tick me off..

Gee that wasn't much time on the treadmill- I feel like turning around and saying try using hiit it uses time more wisely..

This is the best, put a t-shirt on the elderly don't like seeing skin.. Excuse me but I don't appreciate having to watch the elderly workout, then undo all their great work sitting on their wide bottoms and eating white bread rolls with butter and chocolate in front of me while I am working my butt off.. The cafe is like 3 meters away from the workout floor..

One gym I went to refused mothers with babies- they have a cancellation of memeberships of about 25% over night.. This is the same gym where dipsticks managed to tip a cable machine not even screwed to the floor over the one example of leg press.. They had to find a new gym.. The cable machine was raised again bashed and battered back into place..

When I confront the manager I was a difficult client I told her f#¤% you in front of other regulars and they cheered! Their door jammed, when I flipped off and cancelled my memebership I couldn't even get out of the building so God only knows if a fire broke out. Mass panic in a building with only one exit. It took them a ½ hour to fix the door! Others also got frustrated whom started running late for work..
If I was petty about my issues with this gym I would have phoned the fire department that gives okays for building safety! I would have mentioned all the accidents and careless crap, including the one to the gym association about one of their instructures hurting my spinal injury from bad advice...

I have no problems from now on ratting on rubbish gyms! My last grudge is paying alot of money to a gym whom keeps painting their building and thashing worn out equipment not replaced..

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LOSERLADY1974 Posts: 1,285
1/1/11 2:59 A

These are funny. I don't like heavy perfumes, but at the same time the lack of deodorant. I hate when people try to give advice on what I should do...I have lost over 116 pounds... I know what works for me. And the last is trying to hold convos with me. Oh and for the record... Older ladies also stay nude way too long.

EARTHTONED84 SparkPoints: (12,841)
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12/31/10 11:30 A

People who stare into the mirror meant to show good posture and technique, who end up staring at people while they work out. Super creepy. even creepier when you catch them staring at you and they KEEP ON staring at you...

12/31/10 10:32 A

Adressing Old Men standing naked in locker room....they LOVE to do this whether they are in or out of shape. My F.I.L. did it at the gym on purpose. He said it irritated all the jocky jocks in the locker room because they irritated him out in the weight room with their clanging of the weights, not wiping off the benches and a plethora of other annoying things men between 18-35 do.

I'm 48 and I can't stand naked in the locker for another 22 some odd years.

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12/30/10 6:36 P

I like Killer Joe's list. All true and it made me laugh.

ANNEMARGO Posts: 450
12/30/10 3:22 P

Something my husband mentioned--men, please don't invite your girlfriend in the men's locker room. For any reason. (Yeah, DH actually saw this. He was in the middle of changing into street clothes after a shower at the time, poor guy.)

OUTKASTCHIK01 Posts: 268
12/30/10 3:13 P

interesting repsonses..i think people shouldnt pass gas aka FART in a crowded area...nothing worse than breathing hard on the treadmill and having to smell someone else's gas.
take a break and do that in the bathroom :X

GARYM1A2 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/30/10 1:28 P

My grips are sick people at the gym, I don't goto gym when sick.
Also I dislike people that sweat heavy and don't wipe the machines, yuck.

LAKERSKB24 Posts: 329
12/30/10 12:44 P

HAMNKING - Agreed :)

ROBERT-G Posts: 238
12/30/10 12:33 P

I give some leeway to old men in the locker room:) Maybe it was more the norm back in the day? I don't know, but I also don't care.

I think I'd also be a little insulted if someone clearly less fit then me gave me advice. However, it depends on the nature of the advice. I have meh posture, so if they tell me my back is rounded or some other similar thing that I couldn't see myself, I think I'd appreciate it.

My biggest thing is taking forever on the busy machines. There is a woman who spends 45 minutes on the smith machine. There are 4 in our gyym (and no free weight bench press bars or squat racks.) There is always a line, and when I see her, I KNOW it'll be a longer wait. Lots of other people take a longer time then they should (like with cellphones or doing 45 different exercises) but her I recognize on sight.

FIT4LIFENC SparkPoints: (0)
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12/30/10 10:15 A

Ok i had more time to think this over..

I usually dont get annoyed at the gym but a big thing for me is 70+ year old men in the locker room shaving in front of the mirror totally naked. Please noone wants to see that crap, dont make me barf my protein shake.

Someone (trainers too) whose physique or fitness level is not on par with me trying to tell me how to work out. Seriously man your trying to tell me how to get big arms with those 14 inch twigs you have dangling out of your shirt?

Edited by: FIT4LIFENC at: 12/30/2010 (10:20)
12/30/10 9:32 A

I'm too lazy to hit the link so I'll post my 10 don'ts at the gym:

1.) Don't wear skin tight workout gear, it only makes the guys you DON'T want to hit on you; HIT on you.

2.) Don't wear make-up to the gym. (or wear just enough to not scare stray dogs)

3.) Leave the cell phone in the car.

4.) Don't let the weights fall to the floor; no one is impressed and you're being obnoxious. besides, the girl you're trying to impress has a Total SIX-PACK BF and he'll kick your butt on his worst and weakest day.


6.) Quit the snickering every time someone mentions the word "rack".

7.) That tall frappaccino mocha whateverthehell it is type drink? Don't bring it in the gym.


9.) Music on your iPod is GREAT, but not if I can hear it and I'm on the other side of the room. Besides, no listens to your favorite Christian Heavy Metal band, Stryper, anymore.

10.) Please, for the love all things Holy, Please wipe off the smelly sweat from the bench when you're done using it,......Men TOO!!! lolz...

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HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
12/30/10 7:18 A

I think some people go to the gym simply to look for an excuse to be annoyed. Someone's makeup bothers you or someone taking the treadmill next to you? Really?

12/30/10 6:45 A

People who wear perfume or cologne.. like they just put it on. I agree with MFRUNNER as well when the treadmills are all empty and someone gets on next to me, really???

DETERMINED56 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/30/10 6:43 A

I don't agree with the "no noise" rule. Sure, there are some guys that totally exaggerate it but I have found that as I lift heavier and heavier, it happens.
It happened the first time with my pt and I was embarrassed. He just told me that I was working out hard and that it was expected.

Putting weights away is a BIG one with me. How were these people raised? Did their mommy's clean up after them all the time?

Also would appreciate people taking weights off when they are done. To me that's just common courtesy.

Other than that, I zone out when I am working out, particularly st. I'm plugged in to my iPhone and focused on my form and trying to suck in oxygen..

BUT some of the outfits are pretty entertaining. :)

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (199,401)
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12/30/10 6:43 A

The article forgot to mention, "Avoid abductor/adductor machines like the dirty plague that they are." emoticon

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
12/30/10 6:28 A

I don't agree people should work out in silence some guys do lift darn heavy, do it correctly and sorry ladies don't like a grunt or a moan- take it to a gym with a womens section.. I accidently grunt on my final pull up if I am working it hard!

I hate the nutters whom has think they have to prove they are stronger then me doing all the weirdo moves that put me off getting my workout in.. Ignores I wear a mp3 to concentrate on the issue at hand and poke me to say hello..

I hate the gang sector with their bling bling 6 man strong taking one peice of equipment systematically.. Showing off and flashing their pimple butt at me, smashing equipment down and getting the floor manager excited..

I hate idiots whom manage to tip machines over and think it is funny- not funny when the floor manager cancels their memebership..

I hate parents whom let their teenagers join a gym and annoy my son throwing plates round him like freebies.. My son quit the gym and asked me to cancel his membership..

I hate know all trainers whom say I should loss weight whom have never met me in my before photos and suggest products they are pumping with or without the gyms knowledge.. Remember I will ask the gym manager if this is standard practise if it don't sit already on the shelf!

I hate people whom think there is only one way to train.. Good your going for fitness, but buddy I am body building huge difference mate.. Mind your workout program and I will mind mine..

Ever seen the wife of the hunk over there rip into the gym "I love myself" hitting up their old man- great show? Fun to watch, but again KEEP socializing and the arguement to the evening they offer it at the gym, you will met the single guys there and can have nerve to hit up the married ones there too.. Married men whom don't want the old lady pissed- don't buckle and wreck their rings in the gym.. Steer at fingers if there is a ring mark lol.

Don't come up to me and ask if a exercise works- if your nutrition isn't also in the maths.. I hate being stopped by people doing only ½ the maths..

What you did last night with the guys is irrelevant, don't stand over me on the cable row machine- I hate them standing so close either sides laughing and joking and yelling to him that just came in the locations.. I can hear you over my mp3 player..

Please use the equipment as shown, if you can't remember don't guess, I would hate to have to purchase a pair of steel capped boots.. I have had 10 kgs land on my foot, thanks to you people whom don't ask for help..

I hate having to limit my range of motion because you don't respect space rules. Don't exercise in front of the weight rack or get pissed if we reach around you. If it's packed already wait or find a space instead of annoying the people already doing their thing..

If peple are lifting heavy, don't crash a bar bell down near where I am working out- if I am scared out of my wits.. I may pull a muscle avoiding getting hurt.. Respect from other gym rats I can feel the floor vibrate when you crush that weight bar down doing pull downs.. How far away you are from me I don't know..

I have seen a lot of crap and that article don't cover half of it! I have been in gyms since my 20's and am 45 now and even older people whom should know better are intelligence challenged!

I asked one guy why don't you ask the trainer to find another exercise instead of cramping your long legs into a calf rotator machine.. Your doing the exercise incorrectly- that takes time.. Don't have time to get correct help, please stay away from the gym for your own safety...

Edited by: RENA1965 at: 12/30/2010 (06:41)
MFRUNNER Posts: 134
12/29/10 11:20 P

The place is empty, you get on the treadmill,middle of your workout--you're sweating like crazy, someone walks in and gets on the treadmill right next to you!!! The workout room is full of empty treadmills! C'mon people a little personal space!

12/29/10 10:47 P

we need better water coolers

DOUGLYE Posts: 1,541
12/29/10 10:46 P

the 10 things you shouldn't do at the gym is more about consideration for others and what you SHOULD do anyway.

I think one of the more humorous things that I have seen at the gym is the young body builders (often the teens who want to bulk up) who weigh themselves after every exercise to see how much muscle weight they have gained.

ANNEMARGO Posts: 450
12/29/10 10:02 P

The thing that always bothers me at the gym is when someone starts telling strangers how they "should" be exercising. Usually they don't really know what they're talking about, but they think they do. I also don't like it when someone hogs a machine, or forgets to wipe off the machine.

Edited by: ANNEMARGO at: 12/29/2010 (22:05)
PLATEAU11 Posts: 1,048
12/29/10 9:55 A

When someone approaches me and tries to hold a long conversations with me when i'm trying to get my workout in. And then after one minute, you tell them I'm on a timeline today so I've got to keep moving and they seem offended! Ha!

KASSAY25 Posts: 3,218
12/29/10 9:12 A

i think its disgusting and ridiculous when people do their cardio first, get all sweaty and then go use to weight machines... REALLY??!?!?!

First of all to all of you that do this, let me explain the benefits of ST first. You can burn 2/3rd's more calories!! Because by building lean muscle you can burn more calories! So ST first then go get sweaty and do your cardio.

To me this is common sense! And really you only look like an idiot because all personal trainer and fit people know cardio is LAST!!!

FUZZMARTIN SparkPoints: (6,600)
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Posts: 150
12/29/10 9:11 A

The two things that really drive me nuts: 1) when you don't wipe down your equipment when you're done with it. 2) When you don't turn off the tv when you get off the machine. Seriously... it is a little it.

FIT4LIFENC SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 52
12/29/10 9:05 A

A little grunting is alright especially when your lifting heavy. Mind you that excessive grunting is annoying I agree but a little grunt doesnt bother me. Ive lifted heavy weights before so know sometimes a lil grunt gives that oomph ya need to push it off ya.

Best thing to do at the gym is put on your MP3 player headphones, block out all noise. Dont worry about other people bust your butt doing your work out dont waste time and get out of there asap.

Been going to a gym for 10 years and never had a problem with anyone applying the above.

Edited by: FIT4LIFENC at: 12/29/2010 (09:07)
JENF1177 Posts: 63
12/29/10 9:05 A

I guess I am lucky because I don't encounter any of those things at the gym I go. There are no loud grunting going on. I do stay on the elliptical for way longer then 30 mins but there are tons of them and there is never a wait for machines.

What bothers me is when someone gets on the elliptical with no resistance and goes as fast as they can and it makes this loud thumping noise, so I have to turn up my ipod then I leave the gym with a headache because of the HeeHaw trying to RUN on the elliptical, Grrr

12/29/10 8:44 A

I'm ashamed to admit it, but when I w/o with my pt, I sometimes make quiet grunts. I truly can't help it and I make a conscience effort to try not to do it, but if he has me lifting heavy weights, I end up quietly grunting anyway. :(

MLAN613 Posts: 19,027
12/29/10 8:33 A

I read that article in the newspaper. It was a good reminder. My favorite was the part about grunting! I really don't want to hear it. I get there is some noise involved with exercise but the loud grunting is gross and seems a bit showy.

JENNILYNN7800 Posts: 649
12/28/10 11:39 P

The two things that bother me the most are the dress code bit and the part on taking weights off when you're done with them. I can never understand women who dress up to go to the gym. I could never imagine wearing a full face of make-up just to work out. It's a gym not a meat market. I know they're not just coming straight from work either.I see them touching their make-up up in the bathroom. I hate when people don't take their weights off either. Not only does it take a lot of time for me to have to do it, some of the weights are heavy.

DCGUY72 Posts: 411
12/28/10 11:32 P

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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12/28/10 11:08 P


The link you posted does not work. You may want to try it again. THANKS!


12/28/10 10:55 P

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