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9/21/12 2:36 P

I am doing really well with logging my foods -ill have to find the fastbreak goals - still learning the site-
Im definitely going to try to log my daily menu in the mornings. I do think that will help me stick to it!
much thanks

JHAACK39 SparkPoints: (12,343)
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9/21/12 12:18 P

Some light excercise for me was the foot in the door.
Food tracking was the wrecking ball that knocked down the door and the rest of the house when it came to my weight loss.

It is do-able. Set food tracking as one of your fast break goals and you'll see/feel results right away. Even if there's no weight loss, you'll achieve a goal. Do that for a few weeks, and you will definitely see results and that will motivate BIG TIME.

Also, I try to log my food prior to eating. If I do it all in the morning and plan my meals, I tend to stick to them. Even if I log right before I choose a meal, or even sit down for a meal, I do a much better job.

You seem to have the same sense I did when I started. It was like "Really? All I have to do is follow the guidelines? Maybe mix in some excercise?" Yep. That's really all.

You got this one.

9/21/12 8:27 A

Bill60 - thanks for your welcome note! Your SP page is very motivating- THANKS

BILL60 Posts: 952,836
9/21/12 8:12 A

Welcome to SP and enjoy the ride.

9/21/12 7:51 A

1beachwalker- THANK YOU! your words of encouragement are so helpful! im trying to learn how to move around this site. i love one of your posted quotes
"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another." Walter Elliott

9/21/12 7:45 A

NAOLEE- many thanks to you for posting to me. I do need to have carrots and celery sticks ready to go for when i am looking to munch. Looks like youve done well here at SP i hope i can also.
Blessings to you!

1BEACHWALKER Posts: 13,219
9/20/12 8:28 P

Greetings and welcome

Congrats on taking the next step to reaching a healthier you by getting active with SparkPeople - it's a great community, wonderful resources and fantastic support. You're off to a great start already, just by posting here!
I have been here 2 years and it was the best thing I ever did for my health!
The key is perseverance and consistency-take it one day at a time and you will see results! It will be hard at times, but just keep at it, you will win this battle and become a healthier you!  emoticon emoticon emoticon

NAOLEE Posts: 4,851
9/20/12 8:17 P

Hi: if you get hungry have sticks of vegetables and you can have it as craving killer. You are in the best place to lose weight. Happy journey.

9/20/12 1:14 P

I truly appreciate it- looks like you are doing great and thats encouraging to me.
have a fantastic day and best of luck!

SUZI219 SparkPoints: (58,720)
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9/19/12 8:55 P

emoticon to Sparkpeople!! You will find lots of info here to help you along the way! Also, there are many friendly, supportive people here as well. emoticon emoticon emoticon

9/19/12 8:48 P

Irish 813
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR NOTE - NEEDED IT ...hope to keep in touch - once i figure this site out :)

9/19/12 8:46 P

Bigskycherie THANK YOU!!!! ITS 8:40PM on the virginia coast and i feel very good about the day. Thank you for reach out to me with the much needed encouragement at the end of my day! I hope to keep in touch- have to figure this site out!

IRISH813 SparkPoints: (10,638)
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9/19/12 7:40 P

emoticon to SP!!! Good luck on your weight loss journey. I am here ig you need anything. emoticon

BIGSKYCHERIE SparkPoints: (105,750)
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9/19/12 7:14 P

Welcome to SP--you're off to a great start here. Keep posting and tracking daily. Setting up your own Spark page so we can get to know you is a great help. And remember, we're all in this together. We help one another to get to the goal of a healthy weight and lifestyle. Together WE CAN DO IT!! emoticon emoticon

WOW! If you're hungry, then you need to eat something--try some fruit or a small salad of fresh veggies, or maybe a serving of green beans with sunflower nuts sprinkled on top. SP is NOT another diet--it's a complete way of life. It's so much more than eating healthy; it's moving our bodies more than before, it's getting enough rest each night, it's drinking lots of water, it's reaching out for support and giving support to others, it's a total way of life. And that life is focused and friendly--healthy and helpful. Tracking food and exercise are important, but they're only part of the puzzle. Keep exploring SP and you'll soon be drawn in to the many great resources that are here to help you achieve that healthy lifestyle. You're worth it! emoticon

9/19/12 4:11 P

So far this feels do-able - TRACKING MY FOOD -This is my challenge and my awakening! I knew i ate mindlessly in front of the tv and out of boredom. i just had no idea how many calories i was actually consuming UNTIL i began entering my food on the tracker. I am determined to change my eating habits...
until next time,

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