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5/19/14 1:00 P

I agree about Burpees - - my body just does not like them.
I modify lots of exercises and have made a deal with myself that if I find a comparable exercise and l keep going, I get that mental gold star I wanted...consistency is the key, and these modifications have kept me a real exerciser for 3.5 years.

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5/19/14 12:57 P

I just got the 10-minute trainer dvd's and so far I love them. I have been doing them for a week and a half now. I already feel so much stronger. The videos aren't easy, but I feel that they are do-able. Basically you do 10 different exercises for one minute apiece. The first time I did the cardio, I basically had to do the exercise for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. Believe me, I can't do burpees either! But each time I do the video, I can do a little more. Even if you can't do the whole video, that's ok! You just do what you can. Hope this helps! :)

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,314
5/7/14 8:23 A

I'd suggest looking on youtube and see if any of the things you're interested in, are on there. Even if it's just a sample (couple minutes long) it would give you an idea of whether you want to try it. I was looking for something else on youtube last night, and stumbled across a bunch of "Insanity" stuff... I'm constantly amazed at everything that's on youtube-- for free.

5/5/14 3:30 P

I have a couple of the 10 Minute Trainer DVDs and like them very much. The verbal instruction is clear & I really like the variety of being able to pick/choose areas to work on. Can you check them out from your library before purchasing????

p.s. I agree about burpees . . .

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5/4/14 3:34 P

I'm definitely not saying I'm old - being over 50 (only 52) but there are just some exercises my body can't do very well - for one, burpees!!... or spiders... Yuck!! those just kill me and I get disinterested quickly. I bought the T25 and love most aspects of this set of DVD's but some I just can't do. I wondered how anyone here felt about the 10-minute trainer and how hard the exercises are? If you have this set of DVDs, just wanted an opinion of what you think! Thanks!

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