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7/27/13 1:36 P

I thought they meant "zero fat calories" as in "zero calories from fat," not "zero fat AND zero calories." Maybe OP could clear that up?

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7/27/13 10:25 A

Previous posters are right in that carbs are the primary cause for weight gain and maintenance. Carbs are, essentially, sugars. That means fruit, too! Take a look at a nutrition label for the yummy fruit (the ones I especially love, alas) like grapes and melon and apples...

Fats will truly keep you fuller longer. But we've been warned away from (good) fats for so many years now that most people can't even wrap their thoughts around the idea of eating them intentionally. That's too bad.

But if you're looking for something sweet - and so far as I know, NOTHING is no-calorie other than water - you could make some gelatin. That's pretty low in most everything. I make mine with plain gelatin and drink-mix packets. Lots of flavor variety there!

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,320
7/27/13 9:21 A

Carbs are the main reason for increasing the body weight and not fats. A healthy diet has some fat.

The insulin hormone is responsible for fat storage....consuming fat doesn't lead to an increase in the blood glucose and fats do not trigger insulin by feeding on fats, the body will not search for glucose and will start to use its own stored fat.

But if you are just looking for reduction or fats, sugar and sodium then try pears, peaches, plums, cherries, apples, kiwi, all kinds of berries.
Also, black olives...they are healthy can even stuff them with Laughing Cow reduced Fat cream cheese for a snack or avocado slices

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JUDY1260 Posts: 1,570
7/27/13 9:10 A

This may sound odd, but I bring a bowl of grapes with me in the car when I have to drive somewhere that's going to take at least 20 minutes. I can mindlessly snack on the grapes while driving, they're healthy and they fill me up. I usually eat them on my way to the grocery store.

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7/27/13 8:52 A

Do you have a particular medical reason? Gall bladder issues?

If not, there's no reason to avoid fat. What happens when companies decrease one macronutrient such as fat... they simply replace it with another, namely carbohydrates and particularly added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Not very healthy.

Fat does not directly make you fat, sugar does not directly make you fat. Eating a surplus of calories does. Fatty foods can cause you to overeat because they are calorie dense (per gram the calorie count is higher) but as long as you are staying at a calorie deficit/maintenance, they're not going to make you gain weight. However, one good thing about fat is that it tends to fill you up more than sugar.

Added sugar is nutritional devoid and burns away quickly causing people to become hungry again shortly after and wind up over eating. Sugar also tends to cause cravings in many people.

When it comes to weight loss... satiation is key. Choosing foods that are going to keep you full and not lead to over eating. That's why there are a lot of people (typically low carb people) who opt for fat over sugar.

Google: Greek yogurt souffl├ęs with egg whites.

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7/27/13 8:33 A

celery and water?

why, anyway?

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7/27/13 8:24 A

zero calorie? a nice cold glass of ice water..

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7/27/13 8:07 A

0% Greek Yogurt
0% Cottage Cheese
SF/FF Jello Pudding made w/ Skim Milk

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7/27/13 2:31 A


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7/27/13 1:20 A

This is a good place to start.

A certain amount of quality fat is absolutely essential to proper body function, but there are times when you've already had plenty from healthy sources, but still want a treat. In such cases, I usually go with fruit.

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7/27/13 1:08 A


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7/26/13 11:42 P


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7/26/13 11:39 P

Any particular reason?

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7/26/13 10:31 P

I was looking for 0 fat calorie deserts? Any ideas

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