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11/28/12 10:00 A
This saying always helps me feel better when I get discouraged about not seeing results quickly enough. Just be patient and don't give up! One week is SUCH a short amount of time, most people only lose water weight the first week anways, not real bodyweight.

GOOD LUCK!! We're rooting for ya!

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
11/28/12 6:56 A

1. have you been to your doctor to rule out any medical reasons for losing weight?

2. have you tracked what you were eating before? in other words, if you were eating 400 cals a day before, and you start to eat a normal amount like 1200 cals, then yes, you're going to gain weight on that amount for a bit until your body normalizes itself. if you have been chronically undereating for a long period of time, it's something that you're just going to have to go through to get back to where you should be.

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11/28/12 5:03 A

Since you are exercising, you might even experience an increase in your weight, even though you are burning fat off because of a healthy water retention. To see consistent weight loss, you need to think in terms of several weeks. Don't forget to get your measurements of large fat deposits in your body every month, these are a more correct indicator of your fat loss than your body weight.

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11/27/12 10:49 P

I'm Sorry. Please be patient. Your body has to adjust to new changes, while it still is trying to cope with the last one (baby). It will work out, try and hang in there. Please throw the scale out for a month!! It will be worth it. emoticon

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
11/27/12 9:32 P

It's only been a week; you need to give it at least a month.

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11/27/12 9:04 P

Sharing your Nutrition Tracker would certainly benefit you.

Apart from that, it isn't uncommon for there to be no change in weight, or to gain a little, initially, I wouldn't worry to much about the scales at this point, but rather focus on the healthy changes - the baby steps while making them (only one or two things to start with), and allowing your mind/body to get used to them before adding something else to the mix.) This will make the life-long journey far more doable and pleasurable.
Initially you may actually notice that your clothes are starting to fit you better, or that you have more energy - quite a while before the scales actually shift.

By getting the good nutrition, watching your portions, getting good hydration and an appropriate amount of exercise, you will be doing the best for your body that you can - the rest will follow.

There are 2 sayings that I think apply here:

1) "Patience is a virtue"

.... and....

2) "Rome wasn't built in a day!"

Hang in there - you CAN do this!


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11/27/12 7:52 P

I've been there before and I too know how frustrating it can be when you have tried so hard but see little to no progress! Are you measuring yourself? Make sure to take your measurements weekly or every other week, sometimes you lose inches rather than pounds.

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11/27/12 6:38 P

Sharing your trackers will help.

The things that I would ask anyone not seeing the desired results are:
- Did you set up Spark to accurately reflect your current weight and activity level?
- Are you weighing and measuring your food?
- ALL of your food?
- Are you eating within the ranges recommended? Not above and not below?
- Do you work up a sweat when you exercise?
- Do you only track the minutes you actually do the exercise listed (for example, if you take a class, do you subtract the warm-up and cool-down from the overall time?)

11/27/12 6:23 P

If you make your nutrition tracker public, I can probably give more specific helpful tips. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.
First, what is your SP calorie range?
What is your daily calorie intake?
Are you weighing and measuring every food and beverage you consume?

I know that Sparkpeople can help!!

SP Dietitian Becky

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11/27/12 6:07 P

I'm 1 week in to following the SparkPeople nutrition and fitness plans for weight loss. The good news is at least I didn't gain anything (frequently I gain weight from most ordinary food modification programs), but darned if I didn't loose anything and I gained a percentage or two in fat (I realize that's probably related to water retention).

What bugs me is, this is common for me--either weight gain or stay the same with most food modification programs. Moreover, I lose motivation to continue (my self talk: why change when my goal is to lose weight, but continue to gain no matter what? I might as well stay with what I've been doing 'cuz nothing makes a difference).

While I haven't lost motivation (yet), and I'm enjoying the SparkPeople trackers and exercise videos, I'd really like to hear from others who might have this issue, and if there's an expert out there who can add some insight to why this happens and if there's a solution.

Me: single, 46, first and only child at 45, previously very active, but the "kid" has turned me into moderately active, stressful work life and at a computer most of the day.


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