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I only used the meal plan for about a week and the grocery list once. The problem with the grocery list is it forces you to buy a lot of food all at once and you might end up throwing some the fresh stuff out. Try to freeze the left overs so you can stretch it out.

After about a week or two I changed things from the meal plan and grocery list around to suit our lifestyle. I only use the meal plan as rough draft and instead buy and prepare what we feel like and what is in season. I leave the meal plan on, but then I add what I eat to the tracker and fill in the missing items based on the meal plan. For example I know I roughly need a serving each of dairy, protein, fruit, vegetable and grain per meal. So I prepare large batch meals and one dish meals as much as possible around this plan. I try to find SP recipes I like an use them over and over, save it the tracker as favorites. If a recipe is 4 servings and I'm allowed 1 then my bf will have 3/4 of the dinner. Or I'll make something that has 8 servings and then we both have leftovers for the next day.
For fruits we just buy what we feel like and we measure our servings ourselves. So we'll buy a bag of mixed apples and oranges, a bunch of bananas and maybe some mixed berries if they're in season or look good. We each eat what we want to when it suits us. We keep a lot of back up items in the freezer so we don't run out of food. For example, frozen bean burritos, veggie burgers, chicken breasts, frozen vegetables, frozen berries, ground turkey and bread. We also have 2 or 3 microwaveable meals in case one of us has to work late needs a quick meal. But we only buy the kashi, lower calories, low sodium meals or organic meals. We also have lots of backup items in the pantry. We buy the free range low sodium chicken broth from BJ'S price club in bulk and use that for a lot of recipes. It makes a great quick soup and it can be used to make the risotto recipe listed in the meal plan.
Maybe just manually sync it up for a couple of weeks then when you get the hang of how many servings you need of each food item you can add repeat items to your favorites so easy to add to the tracker.
Good luck!

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You're probably right. I'm sure we'll get into the habit in a few weeks, it's just a little difficult at the start. We already eat fairly healthy for the most part, it's just a matter of actually counting the calories we consume and recording them. It's nice to just have the whole week laid out for you ahead of time so we can just look at the site quickly to see what to make for each meal. I really like the grocery list feature too since we always seem to miss something when we shop.

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2/25/12 1:42 P

Frankly, I think this will become much less of an issue very soon. Most people don't use the meal plans very long. In a few weeks, you'll figure out what healthy meals look like and develop a repertoire of favorites, and you'll both shut off the meal plans and just log individually. The meal plans are good templates and learning tools, but a computer program can't replace human planning.

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2/25/12 1:14 P

I agree that there could be a lot of people who could benefit from a family account that links all their needs into one meal plan. But, you can just turn the meal plans off and track what you eat. You gf would have the meal plan on her account, you'd make about 3x as much as stated for shared meals, she would stick to her plan and you'd just eat out of your healthy stock of foods for snacking and non-shared meals then enter it into the tracker.

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Thanks for your response LAETU5.

I was thinking that too since I'll need roughly twice the calories. It's just too bad the site doesn't allow that. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who would like to do this with their significant other, children or a friend but would also like to track their nutrition on their own account.

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2/25/12 11:40 A

SP isn't set up to do that.

Since you aren't trying to lose you could purchase based off of her meal plan but buy 3x the amount knowing that there should be some leftovers.

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2/25/12 11:29 A

I'm new to this site and have a question that I hope someone can help me with. My girlfriend and I are both looking to eat a bit healthier. We went through the initial setup and obviously both have different calorie totals per day. I'm not looking to lose weight, and I'm supposed to eat about 2100-2450 calories per day. She's looking to lose 2 pounds per week and is supposed to eat about 1200-1550.

Is there a way to sync up our meal plans without manually going through and changing every meal for every day? We don't want to have to cook 2 different things for each meal.

Basically what I'm looking to do is to have 1 shopping list and the same meal plans so we can check off the items as we go. I'll just need larger portion sizes to make up the extra calories.

Is there any way to do this?

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