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3/23/13 12:22 P

Great ideas already shared. One I'll add is to increase calcium/magnesium. This significantly reduces cramps and overall "yucky" feeling. You can do this with a supplement or through the healthy foods you're eating. Find out which ones are highest in these two nutrients and eat those. Often the cravings we have are for foods high in calcium and magnesium (chocolate is), and if we supplement those nutrients, the cravings go away.

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3/22/13 10:27 P

I totally like your suggestions....! Didn't think of the extra water, nor the trick-binge food...! love it! Thank you so much! I know caffeine doesn't do me any good. Tomorrow will be better!

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3/22/13 8:46 P

Like SEAFLOAT said, everyone's different but hopefully some of this will help. These are some of the things I do that help when it's here.
A couple days prior to the arrival of "the most wonderful time of the month," I make sure to eat a lot more fruits and veggies (Vitamin C helps tremendously!) and drink more water than I normally do (because your body will be losing iron). Of course, go easy on caffeine and steer clear of foods that are sugary or salty - while they may taste good in the moment, when the first day arrives no one's happy. I personally am bedridden for the first two, sometimes three days, of my "monthly burden" because I'm in so much pain and often incredibly nauseous. Once the pain and nausea subside, I'll try to get outside and walk. I won't go too far, usually just up the street and back or around my yard when I let my dogs out because I'll still be feeling kinda crappy.
What also helps, for me at least, is hula hooping. I have a pretty open space in my living room so I'll hula hoop while I watch TV or movies rather than lay down. Sometimes it just feels really good to get in a little bit of light cardio like hooping or walking.
Hope this helps!

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3/22/13 8:25 P

Everyone is different so I don't know if this will help. What I do is stay off caffeine for several days before and during, take midol, drink tons of water, and find an indulgent low calorie yummy to trick my body into thinking I've splurged. I like weight watchers ice cream bars or fiber one brownies.

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3/22/13 8:01 P

Hey Ladies..... The cramps, the lack of motivation, cravings, and all the other 'joys' that go along with PMS: any tips to get through to the next week without having completely fallen off track?

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