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1/24/12 4:49 P

10 minute challenges can be difficult but I find that once I get up and just start to tap from side to side, I forget that it is a challenge and relax. While I perform my 10 minute challenge today, I will be thinking of you and sending you energy of prayer!

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1/21/12 2:53 A

It took me a hour to force myself to do the 10 min challenge. This is only my first week and Im already having to take time to talk myself into doing something as simple as a 10 min challenge because it geels like what is that going to do to make a difference. I pray I do have to spend long times of self talk just to do 10 min everday!

1/20/12 11:58 P

I was only able to work out for 10 minutes today due to an interuption in the family. I guess that qualifies for the 10 minute challenge.

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1/20/12 6:46 P

Duh... I don't know where it shows up. Okay, I'm learning this site. I'll get it sooner or...
Thanks so much!

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1/20/12 6:44 P


I'm not sure what you are asking. You can log your 10 minutes in your cardio or strength training fitness tracker.

Coach Nancy

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1/20/12 6:15 P

I do not know how to note that I did the 10 min challenge every day. Can you advise me?

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