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12/1/13 1:58 P

I get what you mean! Im also fighting against over eating and I know how terrible that feeling of disappointment is, especially when you fight really hard to overcome the old habits.

I think that what usually works for me is the following: when I want to eat something that is not healthy, I also eat something that is extremely healthy, that way I keep my mind focusing "in the big price". For example: Last time I went with some friends to a place that sells buffalo wings and everything (everything) on the menu is fatty and the only thing healthy are the carrots and the celeries that come as a side dish… so I know that one of those dishes can have up to 700 calories, so what I did was the following: I ate half of my wings (that to be sincere where really good and spicy) and 3 extra portions of celery and carrots (I even took some of the plates of the friends that didn't want veggies).

That really helped me because, as you know, I am in that part in which every mistake can become a new "week-full-binge" and so this helps me a lot.

I might suggest to eat sugar free stuff and other things like that but that haven't worked for me because I know that if I let myself go, it doesn't matter what I eat, it usually goes to another binge.

Also, don't think about the dark hours as "bad", see this time as an opportunity to fight back the things in your life that you don't like.

I hope this helps somehow.

Take care!

PATTYR81 Posts: 785
11/30/13 7:42 A

My night time go to comfort strategies: Sip HOT sf decaf drinks (sf Alpine apple cider mix, herbal teas, chicken soup broth (doggies get the noodles) and last nite I had tomato soup mixed with nf milk.

While sipping away, I catch up on my reading....

I also LOVE to read, so as a special treat, I go to the library just to browse and get a few books. Once in a while I'll splurge and actually buy one I've REALLY wanted at Costco or for my Kindle. Sometimes browsing books and reading samples is just the right amount of 'comfort'.

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11/29/13 3:24 P


You don't have your food diary listed, so I'm not sure what you've been eating. But perhaps the reason you're snacking at night is because you're not eating enough during the day. When someone tells me they can't control late night cravings, I ask them what they eat as well as how many calories they consume during the day.

It's possible that one reason you're hungry is you're just not eating enough. Many people who try to be "good" during the day end up eating too few calories to sustain their active day. So, if you are eating plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, whole grains, lean meats, etc... perhaps you need to increase the amount of calories you eat so that you're not hungry later.

Do you watch TV when the hubby is out ? What most people don't realize is that sitting in front of the TV watching all those food commercials can make them hungry. If you're watching too much TV, then let's turn the TV off or find something else to do with your time so that you're not tempted to start snacking. studies have shown that watching too much TV can cause a person to overeat.

Also, do you have any hobbies ? If you don't have any hobbies, have you thought about taking an evening class ? doesn't have to be a college course. You could take a class at your local adult education school. learn pottery or take a writing class. If you find yourself getting bored at night and turning to food, then it's time to find better ways to manage your time.

If you keep yourself busy, you're less likely to snack. I know you say that nothing has changed, but something has changed these past few months to cause you to eat. Have you been under any extra stress ? Are you worried about anything ? money ? finances ? family ? Most people don't realize that stress can cause them to eat uncontrollably.

Just a few random thoughts.

CHRISTASP Posts: 1,620
11/29/13 2:31 P

I can relate. One thing that I noticed is that I do better when I eat more earlier in the day. I also do much better when I cut out wheat (I eat spelt bread instead of wheat bread) and sugar.

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11/29/13 6:37 A

Yes you can! Old habits die hard, but they do die eventually if you decide to ditch them and keep working at it.

Would you consider speaking to a psychologist? One specialized in CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) could possibly help you discover and break some patterns. It's what they are skilled at.

I know you just wanted to write this out, and for us to listen, so I hope you don't mind me giving you suggestions on what to do about it.

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11/29/13 2:46 A

Hubby has worked these hours for 10 years. I was doing well until July like I said. I don't knit or do any kind of hobby. I'm not a crafter. I love to read and watch tv. By the time hubby leaves I'm ready to just sit. I've gotten my work out in, in the morning and house work done during the day. I know I need to find something to keep myself busy besides tv, just haven't figured out what that would be. Maybe I need to start doing some of my exercise after hubby leaves. Another workout sure won't hurt me. :) Thank you so much for the suggestion. I know I will make it to my goal, I've just taken a little u-turn.

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11/28/13 11:16 P

edited: I shouldn't spark after drinking. reading comprehension problems.

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ADARKARA Posts: 2,273
11/28/13 10:05 P

Did your hubby just start working nights? Or is it the combination of being alone after the sun goes down?

I'm kind of getting the vibe that you're missing your hubby and you're comforting yourself with snacks. I can totally understand that! I tend to snack more when I'm home alone.

If that't the case, is there something you could do to keep yourself busy so that you don't think about food or can't eat while you're doing it?

I knit sometimes to keep myself busy while watching tv, because otherwise I want to snack. Also, for me, I find that when I exercise I want to snack less afterwards, PLUS while I'm exercising I can't eat.

Hope this helps! emoticon

GOGOWOMAN2 SparkPoints: (1,118)
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11/28/13 7:47 P

I really really struggle with night time eating. I'm not hungry and haven't been able to figure out WHY. My hubby leaves for work at 6:30 pm and I'm home alone and that's when I eat. I eat really healthy during the day. Then I blow it at night. I was down 93 lbs (6 lbs from goal) in July and have gained back 18 lbs. I've tried going to bed, I've tried eating a healthy snack, some fruit or veggies, popcorn or sugar free pudding or jello. I want to binge during the dark hours. Don't know what else to try. This past week I even got into my car and drove to a fast food junk place three times. Why am I sabotaging my success? I walk and work out every morning with my puppy. I've got pretty much every aspect of my new life down except this one lingering old habit. I know I will get this under control I just needed to vent. Hoping putting it down in print will help me to do so. Thank you for listening. emoticon

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